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annsixty Wed 30-Aug-17 10:16:09

After seeing Melania visiting the floods in Texas in her FLOTUS cap what would you have on yours ( if you wore one ,of course).
I declare straight away I will have to think about mine apart from DDAB.

kittylester Wed 30-Aug-17 10:21:14

What's that Ann or am I being thick.

That's what I'd have on mine Am I being Thick? grin

grannylyn65 Wed 30-Aug-17 10:28:15


illtellhim Wed 30-Aug-17 10:28:24

I'm so glad I found this mystery post. It's so obvious when you see it.

annsixty Wed 30-Aug-17 10:28:34

Deadly Dull and Boring!!

MawBroon Wed 30-Aug-17 10:33:13


illtellhim Wed 30-Aug-17 10:37:28

Melania can be what ever she wants, she rich, rich people look on things differently. You don't really think she's bothered about those people in Texas, it's a free flight to her.

Tegan2 Wed 30-Aug-17 10:47:37

I hadn't noticed the wording on the hat; was it meant to be a clever play on words or was that just a coincidence? Either way, I thought she and Trump were both dressed inappropriately [sp]. I'll now have to have a good ponder on what to have on my hat [maybe someone should think about making gransnet caps so we could all recognise each other when out and about?].

kittylester Wed 30-Aug-17 10:56:05

I'm not actually wearing a hat! I get awful hat hair! shock

KatyK Wed 30-Aug-17 10:56:10

FLOTUS is First Lady of the United States isn't it or am I missing something else? POTUS for the pres.

merlotgran Wed 30-Aug-17 10:57:55

I'd pinch the slogan from one of DGD2's T shirts obviously aimed at gardeners.

'You Grow, Girl'

MiniMouse Wed 30-Aug-17 11:08:15

illtellhim It took me a while, but I spotted it in the end!

annsixty Wed 30-Aug-17 11:33:02

At least the Trump's didn't say I Feel Your Pain.

gillybob Wed 30-Aug-17 11:35:52

Mine would say "MC"

Which stands for Miserable Cow .

illtellhim Wed 30-Aug-17 16:05:24

MiniMouse, I thought it was rather good, so obvious.

Norah Wed 30-Aug-17 16:15:54


Mostly Happy Mum

BBbevan Wed 30-Aug-17 16:23:43

Mine would've, though perish the day I would wear one of those hats, GHF

Glass Half Full🍷🍷🍷

Teetime Wed 30-Aug-17 16:46:57

Big Southern Softie on mine!

Greyduster Wed 30-Aug-17 16:52:26

FFDIWTHO. Fly Fishers Do It With Their Hats On! (If they have any sense!) but you'd need quite a big hat!