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sunseeker Sat 05-Aug-17 13:22:32

A local doctor, who is also a presenter on local radio, prescribes 5 portions of fun a day. He asks his guests what 5 things make them happy on a daily basis and it got me thinking about what makes me happy. Here's my list:

My first cup of coffee in the morning (bliss)
An unexpected phone call from family
The sound of children laughing
Walking in the sunshine
Meeting up with friends

(Apart from the coffee - not necessarily in that order!)

What would be on your list

whitewave Sat 05-Aug-17 13:27:48

A party with friends, including our Christmas beanos.
Family get together
Theatre trips of all types
Meals out
Outdoors of all kinds

Charleygirl Sat 05-Aug-17 13:27:56

All of the above but exchanging the word friend for family as I have none of the latter. Again, apart from the coffee not necessarily in that order. I lead a simple life.

Greyduster Sun 06-Aug-17 08:20:15

Every second I spend with my lovely grandson;
The solitude of fishing an upland reservoir (catching fish is good too!);
Having both my children and their families here together - doesn't happen often;
A walk on Filey Brigg with DH - it is his favourite place;
Being by a river, anywhere.

ninathenana Sun 06-Aug-17 09:16:30

One of DD's rare phone calls
Watching children laugh and play
Being out in the sunshine
Meeting with friends and or family
Sitting in my cosy warm house watching snow fall outside

NanaandGrampy Sun 06-Aug-17 09:19:08

My grandchildren
My family
Real coffee
Sunshine on the water
Good chocolate :-)

Jane10 Sun 06-Aug-17 09:53:02

My grandchildren,
My cat,
Lazy starts to the day - coffee and newspaper,
Chatty lunch with a friend,
U3A groups,

Much to be grateful for!

Christinefrance Sun 06-Aug-17 10:05:11

Large coffee after walking the dogs early in the morning.
Family contact, keeping me in touch with what they are doing
A good book
Lunch with friends
Quiet times with husband
So lucky I can enjoy all these things.

Teetime Sun 06-Aug-17 10:17:05

Putting my tee shot straight down the middle.
Getting an unexpected call from my grandson (age 13) like yesterday - so sweet.
A really good cup of coffee
DH's perfect bottom (well you did ask)
A strong G & T at 5pm

Maggiemaybe Sun 06-Aug-17 10:32:54

If you mean things that I do every single day:
Getting an update or photo on the family Whatsapp.
Having a laugh with DH.
Reading or watching TV, on the sofa with the cat snuggling up.
Good food and drink, whatever and whenever I like.
Getting my 8000 steps, out in the fresh air.

Which all contribute to number 6:
Snuggling under the duvet every night knowing I don't have to get up for work the next day - it's still a thrill after 3 years!

Less than once a day, there are more things than I can count. I'm very lucky and very grateful.

kittylester Sun 06-Aug-17 12:09:03

My first cup of tea in bed - preferably made by dh!
Spending time with dh
Talking to or seeing any of my family
Spending time in the house on my own
My volunteering - I meet some fantastic people!

I need a couple more

Seeing my friends
Good food and drink

hulahoop Sun 06-Aug-17 12:47:04

Seeing my family
Having coffee/lunch with friends
A big cuddle with oh
A meal out
First cuppa of day
Getting into freshly made bed
Not having to jump out of above especially on winter mornings

sunseeker Sun 06-Aug-17 12:59:16

It's wonderful that the things which make us happy are the simple things in life, family, friends, nature (not forgetting coffee and tea).

Moneyboss Sun 06-Aug-17 18:04:15

Spending time with family.
Dining out.
A nice bottle of wine.
Soaking in a bubble bath.

I could go on but that's my top 5 today. Tomorrow it could be slightly different.

Azie09 Sun 06-Aug-17 18:23:36

My family
My first cup of tea of the day
My garden, talking to my plants
Blue skies

KatyK Sun 06-Aug-17 18:35:31

Time with family
Sitting in the garden on a sunny day listening to the birds
Meeting up with friends for a chat
Cooking for the family and watching them enjoy the food, as I did today.
Listening to my favourite CDs as I get through the housework.
Walking along the canal bank at the back of our house and seeing some ducks, herons and the occasional barge.

DanniRae Sun 06-Aug-17 18:40:55

Having fun with my extended family
First cup of tea
A good book
Dancing around to favourite music
Favourite tv programmes
Having a laugh with friends
My dog

fiorentina51 Sun 06-Aug-17 18:46:28

First cuppa of the morning,
Cuddling up to OH in bed knowing we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn.
My kids and grandchildren.
Walking hills on a crisp autumn day.
The company of my friends.
Singing at the top of my voice when I'm home alone.

Menopaws Sun 06-Aug-17 19:09:02


Cherrytree59 Sun 06-Aug-17 19:16:43

Little Grandsons, running round with them just being silly (couldn't do that this time last year pre Op) and then having cuddles

Ist coffee of the day

And First hot shower on my sore shoulder
Both bliss.

Any time on my own just to Sit in the conservatory passing the time watching and listening to the birds.

Receiving a laugh out loud text from a friend with same sense of humour grin

spending too much time on GN

Nanabilly Sun 06-Aug-17 21:08:05

#1. Snuggling up with my 5 year old gs and hearing him say I love you all the way round my back nana.
#2. Hearing my other gs who is 3 on the phone and all he wants me to do is make animal noises to make him laugh.He lives 7 hours away so talk on the phone often , see him not so often.
#3. Seeing all my little family together which is not very often .
#4. That 20 minute peace and quiet I get when hubby has gone to collect gs from school and I wait at home and make his snack.( put my feet up and close my eyes)
#5. Climbing into a newly made bed with sheets dried outside and smelling of fresh air.

Jane10 Sun 03-Sep-17 10:47:36

I have never had this much fun! Mind you I'm not sure if I could cope. My natural scottishness wouldn't allow it! The DGS are half south african so can cope.