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Too cynical?

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NonnaW Fri 17-Aug-18 09:16:00

We are starting the process of selling our house. It went ‘live’ on the market on Monday. Tuesday morning the estate agent rang to say someone wanted to view that day. Due to circumstances we couldn’t manage that but arrangements were subsequently made of a viewing yesterday. Later the estate agent rang again to make another appointment on the same day, so now we had one at 2pm and one at 6pm. Yesterday morning estate agent rang to say first appt couldn’t make it as ‘he was going on holiday’ confused. The 6pm did not show up.

Are we ultra cynical to start thinking the estate agent invented these appointments? grin

Chewbacca Fri 17-Aug-18 09:23:49

Difficult to say NonnaW, is the EA well established in your local area and with a good reputation--as good as EA's can at any rate--? Does seem a bit odd that a prospective buyer would make an appointment to view but "forget" that they were going on holiday, doesnt it?
Selling a house is a very stressful time, on all fronts, and it's made so much worse by the time wasters and the just plain nosey beggars who just want to look inside someone else's houses.
Did you go back to the EA to tell them about the no show? If it was a legitimate viewer, they'll have a contact number for them.

BlueBelle Fri 17-Aug-18 09:24:31

I m afraid with all the fake news p, scams and general dishonesty flying round at the moment I have become extremely sceptical and can completely understand your concerns it does seem a big coincident, let’s face it few people don’t know they are ‘going on holiday’ the next day
Hope you get some genuine viewings soon

NonnaW Fri 17-Aug-18 10:00:10

Apparently the no-show did ring the office yesterday, but didn’t say why! She has rearranged for this pm but time will tell. In the meantime it means we can’t make arrangements to view properties ourselves. Hey ho, we knew it wouldn’t be straight forward.

Must remember when we go on holiday in a couple of weeks not to book a viewing ourselves!

Oldwoman70 Fri 17-Aug-18 10:13:37

As I now live alone when I sold I insisted on accompanied viewings, I didn't have any cancelled appointments.

My DH and I sold quite a few properties over the years and unfortunately you will get time wasters and "sightseers", they normally come on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon usually accompanied by several family members.

Don't take any comments to heart as people will make derogatory remarks simply as a way of trying to reduce the price. Hope you find a buyer soon

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 17-Aug-18 10:19:11

They say that buying/selling/moving house is one of the most stressful things we can do and it's hardly surprising, is it? If it's not all the damn paperwork it's how some folks behave which can get you down.
I've done it six times (I must be mad) and felt that I'd heard/seen it all but evidently not.
As you say 'we' at least you can moan to each other about it in order to stay sane. Best of luck anyway - remember that most people behave nicely.

luluaugust Fri 17-Aug-18 11:39:23

It probably did happen that way, it is holiday time and just think how many people don't turn up for a Dr's appointment! Its a bit early in the day for the EA to start playing games I would have thought, he/she are probably just as fed up as you are (for different reasons). Decide in your own mind its all going to take ages and perhaps you will get lucky. Good luck.

NonnaW Fri 17-Aug-18 14:35:30

lulu we just wondered if it was a ploy to say look your property is getting interest already! However, I’ve been proved to be too cynical as have just had a viewer round. She seemed enthusiastic but who knows?

Nannarose Fri 17-Aug-18 14:41:01

Last time I sold a house this happened quite a lot, and I realised why. The house and garden were lovely and spacious, with a big garage and plenty of extra parking room, but it was at the end of a very narrow street with parking issues. People would make viewing appointments, but would do a quick drive-by, or even as they drove up for a viewing, would simply go away. We had to drop the price a lot!
Obviously I don't know if that applies to you!

Panache Fri 17-Aug-18 14:53:35

Oh! dear NonnaW.............the fun has begun!

As this is our 6th such selling and buying we are yet learning on the way! the saying "None as queer as folk" must have been written with these very people in mind!
I sympathise and having tried different methods of approach I can never give advice as this last one has proved worst of all............having sold 2 properties within the first few weeks, this one has been a "sticker" and not for want of viewers with one sale lost already......again "apparently" due to a heart attack which of course we responded to with genuine concern ..........but now have reasons to join you in the cynical mode.

As for those showing great enthusiasm,in our experience they are the ones that forget fastest.............the ones that virtually bought did not say ONE word of praise during 3 viewings!!!

We have a viewing tomorrow lunch time and another just confirmed for Monday afternoon whilst writing dare you and I be hopeful???

Wishing you well indeed.

NonnaW Fri 17-Aug-18 19:17:36

Fingers crossed for your viewings panache hopefully this time someone will look beyond the obvious to see the real advantages of living in your home!

It’s all good fun, isn’t it?

lemongrove Fri 17-Aug-18 19:26:12

I agree Panache we have sold about 14 houses, and the ones who gush never buy. The quiet ones do!
It’s better to let the agent do the viewing with you out of the way, but now and then you can agree to do a showing yourself.Never say much to them, just show them round.
Let the agents have their time wasted with no shows, not yours.If it happens again, complain.

Framilode Fri 17-Aug-18 19:33:53

As an ex estate agent of 30 years I would say the following:-

The estate agent should qualify the buyers and be able to give you info as to their position.

Those that make the most enthusiastic noises very rarely put in an offer.

Viewers that don't turn up are either time wasters or, more likely, have done a drive by.

Most people make up their minds within a minute of entering the house. They are often embarrassed, especially if the owner is there, and make loads of ooh aah noises that they don't mean.

If the price is right it will sell.

Good luck.

NonnaW Fri 17-Aug-18 22:55:57

I love that bit about ooh aah noises!

I had a young couple come round today, they said it was ‘nice’ but without too much enthusiasm. Does that mean I should hold out more hope for them rather than the earlier enthusiastic lady who came back later with her husband?

imacmum Sat 18-Aug-18 09:17:04

We have got our 26th viewing this afternoon, we are trying to downsize in the flattest market for 5 years. The agent is doing the viewing. We do not have a chain, there’s nothing wrong with the house, everyone is mystified as to why it hasn’t sold but it’s just that people aren’t buying for whatever reason!

NotSpaghetti Sat 18-Aug-18 09:36:08

My mother in law offered above asking price (!) on a house in March, sight-unseen as it was exactly where she wanted to be. It hadn’t even been listed. I went to look at it and took photos the next day and she instructed her solicitor as the offer was accepted.
She had surveys and reports, sold her house, moved and waited and waited... the house was empty but for various reasons the seller (an executor) was very slow.
Yesterday, the sellers’ legal bods have FINALLY sorted everything. My mother in law will move on Wednesday.
We are all exhausted. It should have been completed weeks ago.

NotSpaghetti Sat 18-Aug-18 09:37:55

I do hope that just the right person finds you soon, NonnaW

Legs55 Sat 18-Aug-18 09:48:38

Do insist EA does the viewings, we were always present as prospective buyers often had questions EA couldn't easily answer.

Purchasing where Executors/Solicitors acting for deceased are involved increase the nightmare.

Good luck flowers

Blackcat3 Sat 18-Aug-18 10:12:44

A bit strange but the no shows could have driven by and not liked something in the vicinity of your house....we had this happen several times when we sold the last house....we were on a road....but some people who didn’t know the area weren’t aware of how busy it was...not for some’s very rude not to stop and say something especially if you are in and waiting for them. We also found things we didn’t like when viewing houses but we always had the courtesy to view anyway......after all we had made the journey......over friendly neighbours were a big turn off! were people who hung flags on the front of their houses etc! Each to their own I guess!

CW52 Sat 18-Aug-18 10:19:54

We are about to sell ours and the EA is going to do what they do in Australia (our daughter lives there) they have ‘open house’ viewings. A fixed 30 minute slot, usually on a Saturday and a mid week
slot too. The agent comes in, greets the prospective buyers and let’s them have a look around. The vendor just disappears for an hour or so and needn’t hear the comments or put up with nosey neighbours. 😜😂 the agent’s work hard over there, as do the conveyavers. There’s very little for the vendor to deal with, it’s such an easy process.

CW52 Sat 18-Aug-18 10:21:16

😱 Conveyancers 😂😂

Overthehills Sat 18-Aug-18 10:22:02

Our EAs for our last house sale were brilliant (don’t think I can name them and I think they’re just in Scotland anyway) and definitely went the extra mile for us. We were leaving a large house and garden and that was apparently why it took a long time to sell, perhaps it’s the same for you imacmum. We were let down at the last minute by someone well known in Scotland (how I would love to name him! angry)
Good luck to all of you who are selling/buying houses.

Jaycee5 Sat 18-Aug-18 10:28:14

You're lucky that you at least got a phone call. I think it is not that common nowadays. It is a long time before I bought or sold property but I even turned up at appointments to view and found no one in. It is a wearisome process so don't expect too much.
I think it is probable that the appointments were genuine. An agent might have a reason to play games if the property had been on the market for a little while but not the first days.

Persistentdonor Sat 18-Aug-18 10:34:51

We allowed our agents, (in South Wales) to keep a key while we were on holiday.
Left the house sparkling for viewers, (as you might imagine,) and it is a "thing" of mine that I always put a little bleach in the toilets and sinks before going away for a while (despite that worries me from an eco stand point).
Came back from holiday, stepped through the front door and the smell was horrible.
Someone had been using the toilet by the front door for their convenience, leaving the seat up and not flushing! angry
Hope you get an easy sale and removal NonnaW.

Lyndie Sat 18-Aug-18 10:39:35

Has anyone used the online Agents with the set fee. How did it work and was the service good.