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Good Morning Christmas Day

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Auntieflo Mon 25-Dec-17 07:47:01

Peace be with you one and all. Enjoy your day and don't get stressed. tchsmile

ninathenana Mon 25-Dec-17 08:02:04

Morning Auntiefĺo good morning and a Merry Christmas to one and all.
I don't know what the weather is like here in Hants.
We had a good journey down yesterday after a false start due to a flat battery tchangry
Enjoy the day and as Auntieflo says don't get too stressed.

OldMeg Mon 25-Dec-17 08:02:55

And from me too Merry Christmas 🎄 to everyone.

Pittcity Mon 25-Dec-17 08:05:17

Merry Christmas from a grey skied Colchester tchsmile

kittylester Mon 25-Dec-17 08:13:53

Merry Christmas from me in a cloudy North Leicestershire!

We are off to Derbyshire for a family lunch.

harrigran Mon 25-Dec-17 08:14:15

Good morning and peace be with you.
It is 11 degrees and windy.
Have a busy day ahead so will need to get moving soon.

annsixty Mon 25-Dec-17 08:19:20

Happy Christmas to all of you.
It is windy but dry here in Stockport.
Father Christmas hasn't been yet 😣, do you think I could have been a bad girl?
I hope the day for all of you is all you have hoped for.

kittylester Mon 25-Dec-17 08:26:07

No, Ann, you've been a really good girl. flowers

Marydoll Mon 25-Dec-17 08:26:51

Merry Christmas, from a very wet Glasgow. I hope everyone has a lovely and peaceful day, whatever your plans are..

Nana3 Mon 25-Dec-17 08:30:43

Merry Christmas everyone tchsmile.
It's looking dry and bright this morning in Lancashire.
We're travelling later this morning but it's lovely and quiet just now, I'm having a cup of tea and a lie in.
Hope it is a good day for all GN friends wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Love to those who will have a difficult day, hope you have company and help.

millymouge Mon 25-Dec-17 08:31:21

Happy Christmas everyone, however you spend it. The weather in Essex is mild and dull, unseasonable but much better for those travelling. Taking my good arm to start to cook some sausage rolls etc.

grumppa Mon 25-Dec-17 08:31:32

I am sure Father Christmas has a soft spot for bad girls, annsixty.

Merry Christmas to all from the Grump.

Chewbacca Mon 25-Dec-17 08:33:27

Merry Christmas to you and yours everyone. It's a grey, wet day here in Cheshire. Dont think I'll bother with the community walk today; stay by the fire, eat, drink and doze!

Nelliemoser Mon 25-Dec-17 08:34:12

Good Morning All . Have a peaceful Christmas.
Well said Aunty Flo. I need calm. M y daughter and family are coming over on Wednesday. I can relax a bit until then.

annsixty Mon 25-Dec-17 08:37:04

I feel very blessed to read all the sincere greetings on the threads this morning.
I feel I belong to a very special family.

JaneD3 Mon 25-Dec-17 08:43:17

Happy Christmas everyone from Leicester and especially you Annsixty 🎄

Alima Mon 25-Dec-17 08:45:44

Happy Christmas every one. (This one feels a bit strange so far, no DGC today and no dinner to cook. Will feel more normal when we go to DD2 for lunch!)

Christinefrance Mon 25-Dec-17 08:48:51

Happy Christmas everyone, its cold and dry here in SW France.
Enjoy your day 🎅🎄

Anniebach Mon 25-Dec-17 08:57:46

Good morning all. No idea what weather we have, still in bed.

Happy Christmas x

NfkDumpling Mon 25-Dec-17 09:00:04

Morning All

Up late as we sat in bed opening stockings. Father Christmas brought me Plain Chocolate Brandy Beans. 6% proof it says on the box and I ate four and I feel slightly ill! Not what my tum is used to for breakfast!

Off later this morning to DD2s for Christmas dinner with SiLs family. We don’t go until late as they’re well into loads of presents from distant relations and we feel a bit inadequate and awkward as we aren’t, so go after the opening bonanza is done. They’re good company so it should be a fun afternoon.

Artyfarty Mon 25-Dec-17 09:08:20

Merry Christmas everyone and have a lovely day. It’s looking quite bright here in N Yorks.

whitewave Mon 25-Dec-17 09:19:12

A very Merry Christmas to one and all!
Very windy and mild here on South Downs.

Dog is behind me as I post -woofing! Telling me it’s time for our walk. Bit late today.

Have a splendid day what ever you are doing

Guess what I’ve got for lunch today?grin

Antonia Mon 25-Dec-17 09:21:42

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a peaceful day.

hulahoop Mon 25-Dec-17 09:35:32

Hope everyone as a lovely day whatever you doing 😀😀🎄🎄🎄

Greyduster Mon 25-Dec-17 09:42:12

Good morning, Auntiflo and everyone. Up to my neck in Muck and bullets here but having five minute to have a coffee and a slice of toast. Wishing everyone on GN a very happy day and hope you all manage to fit the turkey in the oven 😊!