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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 16-Apr-16 06:47:29

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dry with a little bit of wind this morning here in Brackley.

cornergran Sat 16-Apr-16 06:55:25

Morning Mick, morning All. Dry in our corner of Somerset, cloud seems to be building but hopeful the bits of.clear sky will win. Hope Saturday is kind to you.

Imperfect27 Sat 16-Apr-16 07:28:07

Good morning all,
Damp and cold in my corner of N. Kent. Just finished my first week in a new job - really glad to have made the move and certainly enjoyed that' Friday feeling' yesterday evening. And now a busy weekend with family visiting. I hope you enjoy your weekends xxx

kittylester Sat 16-Apr-16 07:32:03

Morning from North Leicestershire.

It is raining here and has been overnight to the extent that we have a drip in the hall, a fairly regular occurrence in our old house.

It must be s*d's law as we have 2 of DH's brothers and 1 sister in law coming for the weekend!

Enjoy your Saturdays everyone sunshine

Pittcity Sat 16-Apr-16 07:33:54

Good morning from sunny Edinburgh.
Is there such thing as a cake hangover, because I think I have one? Brilliant GN meetup here yesterday, take a look at the thread for photos.
I am still in bed with a cuppa. Will be catching train home this morning and back to reality.
This is the view from my room this morning.

ninathenana Sat 16-Apr-16 07:40:30

Morning all
Can you put sunny and Edinburgh in the same sentence pittcity grin have fun today all of you.
It's dry in N Kent at the moment. We had to put the heating on last night but this morning is a little warmer.
H and I are having a day out with D and GCx2. Luckily it's not reliant on the weather.

NfkDumpling Sat 16-Apr-16 07:42:22

Morning All

You're in the best place Pittcity - it's horrible down here in the Eastern Angles! Dark, wet and 'orrible!

Off to have lunch with DS and family today, but it doesn't look like the planned sunny beach walk at Hunstanton is likely to happen!

Nana3 Sat 16-Apr-16 07:44:57

Good morning.
Lovely blue skies in West Lancs.
So happy for you all on your great meet up pittcity.
Visit to Mum and food shop for me today.
Enjoy your day everyone.

12Michael Sat 16-Apr-16 07:53:50

its raining here in Brackley but looks sleetish as well.

hildajenniJ Sat 16-Apr-16 08:03:32

Good morning everyone.
I was really sad that I couldn't go to Edinburgh, but now I'm glad I didn't! There were just two of us at work this morning. We had to send a gentleman home sick.
The rain clouds are clearing in the Tyne Valley, and the sun has come out. Let's hope it stays that way. It's cold though, the car said 1°c. Brr!
Have a good day everyone.

annsixty Sat 16-Apr-16 08:40:50

Good morning all.
A lovely bright sunny day here. We are getting alternate days of weather,at least this week it has been predictable.
Nothing special today I will rest my leg, the pain is getting worse but hope is in sight. Am I being too optimistic?.

PRINTMISS Sat 16-Apr-16 08:52:01

Good morning to you all, it is brightish here, although chilly, VERY! It is our first game of bowls outdoors today, just a "roll-up" competition to get everyone together again after the closed season, I am not looking forward to it, as it will be cold, unless the sun decides to show itself. I have done the washing in the hope that it will not rain, the showers that are forecast will hopefully pass us over, they often do - having said that they will probably nestle quite happily for the afternoon. Enjoy your days.

Greyduster Sat 16-Apr-16 08:52:23

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Thought we might wake up to the forecast smattering of white stuff this morning, but no; the sun is shining. We are off up to York this afternoon for our step-GS's 21st. How time flies! Have a good day, all.

NanaandGrampy Sat 16-Apr-16 09:00:01

Morning !

Its grey but bright here in our part of Essex but at least its dry which is a welcome change from yesterday when we nearly had to build an ark.

House prep today for sleepover of DGS3 and 4. Batten down the hatches !!!

mollie Sat 16-Apr-16 09:46:51

Morning all

It's very wet here in north Bucks and looks set for the day. OH is watching F1 so I've slopped back to bed to read...a rare treat!.. What else is there to do on a day like this?

mollie Sat 16-Apr-16 09:47:46

Sloped? Or slopped? blush

Lazigirl Sat 16-Apr-16 09:48:05

Good morning from snowy Shropshire. I think it's possibly the only snow of the winter - but it's not winter now!

harrigran Sat 16-Apr-16 09:58:24

Good morning, it is snowing here in the north east.
I am staying put today, GC and their parents are visiting after they do swimming and acting classes. Such busy lives these youngsters have now smile

Judthepud2 Sat 16-Apr-16 10:17:33

Good morning all from sunny N. Ireland! ☀️ Yes really! But a very bitterly cold wind. Still, sitting in my sun room I can fool myself it is warm. Will need to get the winter gear on for dog walking later. Have a good weekend everyone.

dustyangel Sat 16-Apr-16 10:31:06

Good morning everyone. It is pouring down in the south of Portugal. I think we've had the whole winter's rain in April this year. The wind overnight sounded like something out of a horror film. Nice to see a blue sky in your photograph Pittcity.

loopylou Sat 16-Apr-16 11:10:14

Morning all!
It's very cold and wet here in Wiltshire. I've just finished cleaning the house from top to bottom, hopefully I'll have got rid of the dust from the kitchen work it gets sodding everywhere, even in the airing cupboard (definitely not amused)
Just plastering and tiling then it's done but the latter might take some time because I can't make my mind up😳

tiredoldwoman Sat 16-Apr-16 11:20:18

Cold but beautifully sunny here in St.Andrews . Snow reported last night from 4 miles up the road . My washing's out on the line , blowing wildly . Off to see The Jungle Book tonight with the Bubs , it's supposed to be very good .

Alea Sat 16-Apr-16 11:40:19

Good morning! Glad I am not the only one in N Bucks to feel uninspired by the cold, wet grey day out!