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Soop's warmly welcoming kitchen

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Crafting Fri 23-Feb-18 06:07:59

On soop's behalf, I will post her usual welcome

Here we are again
Happy as can be
All good pals and jolly good company.
Never mind the weather
Never mind the rain
As long as we're together...
Whoops we go again.

WELCOME. Make yourselves at home flowers

annsixty Fri 23-Feb-18 06:10:56

Is the kettle on Crafting?
Although it is usually cake in the kitchen I could manage a bacon sandwich on very soft white bloomer if you can manage it please.

Crafting Fri 23-Feb-18 06:20:10

Yeah!! Welcome to yet another new kitchen 🥂🎉
Oops, sorry didn't mean to be so loud. I realise it's still quite early.
The fire is lit and the bubbly 🍾 is in the fridge for later.
The coffee is on and there's a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip muffins on the table so please help yourselves.
I'm now going to sit here by the fire and wait for you all to come in. 😴😴😴

Crafting Fri 23-Feb-18 06:24:23

Ooh ann you sneaked in while I wasn't looking (I wasn't asleep honestly blush)
Kettle is on and bacon sizzling as we speak. Just sit in the comfy chair with a brew and your bacon sandwich will be ready in just a minute smile

annsixty Fri 23-Feb-18 06:26:51

Thank you,it smells delicious.

morethan2 Fri 23-Feb-18 06:49:46

I don’t want a bacon sandwich, but would love a cup of tea. I’m about to wake two little uns and get them ready for school. I’m off th the hairdressers this morning. I’ve grown out my colour and I’m now somewhere between white and silver and not the grey I expected. If that’s not bad enough the whole texture of my hair has changed. It’s all light and fluffy. I wake up looking like an old mop...which I probably am, truth be told. We’re out with my son and DiL tonight for his birthday, I think he’s 42 I’ve lost count, anyway it’ll be nice to do some celebrating. Its not often they have somthing to celebrate these days. My cold/virus has cleared up. I’m at the headache, bunged up, fed up stage . Mr Morethan has it now, he’s a day behind me so together we’re a miserable pair. Oh well best foot forward... must go kitchen is looking good take care now especially maw n ann thanks for making the kitchen so welcoming crafting soop will be pleased.

JaneD3 Fri 23-Feb-18 07:36:51

Good morning everyone! I like the new decor and the smell of coffee and muffins is wonderful 😬. There are plenty of comfy chairs now. Enjoy your breakfast Ann

grannyqueenie Fri 23-Feb-18 08:03:48

Morning all! That bacon smells tasty. I’m hoping to have some myself for breakfast this morning, completely unnecessary after a very sumptuous meal last night but it would be rude not to! Awake early as we’ve been in a rather expensive little hotel overnight, a generous Christmas gift from dd2 and sil. Lovely place but, despite switching off the bedroom radiator, stiflingly warm. So I’ve spent a good proportion of the night throwing off the duvet, eventually at some ridiculously early hour I finally just gave in and woke up for good. The old boy, who feels the cold terribly, is in 7th heaven with this warm down duvet so is snoozing away beside me!
We had a lovely day yesterday meandering around beautiful countryside with various stops for coffee or just a mooch about, before ending up at the hotel. Although not sunny it was dry, always a bonus in Yorkshire! Pootling along one quite isolated road we came across a large herd of sheep on the move. We were very near the farm belonging to Amanda Owen the woman who wrote the book “The Yorkshire Sheperdess”, I half expected her to be striding along at the rear!
kitty glad you’re mending, uti’ s are horrid, with the cure being almost as bad as the ailment.
Ann I hope all the support is being put in place for you at home, you’ve a tough challenge to care for your dh.
You sound like me in the morning morethan there is no way I could be seen in public without being doused in water first. One gd told her mum that “granny looks like a chicken when she wakes up!”, how I wonder can such short hair be so badly behaved?
What is it about these men that that they don’t “see it “ n&g, when it’s blindingly obvious to us??
Galen good news news on the cruise, that’s certainly
something to look forward to.
With the kitchen move I’ll have missed someone out for sure, so my apologies if it was you! Have good day everyone, and special thoughts for poorly folk or any with a challenging day ahead. x

NannyJan53 Fri 23-Feb-18 08:26:36

Good Morning all,

Just popping my nose in to say hello, and will try to keep up with you lot on this thread.

No cakes here yet, but I have a fruitcake recipe I want to try this afternoon. This morning I am off on a walk with my U3A group. I was on my way to the walk last week, but got hit from behind by another car! So hopefully will get there today.

Had a lovely lunch yesterday with the family, Mum, my children and grandchildren, not often we all get together.

Hope to pop back later today, with a freshly cooked fruitcake grin

Have a good day, and hugs and thoughts to any feeling low or poorly flowers

Greyduster Fri 23-Feb-18 09:00:45

A quick pop in - I could smell the bacon 😋! Off to the hospital very shortly. Hope there’s a spare chair for when I come back - I might need it. Another great photo opportunity, Gq! Swaledales are they? It is b****y cold here today. Not a day to be out walking. Well, not for me anyhooo! I will look in later.

Bellanonna Fri 23-Feb-18 09:09:31

Lovely new kitchen. Good morning everyone. I’ll just have a coffee thanks and admire the view from the window,
NannyJan I’m doing a U3A walk this afternoon . Hope you enjoy yours without any mishaps on the way there. What a shock for you!
Hello soop, I’m sure you’ll be along soon.
I see you’ve got an invitation you can’t refuse from the last kitchen! In fact, I think it’s extended to us all. Ill have to think about that one as the food sounds decidedly dodgy.

Bellanonna Fri 23-Feb-18 09:11:58

Well the invitation wasn’t FROM the last kitchen, but given while we were in it iyswim.

NanaandGrampy Fri 23-Feb-18 09:22:50

Morning all !

I feel like an orphan child...I go to school and you lot move !!! I haven't found the old thread yet so ill have a search later in case I missed anything.

Oh I do love a bacon sandwich Crafting so one for me too please !!

Enjoy your trip to the hairdressers Morethan and you're lovely celebration this evening. I know I'm quite white under my 'natural' colour lol but I'm not ready to make the transition yet!

What a lovely treat Grannie ! I know what you mean about over heated hotel rooms and I now travel with one of the little Ikea fleece blankets, lightweight and more than warm enough, so I can throw the duvet off but not freeze. I highly recommend them.

I follow the Yorkshire Shepherdess on Twitter and have seen her on the TV several times and am a big admirer of her no nonsense parenting and lifestyle.

Ouch NannyJan lets hope no more 'booches' as my little grandson calls a car accident . Enjoy your walk.

Good luck at the hospital Grey - we'll save a seat for you here when you get back!

Bella , now I'm intrigued so will have to go and find the old thread.

We sort of found the paint I we want but we also went to look at tiles for the new bathroom , and I would like your opinion please. The tiles we were liked were a stone/cream colour , with a wooden tiled floor and wood effect counter tops. BUT we were hoping to recycle the bathroom cabinet, sink cupboard etc... they are bright white.... would they look silly in a cream room? The walls that aren't tiled would need to be painted too...cream or white??

I'm a bit unsure... all thoughts most welcome !!

Back later x

Charleygirl Fri 23-Feb-18 09:28:35

I am not sure if I will take up Argy's kind offer. Having had the lurgy off and on for weeks I really do not want to add food poisoning to my list of ailments.

A bacon sandwich and fresh coffee sounds just what would suit me now. It is so cold here I have not allowed Tara to go out and she is not too fussed.

I have even put a hand on a radiator because I was not sure if the heating was working. Luckily it is.

I hope that soop will be able to find us.

NanaandGrampy Fri 23-Feb-18 09:29:42

OMG ! A party invitation from the Argy Bargy !!!

Well I for one will be popping in . I can handle some dodgy drinks but think I might take my own food . Best go and look for a party frock...what does one wear to a 'do' like this?

Crafting Fri 23-Feb-18 09:34:57

For anyone who hasn't read the last of old kitchen thread, we have all been invited to go to the Argy Bargy tonight. I will have to see if I can unearth my tweed skirt and twinset and pearls for the occasion. Can't let the side down grin

Bellanonna Fri 23-Feb-18 09:39:49

White stilettos, apparently

kittylester Fri 23-Feb-18 09:43:32

Er, I've got a UTI - what are the facilities like, please?

Charleygirl Fri 23-Feb-18 09:46:11

kitty we are not used to outdoor "facilities" another reason why I will stay at home.

MawBroon Fri 23-Feb-18 10:06:50

Goodness the new kitchen is up and running quickly, some Kitcheners don’t hang about do they?
I hope your early starts we’re not down to insomnia or perhaps the cold Hattie felt when she decided she had to do “garden inspection” at 5 am.
I think very nearly all our legal/financial stuff is nearing completion so I can get on with sending some large cheques to the three charities who benefit from Paws will. It will make me sad but also glad to be doing what he decided. I remember sitting in the solicitors office not all that many years ago it seems when we drew up our wills together.
Then there probably only remains a large BILL to settle with my (new) solicitor as the firm who drew up the wills moved offices twice, changed their name twice and somehow omitted to tell their clients. Fortunately we had kept photocopies of our will in the filing cabinet, but the originals had to be applied for and retrieved from some secure storage somewhere like Leicester. I just know that once things get complicated £££££££ signs start to feature.
AIBU to be a little bit miffed that the two charities we sent the donations after the funeral (over £700) to have neither of them acknowledged or <whisper> said a simple Thank you?
I know there are worse things going on in some charities, but a little thanks goes a long way.
Harrumph, go on tell me virtue is its own reward!

annodomini Fri 23-Feb-18 10:16:18

Last time I had white stilettos, I was 21. Just a few years ago grin. Would my red ankle boots do instead?

soop Fri 23-Feb-18 10:33:36

Oh boy! you lot are the tops. THANK you Crafting for doing the honours. You are a star.

I cannot linger longer. We've to do a spot of shopping for our recovering-from-hip-surgery pal. Please be patient with me. I promise to return as soon as I can. I shall then play catch-up big-time. smile xxx

Charleygirl Fri 23-Feb-18 10:36:36

anno my mother classed any white shoes as "common"- heaven knows what she would have said about white stilettos.

N&G I personally would not match white and cream-I prefer white but see what others have to say.

Crafting Fri 23-Feb-18 10:53:58

Really sorry you have had no response from the charities you donated to maw. A thank you is the least you deserve.

kittylester Fri 23-Feb-18 10:55:52

That's odd (and rude!) Maw! When mum died we had donations instead of flowers and people kept just sending me money which I then sent to the charities and we had rather too many thank you letters for even quite small amounts.

We picked Scope as our charity and all the thank you cards were hand written.

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