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Grannyknot Sat 10-Dec-16 07:57:27

Belly dancing smile

I went to the first class this week and I loved it. It's a brilliant work-out too, but just tying on the hip scarf with its dangly shimmering discs, oh my, it was ... transforming grin

Hip mobility, here I come.

ninathenana Sat 10-Dec-16 08:02:27

Sounds fun tchsmile

Lisalou Sat 10-Dec-16 08:04:36

Good for you Grannyknot, I know some people who do/have done this, and they all speak positively of it. It is a lot of fun, or so I am told. Being of a sedentary nature, and working well over fulltime, it is not something I would ever contemplate (you could read the above as "lazy old broad", and you would be right!)
Hope you have lots of fun!

Rinouchka Sat 10-Dec-16 08:18:19

Oh Grannyknot, I love bellydancing too!
We had a supply teacher for one of my Zumba classes and she arrived with these jingle jangly triangular scarves in jewel colours. Just putting it on, like you, inspired movement. Sooo much fun and a truly excellent exercise class and mood enhancer.

Greyduster Sat 10-Dec-16 09:12:12

Good for you, grannyknot. When DH was in the Army, we had some friends who had been at the British Embassy in Jeddah. She had learned to belly dance while she was there and they put on a demonstration for us and some other friends one evening - both in appropriate Arab dress, him playing a chalice drum. She was amazing! I didn't know there were so many bits of ones anatomy that could move independently of each other!

Anya Sat 10-Dec-16 09:15:17

There was one very famous and well respected belly dancer in Egypt (?) I think who was still supple and dancing well into her more mature years.

Does anyone know if she's still going?

Mumsy Sat 10-Dec-16 09:29:07

this lady was 100yrs old ( video a couple of years old no idea if shes still living)

Teetime Sat 10-Dec-16 09:49:21

Well done you grannyknot so would I if there was a class nearby so I have to content myself with Zumba Gold but she does do Burlesque classes so I might try that next year.

nanaK54 Sat 10-Dec-16 10:35:44

Sounds like fun

Just the sort of thing I will be looking for when I (eventually) retire!

ninathenana Sat 10-Dec-16 12:31:27

Video link was disappointing I thought I was going to actually see her dance.

That's not meant to sound like an accusation mumsy

Antonia Sat 10-Dec-16 13:04:46

Sounds like enormous fun! I remember a conversation with our next door neighbours about a relative of theirs who still kept up her dancing lessons. There was some dispute about the relative's age. They were debating whether she was actually 93, or was she 94 by now...No one could remember.

Grannyknot Sat 10-Dec-16 15:06:55

Nina I also thought I'd see her dance - maybe nowadays it's all in her mind smile

DanniRae Sat 10-Dec-16 17:50:49

Well I've certainly got the belly so I have a head start!! grin

Grannyknot Sat 10-Dec-16 22:29:42

danni the teacher said we must bust the myth that it's all about the belly - she says it's all about the hips and the belly simply follows the hips around tchsmile

I'm looking forward to the course.

On another note, I can't believe some of the lucks around for older folk - the cost of the lesson is a mere £3 a week. Compared to the cost of gym membership ...

radicalnan Sun 11-Dec-16 09:39:27

Much nicer than the gym.........graceful and the music is sublime.

You can also enjoy a few moments of shimmy anytime without encountering any machinery...........

Just off to get my scarves out of the bag I have left them in for ages........thanks for reminding me of the pleasure of dance.

helenmabr Sun 11-Dec-16 10:02:01

I have been belly dancing since l was 50.(now 63) I was looking for something to do for exercise, went to my first class and was hooked, music is fab, had so much fun over the years, costumes do not have to be revealing at all, l would recommend it to anyone to keep supple and joints moving. Best fun ever!

EmilyHarburn Sun 11-Dec-16 10:08:20

Grannyknot belly dancing is great fun. I took it up 10 years ago pre retirement. I am just off to a Christmas do in a Turkis Restaurant where we will be just belly dancers. Some of the dancers will be dancing set pieces but the rest of us will just get up and dance between the tables after the main course and after the dessert.

Great fun. For belly dance holidays, I recommend Ann Kingston and Farida. They both have websites and do holidays abroad. I had a lovely dress made in Cairo, but now I go to Morocco with Ann every 2 years or so. Every time I meet interesting people who are fun to be with.

Chris1603 Sun 11-Dec-16 11:26:55

Makes a virtue out of having a belly which is something I have acquired as I have gotten older smile

Maggiemaybe Sun 11-Dec-16 11:58:54

I'm envy, Grannyknot. I went to a belly dancing taster session once and loved it. Then the promised sessions never materialised.

The teacher was well into her 80s and looked fantastic. And she told me I had the belly for it....

silverlining48 Sun 11-Dec-16 12:24:54

Belly dancing sounds fun, I haven't taken it up though, but have also started something new. With some guidance, I made a Christmas wreath with a robin which I felted. Great fun stabbing balls of wool into hopefully recognisable shapes, rather therapeutic too, but mind that needle. It's sharp!!

Grannyknot Sun 11-Dec-16 14:00:07

silver that's brilliant.

I was hoping the subject invited people to post about something they've recently tried smile

marionk Sun 11-Dec-16 14:15:24

Loved my belly dancing but sadly the class has folded now. I have taken up photography and art since I retired. Not much good at either but love how both of them make me see the world differently 🎨📷❤️

marionk Sun 11-Dec-16 14:16:10

Actually I think I should have said they make me look at the world around me differently

Thebeeb Sun 11-Dec-16 20:37:19

My belly dances on it's own no help from me at all!!

SallyDapp Mon 12-Dec-16 12:30:06

Thebeeb made me laugh out loud

Grannyknot I'm so jealous! I bought a belly dancing dvd just before I became disabled. It was something I soooooo wanted to do but I've never even taken the wrapper off. So not being one to let life get away I now have blue hair, wear irregular choice shoes (why waste not being able to walk on boring shoes?) and I'm off to a rock concert, in my wheelchair, in June. Make the most out of every opportunity.