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What are you wearing?

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thatbags Fri 24-Jun-16 11:09:14

Flowery cotton trousers (pale mossy green background and BIG patch pockets) made out of an old curtain.
A Gudrun Sjöden (sp?) cotton top, grey background and softly coloured wiggles and dots.

^ They don't match. I don't care! Probably only MrBags and Minibags will see me today anyhow and they're used to it.

Black socks and black 'Loretta' mary janes.

cornergran Fri 24-Jun-16 11:11:37

Blue and yellow trousers, bright yellow tee shirt. It's raining - I am the sunshine 🌞

Nonnie1 Fri 24-Jun-16 11:16:28

I'm wearing a smile The watch I have coveted since last year is now half the price. I deserve that watch and now I shall have it

Granny23 Fri 24-Jun-16 11:20:02

Sackcloth and Ashes

baubles Fri 24-Jun-16 11:28:54

G23 grinshock

Jenty61 Fri 24-Jun-16 11:44:33

a kaftan..

Tizliz Fri 24-Jun-16 11:47:44

Green jeans, pink t shirt, blue polo shirt, black fleecy jumper - it is Scotland so this is my summer wear - not sure I was very awake when I dressed

kittylester Fri 24-Jun-16 11:50:41

Dark blue jeans, dark pink t-shirt, beige cream shoes, silver necklace, two silver bangles.

tanith Fri 24-Jun-16 12:00:34

Denim knee length shorts and flowery t-shirt with flip flops.

NonnaW Fri 24-Jun-16 12:01:41

Fawn jeans, orange/multi coloured top, floral canvas shoes. Probably be back in waterproofs later if forecast is right for dog walking.

Lona Fri 24-Jun-16 12:03:10

I was wearing a navy T-shirt with white and dark blue pinstripe cotton skinnies with white moccasins, then the heavens opened and I'm back in baggy old jeans and a pink T-shirt with my battered leather slip ons!
Not going out in ☔☔☔

Lona Fri 24-Jun-16 12:04:50

Can you believe it?!! The sunshine is blazing now!hmm

harrigran Fri 24-Jun-16 12:18:32

Black crepe, wide legged trousers and a cream top. have just looked at the label in my top and what do you know, it is made in the UK. It must be ten years old but it is good quality.
Have been standing talking to a neighbour with the sun burning the back of my neck, came back into the study and it is pouring with rain confused

Indinana Fri 24-Jun-16 12:52:55

Navy cotton trousers, dark pink, navy and green flowery top with 3/4 sleeves, and a pale pink cardigan.The cardigan keeps coming off, then back on again as I can't make up my mind whether I'm warm or not smile. My DH is wearing shorts and a short sleeved polo top - I feel cold just looking at him (cardigan back on grin)

Greyduster Fri 24-Jun-16 12:56:02

At the moment, a pink and grey polo shirt decorated with delicate blobs of chocolate buttercream - I pressed the switch too far on the mixer!! Very fetching! And you can eat it!

Nonnie1 Fri 24-Jun-16 13:01:55

Are you sure you can eat it G? EU rules and all...

*gets coat.......

Greyduster Fri 24-Jun-16 13:03:50

But nonnie we aren't in the.....oh never mind!

Katek Fri 24-Jun-16 13:17:06

Black denim jeggings, black/white flower print tunic-I'm going out shortly so will add my Skecher Go Walks in fuschia pink and my lovely handbag which featured in another thread! My pink rain jacket is in the car 'just in case' but as I'm heading to big shopping mall I don't think I'll need it. Off to face the genius at Apple's Genius Bar as my phone is misbehaving.

Nonnie1 Fri 24-Jun-16 13:18:54

kateK are sketchers as good as they look? i have been sorely tempted, but put off by the price of some

dustyangel Fri 24-Jun-16 13:52:04

It must be the same time of year as when we had one of these threads before..,.. because I'm wearing the same navy jersey shorts that I was wearing when I posted before. I have washed them honest. grin
I'm also wearring a navy and turquoise strappy suntop and a faded turquoise bra from when I dyed all my old bras the same colour. It was either Bermuda Blue or Fuschia Pink and I couldnt really justify buying two different dyes but it would have made for an interesting contrast.

tanith Fri 24-Jun-16 13:56:58

Nonnie1 I have two pairs of Skecher Go Walk shoes and they are extremely comfy even with my painful joints. They are expensive but I have had one pair over a year and they still look like new apart from the soles so the quality is excellent.

M0nica Fri 24-Jun-16 15:12:36

Faded floral Laura Ashley trousers, pink check shirt and pastel multi-colour yarn sweater. We have just come back from lunch out; had to do something to cheer ourselves up, so I have taken off my sassy white slingbacks with the big bow at the front and replaced them with my usual house shoes.

Pittcity Fri 24-Jun-16 15:46:42

A blue flowery cotton maxi dress, it's scorchio here atm.

DanniRae Fri 24-Jun-16 15:56:03

Navy and white stripped t-shirt, long denim skirt and black sandals - been shopping so will put on indoor clothes when I get the energy to climb the stairs.

Thingmajig Fri 24-Jun-16 16:02:04

I can recommend Go Walk's too Nonnie1 ... best shoes ever and look like they'll last a while. smile