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Ducks and drivers....

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Katek Tue 07-Jun-16 14:26:58

I was driving out of town about an hour ago and wondered why the traffic in both lanes had come to a standstill. Up ahead I then saw a man escorting a duck and around 5 ducklings safely across the road. He then got back in his car and drove off.

What a lovely thing to do.

Alima Tue 07-Jun-16 14:28:43

How lovely!

Alea Tue 07-Jun-16 14:30:58

Restores your faith in human nature!

Bellanonna Tue 07-Jun-16 14:39:54

I've seen that before too. Everyone very amused. So sweet...

NanaandGrampy Tue 07-Jun-16 15:37:53

This was reported on the news here in Florida last night....... Not quite so cute ! The police had to stop the traffic because quite frankly....he had right of way!! Lol

ninathenana Tue 07-Jun-16 16:12:55

There are a couple of areas around here that have signs warning of ducks crossing

Tizliz Tue 07-Jun-16 17:42:39

This happened to an American I know and he couldn't believe it. Said that in USA that wouldn't have happened, they would have just driven over the ducklings

vampirequeen Tue 07-Jun-16 19:18:01

We once followed a family of geese for a few hundred yards as they waddled down the middle of the road. Finally they decided to go to the side which meant that the traffic jam behind could finally move. No one stressed but many passengers got out and took photos lol.