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When did you last meet someone you’d never met before?

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Daddima Thu 31-May-18 18:16:17

The Bodach and I were discussing how we met many people through our jobs. Then we tried to remember the last ‘ new’ person we met, and couldn’t!
We need to get out more.

kittylester Thu 31-May-18 18:42:12

I meet a group of new people every six weeks. I help to run a six week course for carers of people living with dementia and we do them continuously, all over the county.

Over the six weeks we learn such a lot about their challenges and, hopefully, manage to make their lives a little easier.

nanaK54 Thu 31-May-18 18:44:05

DH was in hospital recently so we met quite a few new people there, but I do know what you mean

BlueBelle Thu 31-May-18 18:46:19

A few weeks ago I got talking yo a lady who came in the shop a few times She had not lived in the area very long about 25 years younger than me but we made a link so we had coffee together a couple of Saturdays ago

MawBroon Thu 31-May-18 18:49:31

All the time.
One of the couples at our friends’ on Monday night. Thoroughly nice people too.

tanith Thu 31-May-18 18:56:49

We just spent 3 days on the Isle of Wight met many new people in passing at our hotel and the ferry captain as we travelled across with our car.

Besstwishes Thu 31-May-18 19:02:49

This week and next week I’ll have met and spoken to nearly 20 new people, I’ll probably never meet any of them again.

Jury Service.

sodapop Thu 31-May-18 19:08:29

Met several people whilst on holiday in La Rochelle last week. I meet lots of people in my voluntary role as well.

Mamissimo Thu 31-May-18 19:26:26

Today! I went to a ladies event that I wasn’t really looking forward to and met a lady who seemed to laugh at the same things I did. We chatted at lunch and discovered that we live near to each other, are a similar age and we both enjoy patchwork and crafts. We exchanged contacts and will meet up soon to compare projects over a cup of tea.

ginny Thu 31-May-18 19:34:14

Regularly at various craft workshops.

petra Thu 31-May-18 19:44:59

Helping in the Sea Scouts charity shop I obviously meet new people all the time. Some come in so often they are almost friends and stay for tea or coffee.
Sometimes new people through age uk, I'm a befriender.
My neighbour next door is always having 'jollies' ( that's what she calls her cocktail evenings.
I go to a pub quiz at least 1 night a week where there is always someone new.
Through my daughter who knows everyone.
I've never given 'not meeting anyone new' a thought. It's just something you do.

Jalima1108 Thu 31-May-18 19:57:52

It depends what you mean by 'meet'
Do you mean meeting someone who will become part of your life in future, or just meeting someone and having a chat with them, probably never to see them again?

I had some lovely chats this week with a group of Australian ladies in John Lewis - I may never see them again (but you never know).
I've met a lot of new people recently through U3A whom I now see regularly.

SueDonim Thu 31-May-18 20:38:35

I met some new people last Saturday when I went to a private craft group.

annep Thu 31-May-18 22:19:15

U3A is one way to meet new people. It's nice to do something new with new people. But I think it's nice to have a couple of old friends who you feel comfy with.

allsortsofbags Thu 31-May-18 22:31:44

Earlier this year I met some lovely new ladies in York from GN.

Last month I met two new local ladies from GN and the three of us met again this month with plan to meet again soon.

Today I met another local lady from here (GN) who couldn't make out Tuesday meet up and we hope all four of us can meet at some point.

I feel I've been really luck to have met so many new people this year having lost a couple of friends last year to cancer.

I'd never really thought about it until I read this thread.

When I was working I'd meet about 120 new people in September/October and may be another 100 or so throughout the year. The changes retirement brings eh :-)

Auntieflo Thu 31-May-18 23:21:45

Several people from our holiday last week, and also lots from volunteering regularly in our local charity shop.
Love it

Teetime Fri 01-Jun-18 08:53:02

I meet new people through playing golf. When I started playing I wasn't keen on this and only wanted to play with people I knew but now its all part of the 'fun' if indeed one can call golf fun. grin

hildajenniJ Fri 01-Jun-18 11:09:40

Just last night. DH and I went to the theatre. We had to travel to get there, and went on a coach with people we'd never met before. We had a lovely chat with a very nice couple a little older than us.
BTW we went to see Matilda the Musical at the Sunderland Empire, and very good it was too.

Panache Fri 01-Jun-18 11:20:40

Am rather a loner and a bit of a recluse these latter years but very happy and contended with "my lot"
However I do meet plenty of new people although mainly through Hospital and Surgery these days.
However because I happily reach out I soon get chatting and quite often these chance aquaintances become the start of a friendship.
Sadly at this older age most of my long term friends have either passed on or are in `Homes or such like...........there are lots of changes.
The last new person (s) I met(and have not met before) were three awaiting beds in Hospital alongside me,and we soon got chatting about the areas we live in, whilst with the unsettled weather there is always something to chat about!!!

Fennel Fri 01-Jun-18 11:42:50

When we were in France one of the reasons I wanted to return was because we were so isolated there - nearest neighbours half a mile away.
So when we got back at first (Southend) I enjoyed starting up conversations with anyone who would listen. and I was surprised at how many people just want to chat.
At the moment (Beds.) I try to chat to the many dog-walkers, but people here aren't so responsive.
I'm looking forward to our ( PG) final move up north, to chat to friendly Geordies.

Dianalou Fri 01-Jun-18 14:35:37

Last week I went next door but one to pick up a parcel. It's a big house, with usually several cars parked, and normally a young person just hands it over.
Imagine my surprise when a lady, my age, answered the door and invited me in. Long story short, turns out we've been neighbours for 30 years- and she's very nice.
Only in London, I hear you say!
To be fair, she doesn't go out much, and I do.

loopylou Sat 02-Jun-18 09:07:00

I've recently joined a knitting group and am really enjoying meeting other people with similar interests.
I'm always up for meeting new friends 🙂

kazziecookie Sat 02-Jun-18 09:34:04

I meet someone new most days as I have a guest house.
Most the people in this weekend I have met before as they are returning customers.
We have a really nice man from Switzerland who was with us in March and liked the area so much he wanted to come again when the weather is better.
We also have a couple who come a long way south to stay with us at least once a year as they have a Son and Grandchildren down here.
The other guests in this weekend I haven’t met yet as DH checked them in and they are out fishing. They didn’t have breakfast as they went out at 5am this morning.

grandMattie Sat 02-Jun-18 09:54:54

Sorry to be pedantic - but are we talking "friends" or "acquaintances"?
I meet new people through WI and various charities I work for, but have very few new friends; people I would offload to, to whom I would tell intimate [not sex!!!] things.
So is it frined sor acquaintances?

grandMattie Sat 02-Jun-18 09:55:12

friend!!! confused