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During the last week

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grannyactivist Mon 05-Sep-16 01:24:56

I have (amongst other things):
Celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary and my 63rd birthday.
Said goodbye to 3 lodgers sad and welcomed a new one (she's quite lovely)smile.
Nursed my poorly husband through a nasty infection.
Got myself in a snit with my children - and hopefully have smoothed the feathers I ruffled. shock.
Booked a holiday in Cornwall for half term.
Packed to go on holiday tomorrow.
Eaten fish and chips in the parked car, at night, overlooking city lights.
Cleaned the house from top to bottom (3 floors).
Compered a concert.

Okay - over to you. What have you done during the last week?

kittylester Mon 05-Sep-16 06:48:11

A normal week then ga! grin Hope relations with the children are ok.

This week I have been to visit mum, picked up DGC from his 2nd day at school, done a stint in the library, read loads of stuff for my new volunteering role, some gardening, been out for lunch, sorted out a bed in the front garden, decided to take a break in Suffolk at the end of November with Dh because most of this week has really been taken up by planning his retirement, also at the end of November.

millymouge Mon 05-Sep-16 07:16:17

Think you will need that holiday granny. Last week I have cleared a flower bed and taken up an old rose that used to attack me. Taken both dogs to the vets for different things. Looked after my sister whose health is failing fast (again), this happens regularly and it will be different this week. Booked a week in Norfolk with DH and the dogs in October. Had lunch out. Packed a bag for DH who is going to middle GS's uni presentation in Lincoln (unfortunately it is mid week and DD2 is at work and she usually stands by for dogs and my DS). I would loved to have gone but know he will enjoy it so he will go with DD1 and Sil. And had a lovely day out yesterday with DH and dogs in a local country park. And round to Monday again, who knows what this week will bring hmm

whitewave Mon 05-Sep-16 07:27:25

Celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary.
Celebrated our DDs 17th wedding anniversary
Celebrated our GSs 16th birthday
Decluttered the wardrobe and bit the bullet and charity shopped clothes I haven't worn for a year - all except evening stuff and big heavy winter coats.
Began the autumn clearup in the garden
Did mums shopping
sorted out clothes for our holiday starting Thursday
Usual housework and washing
Had a cup of tea with a neighbour I haven't seen for ages
Blimey! I could drone on -life's quite busy isn't it?

ginny Mon 05-Sep-16 07:56:55

Had the last day of a long weekend caravaning with all the family. Been shopping with DD 3 and baby DGS. Collected other DGS and had him to stay for 3 days. Taken him to a rugby day. Driven said GS to a friend for the day and visited my favourite patchwork shop which is local to friend. Been to Slimming World meeting. Spent the afternoon out with both DGS. Visited Cannons Ashby ( NT) and had dinner out with DH, Mil and DD 2. Helped DD3 and SIL to sort their garden prior to DGS naming day celebration. Made a name banner for same celebration. Of course all the other normal chores had to be done too.

ginny Mon 05-Sep-16 08:01:06

Add to above, applied for ESTAs for upcoming holiday and booked taxi to and from the airport. Completely cleaned caravan and made cakes for a charity stall .

PRINTMISS Mon 05-Sep-16 08:02:49

I bought the wool for a jumper pattern I have been meaning to knit for the past year.

annsixty Mon 05-Sep-16 08:07:52

B....r all whilst recovering from knee op.
Getting frustrated for same reason.
Graduated from 2 crutches to 1.
Managed to do small amount of cooking.
Learnt a lot about people.
Discovered my H has become very self centred which his Alzheimer's cannot be totally blamed for.

Badenkate Mon 05-Sep-16 08:09:05

Went to a birthday celebration for DDIL
Went to birthday lunch with younger DS and other family
Sorted out what I was doing to help for Heritage Open Days in Oswestry
Had day out at Erdigg
Did afternoon volunteering at local community centre
Booked last minute holiday in Scotland
Watched cycling on TV
Cleaned carpets

TerriBull Mon 05-Sep-16 09:01:10

Made a cake and iced it for husband's birthday yesterday.
Made Banoffi pie and bought and prepared food for family birthday lunch.
Had lunch out at lovely garden centre in Hampshire on Wednesday.
Had grandchildren round for a couple of hours Friday.
Bought granddaughter new school shoes.
Assembled and sorted clothes for going away to Cornwall today sunshine later this week apparently, but raining here now.

baubles Mon 05-Sep-16 09:18:48

Made myself get up and dressed each day. Everything else follows on from there.

Greyduster Mon 05-Sep-16 09:23:40

Did some gardening;
Went out walking and crocked my knee;
Spent four hours in Minor Injuries in the company of a poor lady with three very unruly children and several other customers who would have been glad to put her at the head of the queue!
Wrote out a list to stock up DDs fridge for when they came back from holiday and sent DH shopping - on his own - never a good idea!
Sent him out again to change several things.
Had a trip over to DDs to supervise putting it all away.
Bought a train ticket (haven't done that for years!).
Went over and had tea with DD on Saturday for tea.
Missed the Chatsworth Country Fair.
Sat down a lot.
Expired from boredom!

Babs1952 Mon 05-Sep-16 09:30:47

Returned from USA after returning DGD home?
Travelled to the other side of the country to celebrate MIL 91 birthday -she is amazing!
Stayed in a hotel visited old friends drove home.
Cooked dinner for 3 of my sisters and their husbands.
Usual domestics. Hopefully back to normal this week!

NonnaW Mon 05-Sep-16 09:34:03

Looked after grandson for only half day as
Went to hospital (colo-rectal dept) for examination and told fairly sure everything is ok but due to age will have to have sigmoidoscopy (deep joy)
Ordered gift for new great niece born last Monday night.
Spent a lot of time looking at various photos of baby!
Took dog for long overdue haircut (he looks like a different dog now)
Been to DIY shop with DH to collect paint
Usual dog walking, sweeping up dog hairs, wading, ironing etc.

Babs1952 Mon 05-Sep-16 09:35:22

No question about it I did return DGD to her parents in the USA. It was the first time they had left her with us and it worked out very well. She is 8 and very American and very lovable.

ninathenana Mon 05-Sep-16 09:36:10


Housework and shopping. What a dull life I lead

ffinnochio Mon 05-Sep-16 09:36:20

Read a lot and thought a lot and wrote a bit, in between getting on with everyday stuff.

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 05-Sep-16 09:50:38

I went on a little holiday. smile

Ilrina Mon 05-Sep-16 10:00:37

Mostly stayed in bed with full blown flu

grannyqueenie Mon 05-Sep-16 10:21:25

Skidded dramatically on a damp stone path, landing soundly on my tail bone...ouch!
Enjoyed last 2 days of looking after DD2' s lovely dog, albeit walking a little gingerly due to my tender posterior.
Enjoyed cooking tea and welcoming said daughter and family back from their hols, and of course there was another fridge magnet for granny!
Had my hair cut, hmmm think I might have to be firmer about what I want.
Treated to a tasty meal at a local gastro pub, with DD2 and her family - as a thank you for looking after their dog, so felt appreciated.
Enjoyed a day generally tidying and catching up. Bought, wrapped posted various gifts for extended family members, wrote cards for assorted friends/family.
I do bereavement support for a local hospice so caught up on my admin for that and met a new client. Sorted out the new term's rota for the toddler/ baby groups I'm involved in running....the redid it twice when I discovered other volunteers availability was different to what I expected!
Shopped and generally prepared for the arrival of old friends who made contact after many years asking to stay overnight en route to visit family further north. Enjoyed catching up with them but slightly confused when they left before rather than after lunch ....but remember this friend had an extremely difficult start in life which still impacts on her interactions in adult life, so smile to myself and move on.
Host our small group from church, a mixed evening as one lady was feeling a little fragile and another person was rather emphatic. But we all accommodated each other's points of view and the evening ended with smiles.
Accept an impromptu invitation to visit DD1 and her family and really enjoy catching up with them all. Her partner is an amazing cook so yummy food.
Take part in introducing and narrating a story for a Family Service at church. It all went well, they all joined in and they clapped!
Started getting ready for our holiday, whooppee!

GrandmasueUK Mon 05-Sep-16 10:41:18

Ordered a present for a new baby and mum, put the wrong postcode on. Got in touch via email, told that it would be changed. Phone call next day to confirm same. Phone call day after to day it had been returned to depot, so cancelled order. Cheery email day after from courier firm saying it had been delivered! No it hadn't. Ordered from somewhere else and mistakenly put my own address on for delivery. Received parcel so had to print out postage to send to other end of country. Different courier turned up to collect another parcel. My name and address were on the request form, but I didn't have a parcel from this particular company. Mysterious!

Oh - and had hysterectomy the week before. Daily self-administered anti-thrombosis stabbings injections are causing very gory towels after showers. Tiny pinpricks which don't stop bleeding for ages.

Finished making and uploading spelling resources to website and sorted out orders. Good job I am retired!

Hilltopgran Mon 05-Sep-16 11:09:45

What busy lives grandparents lead!

Apart from normal day to day routine I finally dealt with overgrown border in the garden, it took 3 sessions and lots of energy, made cake for garden club show, experimented and put a layer of marzipan in middle of a Cherry and Almond cake, it was delicious. Managed to find some flowers and veg to take to said show.

Most important activity of the week - going with 5 month old GD and DIL to swimming group, and managing to change wet baby on my lap!

Willow500 Mon 05-Sep-16 13:32:19

Work, work and more work interspersed with huge bouts of coughing - that's about it hmm

Lindylooby Mon 05-Sep-16 15:12:54

I seem to be far busier now then when I worked full time ( and was much younger). I have spent 2 days with Son and d. I.l. and grandchildren..had a lovely bbq cooked by son, drank a tad too much Pina Colada. Been to gs football tournament for the day. Washing , ironing and cleaned my house. Then spent next 4 days at daughters looking after gd 4 gs 2 from 06.30 to 18.30 each day. Washing, ironing labeling school clothes for God's first day at primary school, been to the park, shopping, building lego and duplo. Tidying up for said daughter. Spent Saturday morning in Covent Garden with them. Dashed back on train home to meet other daughter and gs for afternoon and evening 'date' night. Bus back to my house..collapsed in my own bed (bliss) for 1 night then back to other daughter to look after the 2 gc for another 5 days including 1st day at primary dchool for 1 and first day of nursery for other! Typically this is my life since my dh passed away 3 years ago....I love it but feel they all forget I am 60!

M0nica Mon 05-Sep-16 18:30:12

Well, we have had the family staying, so here goes:
Been to the local Vale Show
Visited a silk mill
Visited a NT property
Watched, with DDiL, while DH, DS and DGC swam in a popular and safe millpond on the river Thames. The water was far too cold for us wimpy women.
Cleaned and tidied after everyone went home
Caught up with the gardening( we have a large garden)
Compiled the index for a journal I edit
Sliced and frozen 7lbs of runner beans
Picked 3lbs of blackberries
Viewed an auction and submitted bids for a number of items