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A very sweet picture

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jinglbellsfrocks Wed 16-Dec-15 12:52:18

who knew baby elephants did this

baubles Wed 16-Dec-15 12:59:57

Adorable smile.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 16-Dec-15 15:59:49

Oh come on! Somebody else must like elephants. Can't be just me and Baubles! tchhmm

Elegran Wed 16-Dec-15 16:08:19

Baby elephants are just lovely, jings. If I'de seen this esarlier I would have posted a comment, but I have been writing cards and letters, posting some and delivering others. #halopolishedup

Elegran Wed 16-Dec-15 16:08:59

Fingers tired from writing and prone to mistypes.

Ana Wed 16-Dec-15 16:09:10

I can't see it! There's just a black screen with a colour-changing circle in the middle going round and round...tchconfused

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 16-Dec-15 16:09:35

Oh, is something happening shortly? Is everyone busy? tchgrin

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 16-Dec-15 16:10:43

That's weird Ana.

Elegran Wed 16-Dec-15 16:11:33

If you wait a bit a new page appears with the photo (baby elephant on its knees in the water, with its face in it.)

Ana Wed 16-Dec-15 16:17:52

How long's 'a bit'? I've just waited four minutes - gave up!

thatbags Wed 16-Dec-15 16:26:02

smile I guess they din't use their trunks to suck milk from mama elephant either.

thatbags Wed 16-Dec-15 16:26:14


shysal Wed 16-Dec-15 16:27:56

How sweet! tchsmile

tanith Wed 16-Dec-15 16:33:47

Thats a thought thatbags, so how do they reach? Maybe the mums lay down?

loopylou Wed 16-Dec-15 16:37:12

Probably really sweet but it won't download, just some silly thingy going round and round in the middle of a black screen!

Eloethan Wed 16-Dec-15 16:42:24

I got the timer thing too.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 16-Dec-15 16:43:34

Oh what a pain! tchhmm Sorry about that.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 16-Dec-15 16:45:40

perhaps it will load better from here

Ana Wed 16-Dec-15 16:47:58

That's better! tchgrin

Elegran Wed 16-Dec-15 16:53:55

The trunk is the nose and upper lip, and elephants drink by sucking up water in the trunk (up to 15 litres a pull) and then squirting it into ther mouth, not by using it as a straw. The tiny babies are just big enough to reach their milk if mamma stands still for long enough, and use their mouths to suck. Her teats are beside her front legs, not near the back ones as in most mammals. Lots of photos of baby elephants

Jane10 Wed 16-Dec-15 16:56:56

I'm up for a sweet picture but no luck with that link. Elephants are OK but not my absolute favourite but thanks for posting though.

Elegran Wed 16-Dec-15 17:10:10

Youtube video of baby elephant suckling You do have to wait for the advertising video to finish first, but once it starts the baby elephant is cute. You can see that it is suckling with its mouth and the little trunk is waving about like the hands of a human baby when it is feeding.

Elegran Wed 16-Dec-15 17:12:31

Second part is a close-up, and a very milk-covered baby.

Indinana Wed 16-Dec-15 17:58:12

That is so beautiful Elegran. Thanks for sharing!

Tegan Wed 16-Dec-15 18:10:46

Not sure if this is a clip or the whole episode [or if it will work]but it's Ebony, my favourite elephant