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MissAdventure Fri 27-Jul-18 23:10:30

Do you wear them, either in cold weather, or the kind we've had lately?
I'm asking because I think my scalp is sunburned, so I feel I am going to have to wear one, and I always feel a bit silly.

Synonymous Fri 27-Jul-18 23:35:51

Be adventurous MissAdventure and never, ever feel silly to wear something that looks good, I love hats and wear them whenever I can and appropriate to the season. Changed the scarf round my (very ancient) big floppy brimmed straw hat today and now have a lovely blue patterned scarf tied round with a big bow at the back. Really pleased with it and you would never know how old it is!
I suppose I have been brought up with hats as my mother always wore lovely, stylish hats and loved to complete her look with one. She also made very imaginative hats for her children which we wore from when we were small so it is completely natural for us.

MiniMoon Fri 27-Jul-18 23:47:15

I wish I looked good in a hat. I have asmall, round face and hats just look silly.sad

Marydoll Fri 27-Jul-18 23:51:10

I'm the same, I have never looked good in a hat.
I wish I did. In winter, my friend looks so chic in her Cossack style fur hat, I just look like a wee wifie with a bit of fur stuck on her head.☹️
Go for it, MissAdventure. ☺️

Synonymous Sat 28-Jul-18 00:04:09

Nobody looks silly in a hat! You are probably just not used to seeing yourself in one so just persevere and go for it. smile

phoenix Sat 28-Jul-18 00:07:56

I think I might have to look into hats (figuratively speaking) once I've done Brave the Shave! (unashamed plug!)

MissAdventure Sat 28-Jul-18 00:09:02

I think I was bought up in a hatless family.
I saw a woman today who looked lovely in a little pink headscarf.
My poor old head though: something has gotta give.
I'm starting a new job on Monday, and my journey there involves walking along the seafront for a good 15/20 mins.

annep Sat 28-Jul-18 00:09:26

I have a straw Leonard Cohen hat and a few baseball caps. I don't think I suit hats but my hair is thin and my head would hurt in the sun. I have never laughed at anyone wearing a hat. They all look very nice. Be sensible!😊

annep Sat 28-Jul-18 00:10:59

I love woolly winter hats. And they keep your head warm!

MissAdventure Sat 28-Jul-18 00:13:18

I know. Its so silly to feel silly in something entirely appropriate.
I have fine hair and skin, and lots of moles on my head, so, short of putting a big dollop of suncream on my head its going to have to be a hat. Or scarf. blush

Synonymous Sat 28-Jul-18 00:24:51

Phoenix you need to find a really good hat shop and just 'play' with the hats. It is the only way you will truly see what shape, style, colour etc. suits you and there are as many different hats as there are different faces. Sometimes there are very good stylists or shoppers who will help you. Be brave but most of all make it fun! smile

MissAdventure Sat 28-Jul-18 00:27:36

I have a big body and a small head though.. sad
I'm sure my hat will look like a 'pimple on a pigs arse' as my dear old mum would have said.

Synonymous Sat 28-Jul-18 00:36:04

MissAdenture perhaps you could get away with a large hat. You will only know if you try! Forget your mother's comments this is your time now! smile

MissAdventure Sat 28-Jul-18 00:38:23

Maybe my body will shrink to match my small head with 40 mins or so of walking, synonymous smile
I can but hope!

absent Sat 28-Jul-18 06:02:48

A sunburned scalp is even more painful that sunburn elsewhere on the body – and it is impossible to comb your hair without crying. I am aware that you are having an unprecedented heatwave in the UK at the moment and, just as applying sun block and covering up is good advice, so is wearing a hat. I have a lightweight, plain straw hat that I wear in the summer as we have a hole in the ozone layer directly overhead. I just dislike having something on my head but the straw hat is light and the floppy brim provides shade when I am reading in the garden – the latter, along with sunglasses, also helping to protect against macular degeneration. We are having an especially cold winter here this year and I am seriously considering buying something warm and woolly to put on my head. Unlike my straw hat, that will seriously waste all the effort that goes into blow-drying my hair.

tanith Sat 28-Jul-18 06:55:32

Plain straw hat for the beach or garden in the Summer and I have various beanie types for the Winter. But hats for weddings I don’t do.

annep Sat 28-Jul-18 07:32:36

Misadventure you need a hat for your walk. ( Although there's a gale blowing outside atm!). There's a good choice in shops. Good luck with the new job.😊
Phoenix all the best with Brave the Shave.

OldMeg Sat 28-Jul-18 07:40:09

Yes, go into a shop this weekend and play around with the hats. There’s usually something that won’t look too bad!

Also remember most people don’t really look at us these days so just go for something you can keep on your head and does the job.

MamaCaz Sat 28-Jul-18 07:53:27

I am another who doesn't suit hats. Over the years, I have tried on so many, just to cringe when I looked in the mirror. Then last winter, looking in desperation for one that would both keep my head warm and keep the Sun out of my eyes when walking, I made an amazing discovery - there IS actually a hat out there that suits me!!!

I wonder, will it take me another fifty-odd years to find a summer hat that suits me?

grannyactivist Sat 28-Jul-18 07:53:37

I have three posh 'wedding' hats, at least 6 summer hats and about three winter hats. I once got heatstroke (in Greece whilst wearing a hat) and was dreadfully ill, so as soon as the sun starts shining my hat goes on. This week I met a lady in her eighties who was going on a seaside trip to the next town with her 16 year old grandson. It was absolutely scorching hot and the bus stop has no shade nearby and the bus wasn't due for another 35 minutes. My house is very near so I took them in to wait and then gave her an old hat to wear as they left. The grandson had a cap (I don't wear caps they look awful on me), but his grandmother (she was delightful) had forgotten to take her hat. Her hair was a beautiful silver grey, but very sparse and offering no protection from the sun at all.

mcem Sat 28-Jul-18 08:11:44

misadventure starting a new job is an excellent opportunity to reinvent yourself - even if only a little bit.
You may soon be pointed out as the new lady with the lovely hats!
Very best of luck with the new job!

Greyduster Sat 28-Jul-18 08:12:26

I have a Tilley hat that I wear in the sun. The brim protects my ears and the back of my neck. It has been worth every penny of its price tag this summer. And, apparently, should it ever be eaten by an elephant, when it comes out the other end, it will be perfectly okay to wear again hmm! In winter, a fleece beanie fits the bill. I am always on the lookout for an everyday hat to wear during the year, but have never managed to find one. The search continues.....

Auntieflo Sat 28-Jul-18 08:12:55

I love hats, but don't wear them often. I have a sort of felt type one for cold days in winter. This summer I bought a straw hat, that can be changed with different scarves tied on to it. But, best of all, is my black cloche type hat. I just love it. I wore it to my grandson's passing out parade last year, with a red military style coat, and felt the bees knees. For years I always thought that hats were not for me, but I had a sea change, and now, when I put on a hat, I also put on 'the attitude'. So MissAdventure, dig out the attitude and walk tall.

Auntieflo Sat 28-Jul-18 08:13:39

Oh sorry, and good luck in your new job.

MiniMoon Sat 28-Jul-18 08:30:36

Synonymous When I say I look silly I mean it. Everyone laughs, everyone! I do have one winter hat which isn't too bad but finding a hat to fit is a nightmare, they are all too large. Children's hats are too small, I've tried them.