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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 23-Jul-18 06:19:56

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a blue sky start here in Brackley , looks like another hot and humid day again.

gillybob Mon 23-Jul-18 06:23:59

Good morning Mick and all to follow . A very warm night here on the NE coast almost impossible to sleep despite Dyson fan on set to high !
An early start for me today . Work again (why do weekends go over in a flash?) followed by childminding duties .

Have a good Monday everyone .

NanKate Mon 23-Jul-18 06:37:18

Morning Mick Gilly and All to follow.

Blisteringly hot in South Bucks.

Going to London for the day to meet a friend at the V and A, wish it was 10 degrees cooler.

Marydoll Mon 23-Jul-18 06:46:27

Good morning Mick, Gilly and Nankate. It's cloudy and breezy here in Glasgow, but at least it's dry.
We have our wee granddaughter today, she calls it here her holiday home, more like a hotel I would say.
My husband is off to lunch so we will have a girly afternoon.
The builders will hopefully arrive today to start the brickwork, so she will love all the excitement.
Enjoy your day in London Nankate and don't work too hard.☺️

Marydoll Mon 23-Jul-18 06:47:32

That was meant to be, "Don't work too hard, Gilly !

Bellasnana Mon 23-Jul-18 06:58:19

Good morning Mick and everyone.

It’s very cloudy in Malta this morning, but very hot and humid. We had a power cut during the night which woke me up because the fan went off. It was a hot, sticky night but thankfully the power returned at 6.30 so normal service has been resumed.

Enjoy your day, everyone. I’m feeling dithery so not sure what I shall be doing yet. ☀️🌈

ninathenana Mon 23-Jul-18 07:05:17

Morning all.

Bright sunshine and already 19c in Kent. We too had the fan on full blast all night gilly I slept better than I expected.
We need to buy more paint to finish decorating today which involves a 45 min in each direction trip. Grrrr.
Have a good day in London Nankate that's going to be a sticky one.
Enjoy your days everyone.

kittylester Mon 23-Jul-18 07:12:53

Morning all.

North Leicestershire is already claims. I'm going shopping this morning for DH'S birthday presents and intend to stick to jl and it's super efficient aircon.

This afternoon we are going to DGS'S Enterprise event - no doubt we will need to spend money.

Enjoy your days everyone - try not to melt Kate.

Gagagran Mon 23-Jul-18 07:15:03

Morning everyone!

It's another bright and beautiful day here on the south coast and it's forecast to be hotter than yesterday and increase daily as the week progresses. I suppose we must all be acclimatising to the heat and will feel chilly when it disappears.

Laundry this morning and pottering but with both sets of DC and families away on holiday the taxi demands will be drastically reduced - to nil!

Have a good day folks and try not to melt!

Gagagran Mon 23-Jul-18 07:15:50

"try not to melt" - snap Kitty! And Good Morning!

Brunette10 Mon 23-Jul-18 07:20:00

Good Morning all, it's looking quite bright here in NE Fife today with the prospect of being a nice warm day. Have had a very busy weekend with family and Monday isn't going to be any different but that's the way I like it keeping busy, busy, busy. Car making a clunking noise so visit to garage today I think. Mary doll have a lovely time with wee granddaughter, she'll keep you on your toes no doubt. Enjoy your girly afternoon. Enjoy your day everyone!

MawBroon Mon 23-Jul-18 07:28:15

Good morning all! What a hot night that was.
If I wear any less in bed I shall have to lay off the Chanel No. 5 grin
Book club barbecue today and as little else as possible or I might spontaneously combust.
Wishing you all a pleasant day - keep cool! 😎

J52 Mon 23-Jul-18 07:37:29

Good morning everyone. I’m off to London as well*NanKate*, to see the RA summer exhibition.
Apparently it’s going to be 30 degrees.
I hope the air con is working!

NfkDumpling Mon 23-Jul-18 07:40:13

Morning All

Hot and sunny in the north of Norfolk and no sign of rain. Once again the Met office are promising 40% chance of storms on Wed/Thur/Fri but the BBC disagree. My bet is on the Beeb.

DH is off upstairs to do a bit of decorating in our bedroom before it gets too hot. And I have to traipse around town to stir up a few more entries for our floral traders competition for the businesses. They’re all really coming on board with it now as they’re noticing the increase in footfall - and spending. Its not hoards of people but is noticeable. Hopefully the ball will keep rolling.

Yiayia4 Mon 23-Jul-18 07:46:02

Morning all very warm already,son's cat to feed and water then shopping.Stay cool everyone.

Greyduster Mon 23-Jul-18 07:50:07

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is blissfully overcast in South Yorkshire with just the lightest of breezes. I am waiting the arrival of the Demon Prince, who will be here for two and a bit days, at which point, or earlier, I shall be on my knees. We are supposed to be going canoeing today sometime. Watch this space! Have a good day, folks.

Panache Mon 23-Jul-18 07:53:13

Good Morning all .

Another new week and supposedly even our hottest temperatures maybe broken.
What a night! Phew I now need to remove skin I guess as there`s nothing else left to discard!

Grey here this morning which means my poor man can start removing one mature green pine that has fallen foul to this heat..........of course it has to be in our frontage!Pride of place at that.sad

I wish you an ice bucket Kate as I rather think you may need it!
Wishing you all some refreshing breeze.

JaneD3 Mon 23-Jul-18 08:10:08

Been ringing the GP constantly since 8am. Finally get through at 8:08 - no appointments left today. Hmmm!

harrigran Mon 23-Jul-18 08:10:50

Good morning, another lovely day is promised. Need to do some shopping while GC free .
Yesterday was a scorcher but managed to sleep by discarding duvet.

Anniebach Mon 23-Jul-18 08:18:03

Good morning all x

NannyJan53 Mon 23-Jul-18 08:29:01

Good Morning,

Another warm day in The Black Country! We were in Upton for the weekend camping. It was very hot, but it makes a change to go to a music festival without rain smile

So, lots of washing this morning, and a walk this afternoon.

Have a lovely Monday everyone.

aggie Mon 23-Jul-18 08:35:46

Morning all , getting used to the heat ?

ginny Mon 23-Jul-18 08:42:18

Good morning. We are now home in a very sunny N. Bucks. Forecast is very hot.
Dd2, Dd3 and DGS 2 here for lunch and I think the paddling pool will be well used. DD1 will be dropping off DGS 1 this evening to stay with us for a few days. He is 15 so better pop down the town and fill up the fridge.
Enjoy your day everyone.

Pittcity Mon 23-Jul-18 08:43:44

Good morning from a "scorchio" Colchester. 30 degrees all week.....I hate it. Feel that I am going the way of the lawn.
It's the kind of weather where I would love to be a nudist....wearing a bra is torture!
I have one on this morning as our Walking Netball group is starting a book club. No netball practice during the school holidays, although we survived the match yesterday.

Oopsadaisy53 Mon 23-Jul-18 10:16:34

Good morning everyone, sorry I’m a bit late but the drive is being extended this week and 4 young very fit Polish lads have arrived and needed taking care of.........
It’s so hot , poor things I will have to be on hand with cool
—flannels— drinks all day.