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I always do it this way

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Cherrytree59 Sat 17-Oct-15 20:24:35

I always iron a shirt the same way. I iron it as I was shown in domestic science class.
I line a fruit cake baking tin, the way I was taught in the DS class
I always put on a fresh duvet cover the way it was shown many moons ago on the Tv programme 'That's Life' !
I am adaptable but these things never change.
Do any GNers still do things the way they were taught in their younger days?

hildajenniJ Sat 17-Oct-15 20:30:00

Like you cherry, I always iron shirts the way I was taught by my mother. I always iron trousers inside out too.

rosesarered Sat 17-Oct-15 20:43:45

I wish I did Hilda, then I wouldn't have put a big iron shape burned into my nicest trousers.

rosesarered Sat 17-Oct-15 20:45:29

I think probably do most chores/ baking etc in the same slipshod way I have always done them.

Deedaa Sat 17-Oct-15 20:50:16

It's over 35 years since I passed my driving test but in certain situations I still here my instructor's voice in my head. (Of course I don't always do what he tells me grin )

janeainsworth Sat 17-Oct-15 20:52:10

I once read a book that said you should never go out in the morning without making the bed and washing the breakfast dishes.
And I always do smile
Oh and clean underwear every day. None of that turning your knickers inside out grin

Ana Sat 17-Oct-15 21:04:21

Yuk, who turns their knickers inside out? shock I've never even heard of that.

I have actually worn knickers for two days running in the past and didn't contract anything life-threatening...

Ana Sat 17-Oct-15 21:13:46

(or anything at all, I should add!)

Pittcity Sat 17-Oct-15 21:35:12

Apparently the way I do long division is out of date. It was the way I was taught to do it and I get the correct answer!

I also fold towels as seen on TV once, I think it was Anthea Turner.

Cherrytree59 Sat 17-Oct-15 21:42:40

How do you fold your towels? Pittcity

shysal Sat 17-Oct-15 22:00:22

I also fold towels the Anthea Turner way, although I may not have remembered right blush. All edges to middle so none on show. I also fold all my T shirts to about the same size and pile according to colour, but not using a card template like she did.

Lona Sat 17-Oct-15 22:01:55

My friend's husband used to wear his underpants inside out on the second day! Yuk!

She told me! grin

janeainsworth Sat 17-Oct-15 22:02:51

See, Ana!
Some people do it grin

Ana Sat 17-Oct-15 22:13:56

Hmm...a man though! wink

ninathenana Sat 17-Oct-15 22:13:59

I only know one way to iron a shirt. Not sure where I learnt it.
I always fold clothes the same way.
Like Deeda I recite my instructors mantras when driving, not to my self but to the idiot in front grin

grannyactivist Sat 17-Oct-15 22:25:07

I always hang washing in the same way and I also drive exactly as taught.

Nelliemoser Sat 17-Oct-15 23:19:06

Well you're an organised lot. I am glad you can't see my house and the washing hanging up in our spare bedroom and the stuff everywhere else.

Indinana Sat 17-Oct-15 23:39:34

I always avoid the housework in exactly the same way I have always done grin

Grandma2213 Sun 18-Oct-15 00:14:27

I gave up ironing. Body heat seems to do the same job when you've worn clothes for a few minutes. If it doesn't everyone is polite enough to not comment on it!!

On the other hand I still do hospital corners on the sheets - well one top sheet on my bed as I often get too hot under the duvet but still like to be covered. I learned hospital corners in the Girl Guides when I did my 'Sick Nurse' Badge.

shadowfax07 Sun 18-Oct-15 01:53:22

I do hospital corners, too, Grand, but then my grandmother was a matron in a hospital. I hate it when DP kicks the sheet on his side of the bed out. It just looks so messy, and woe betide him if he kicks hard enough to dislodge my half of the top sheet, I toss and turn all night.

I have to say in my defence, though, that since moving into a new build, and buying a pocket sprung mattress, we haven't had a duvet on the bed. A sheet, a blanket and a bed spread is all we need for the coldest of nights so far. I remember a night in the last house when the temperature outside went down to -15°C, the heating was on, and I was fully dressed and had gloves on going to bed. sad

NanKate Sun 18-Oct-15 07:55:32

This was taught to me by my mum many moon ago, sock folding. Place the tops of the socks together, put your right thumb in the top of one sock with your other fingers of that hand gather both socks up and push through the top of the sock with the thumb in? This keeps them together neatly until they are needed.

Do other people do this ?

soontobe Sun 18-Oct-15 08:08:59

I cant think of a single thing.
Not sure whether that speaks more of my mum's not the best domestic skills, or me who likes to keep things a bit random in my life.

Pittcity Sun 18-Oct-15 08:25:35

Yes I do socks like that nankate
As for the towels, this youtube clip will make you want to strangle her

janeainsworth Sun 18-Oct-15 08:52:54

Pittcity that's hilarious grin
You've reminded me of another one, an American lady who thinks that the biggest challenge the housewife faces is folding a fitted sheetgrin

lefthanded Sun 18-Oct-15 08:58:54

Going back to the "underwear inside-out" thing - I ALWAYS wear mine inside-out. The reason? I wear genuine Lyle & Scott underwear which is pure cotton, but they sew a label into the waistband at the back with nylon thread and I was getting a irritation in the small of my back as a result. For a long while I carefully removed the label from each new pair, but then one day I had a bright idea! Wear them inside-out! Result!