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Good Morning Tuesday 😎

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MawBroon Tue 10-Jul-18 06:04:27

Mick asked me to start this for him while he is away, but if I oversleep, please feel free anybody to do it on our behalf!
Good Morning Mick on holiday and all to come!
Guess what it looks as if we are in for another sunny day here in N Bucks..
Yesterday’s temperatures and breeze made for a lovely summer’s dayhowever without the energy sapping heat of last week.
I am off to London to the Regents Park open air production of As You Like It (one of DD’s) so I am assuming (?) that it will hold, and I am looking forward to a magical evening.
Wishing you all a lovely day!

Gagagran Tue 10-Jul-18 06:20:30

Morning Maw and everyone. Thanks for opening up Maw and hope you enjoy As You Like It this evening.

It's much cooler here on the south coast but still sunny and dry. How we need some rain. The grass everywhere is looking like straw - memories of 1976.

53rd wedding anniversary today so who knows what the day may bring. Flowers would be nice!

Have a good day folks.

cornergran Tue 10-Jul-18 06:46:14

Morning maw, gaga and all. Cloud over out corner of Somerset, feels much fresher. Hospital and some retail therapy today. Congratulations to you and mr G gaga, enjoy your day. Sounds a good evening maw. Stay cool everyone.

kittylester Tue 10-Jul-18 06:49:36

Good morning Maw and gaga!

It's a sunny and fresh start in North Leicestershire. As I have ironing to do I am glad the heat of last week has disappeared. Helping on a Carer's course this afternoon.

Enjoy your evening Maw and congratulations gaga flowers - just in case no more turn up!

kittylester Tue 10-Jul-18 06:50:08

Morning corner!

ginny Tue 10-Jul-18 07:06:35

Another sunny good morning to you all.
Enjoy the production Maw and congratulations Gaga.
Out to lunch with friends today. Some baking to do and ideas to find for craft club projects.

Oopsadaisy53 Tue 10-Jul-18 07:09:00

Morning Maw congratulations Gaga 💐
Another beautiful day in Oxfordshire, DD2 came over to help empty the garageyestrday, she put several things on FB to sell and so far 3 out of 5 things have sold and been collected.
TBH I was hoping for a relaxing few days before the rest of the family arrive tomorrow.
But hey ho, she’s on a mission to help us get rid of clutter and will not be put off any longer.
Maybe I can distract her today with tea and cake? But I fear today we are starting on the crockery in my shed...

Have a lovely day everybody.

ninathenana Tue 10-Jul-18 07:12:18

Morning everyone.

Overcast and cooler in Kent. My phone is forecasting rain ! However the BBC are not.
Tescos this morning and a coffee out whilst I wait to pick up H from one job and deliver him to another.
Have a good day everyone. Enjoy the yourself Maw Cogratulations gaga

Greyduster Tue 10-Jul-18 07:12:44

Good morning, Maw, Mick in absentia and all GNs. Well after our lovely cool respite yesterday, we are back to sun this morning. Gaga congratulations to you and Mr G on your 53rd anniversary! Have a lovely day! I am going to do some gardening today and then we have GS’s school play this evening. He has eight lines. RSC look out! Have a good day, folks!

Marydoll Tue 10-Jul-18 07:14:25

Good morning Maw and all the early birds.
Thanks Maw for starting the thread. Enjoy your holiday, Mick.
Off down the coast to visit and elderly gentleman who is in a nursing home. If he is well enough, my friend and I will take him to the little café at Weymss Bay for a treat. He loves to watch the ferries for Bute, coming and going.
The views on the drive down are stunning.
Hope the hospital visit goes well, Corner . mine resulted in an unexpected and rather painful injection on the backside,😫 It is still smarting. I think the nurse used a knitting needle instead of a hypodermic one. 😁
💐 For Gaga .

gillybob Tue 10-Jul-18 07:15:05

Good morning Maw and everyone . Things are back to normal here for me . Older grandchildren staying at mine, so lots of school runs, work and dashing around as normal .

Many congratulations to you Gagagran what an achievement !

Have a good Tuesday everyone . smile

aggie Tue 10-Jul-18 07:16:48

Morning all , quiet day for me , DD is working late GC are at clubs so I will wander round to the Farm Shop for a paper

Marydoll Tue 10-Jul-18 07:16:48

I took so long typing, morning to everyone who came after Kitty. 😊

NanKate Tue 10-Jul-18 07:19:08

Morning Maw and All.

A slight breeze can be felt through my window in South Bucks, what joy.

A very Happy Anniversary Gaga here are the flowers 💐

Having my feet sorted before my hols tomorrow, what bliss.

NanKate Tue 10-Jul-18 07:21:51

Sorry to hear about the injection Marydoll sounds horrid but over now.

Have fun on your trip to the coast.

Pittcity Tue 10-Jul-18 07:27:50

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. Cool and breezy, only up to 21 degrees today. Still no sign of the much needed rain though.
Hoping to see the RAF fly past this lunchtime.
Happy Anniversary to the Gagas. flowers

NfkDumpling Tue 10-Jul-18 07:35:11

Morning All

Happy anniversary Gaga! flowers

We’re in Peterborough with the caravan and thankfully it’s cooler this morning. And overcast.

Debating now which stately home and garden to visit today.

harrigran Tue 10-Jul-18 07:40:05

Good morning from a cool NE, temperature yesterday was 10 degrees cooler than the day before and looks to be the same today.
GD staying this week.
Happy anniversary Gaga.

JaneD3 Tue 10-Jul-18 07:44:39

Good morning to Maw and the other GNs.
🍾 to Mes and Mrs Gaga !

JaneD3 Tue 10-Jul-18 07:44:59


Brunette10 Tue 10-Jul-18 07:51:48

Morning all, hope you are all well. Cloudy here today in
NE Fife but it's fine, a wee change which I think we need. Just started to read comments ref 'mumsnet' issue, stopped reading thread, too early to get into head strong discussionsons. may go back later. Have a great day to all. We are off to Edinburgh.

Panache Tue 10-Jul-18 07:57:46

Good Morning Maw and all,quite a crowd here already this morning.

A strong breeze developed yesterday and overnight our temperatures have cooled us down,so a brief respite welcomed.

A visit to the Surgery confirmed several things needing further attention plus disposing of what thankfully is an overload of water on my legs!.............But none on our garden!!!

Wishing you a Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs &Gagagran

All the best Corner and a big ouch for you Marydoll

Have a pleasant day everyone.

Yiayia4 Tue 10-Jul-18 07:57:57

Morning all,feels much cooler today,will once again attempt the ironing! Meal at friends this evening.Congratulations Gaga 💐

Anniebach Tue 10-Jul-18 08:28:01

Good morning all x

Mapleleaf Tue 10-Jul-18 08:41:09

Good morning everyone.
Congratulations gagagran and MrG. 💐
Cooler but sunny and cloudy here today so far. Had a few splashes of rain yesterday afternoon but nothing to make any difference.