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Can anyone help please?

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chicken Fri 14-Sep-18 09:41:33

I've just taken a phone call---a robotic voice with a message that it was from HMRC, from someone called (I think) Sarah Wharton, to contact them immediately on a time sensitive matter on a phone number which began with 01274, but I had no pen or paper handy so couldn't get it down. It showed up as an international call, so I'm always very suspicious about that kind of call, but this is a new one on me and I'm worried that it may be a genuine issue on VAT or tax.
Has anyone of you had anything similar? I have checked the 'phone prefix and it's Bradford.

Nanabilly Fri 14-Sep-18 09:47:57

It's probably a scam where you will be asked to press 9 at some point therefore costing you a fortune in a phone bill at a later date so just ignore.
It makes my blood boil.

MiniMoon Fri 14-Sep-18 09:49:13

You are right to be suspicious chicken. The 01274 are code is for Bradford. If the call said "international" then it is more than likely a scam. I would ignore it.
Here is some advice from HMRC.

If you receive a suspicious cold call, end it immediately. Call HMRC directly to check if it was a genuine call – you can confirm the official call centre numbers on GOV.UK.
You should report these incidents on the Action Fraud website, or you can call them on 0300 123 2040 (please note this number will be charged at your normal network rate). They are open Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00.
You should also report the full details of the scam to HMRC (date, time, phone number used and content of the call) using email [email protected]
For information on other types of scams that purportedly come from HMRC, please see our earlier news piece.


Contact: Meredith McCammond (please use our Contact Us form) or follow us on Twitter: @LITRGNews

Missfoodlove Fri 14-Sep-18 09:55:01
Scam!!! The link above explains it all.
HMRC will always write.
If in doubt always ask for them what your national insurance number is!
If the don’t know they are not HMRC.

harrigran Fri 14-Sep-18 09:55:12

It is scam, HRMC do not phone you. Check out the number on Who called me ?
Whatever you do don't press any numbers or give any details.
If you are really concerned find a local office from the phone book and speak to them, do not ring the number quoted in the phone call, it will take you straight to the criminals.

chicken Fri 14-Sep-18 09:56:52

Thankyou both so much. I'll get in touch with the GOV.UK site now.

DoraMarr Fri 14-Sep-18 10:11:18

Also, for ANY suspicious phone call, put the phone down, then phone from ANOTHER phone. The scammers can keep the line open even if you think they or you have rung off, and than then pretend to be the bank, HMRC or whoever. My partner was caught out by this.

merlotgran Fri 14-Sep-18 10:17:35

I keep our answerphone on all the time and only pick up if it's family or friends or I'm happy it's a genuine call. I often rewind a message but rarely call them back.

If you answer a harmless but annoying call they just keep pestering you so better to leave them rambling to themselves. grin

lemongrove Fri 14-Sep-18 13:27:43

Chicken we have a relative that works in anti fraud, who says there are many scammers there, also Birmingham, so be very careful.

Floradora9 Fri 14-Sep-18 15:44:51

We got a phone from BT that screens all our calls. Anyone on our list gets through no problem anyone else has to state their name before we accept the call , we have not had one spam call since we installed it . You can even choose to put the caller to leave a message if you are not sure if you want to answer. I quite miss winding the scammers up .

wildswan16 Fri 14-Sep-18 16:07:22

The HMRC scam calls have been around for a long time. Just put the phone down. If they want to get in touch with you they will send a letter.

chicken Fri 14-Sep-18 16:15:33

Thank you all . I went on to the GOV.UK site which asks that you report suspicious calls but there is no apparent way to report them on the site! Anyway, I reported it to Action Fraud.

petra Fri 14-Sep-18 22:12:27

As a Befriender with Age uk I've had to go out (in the evening) twice recently to calm down 2 people who have received these calls.
It's very difficult to explain to some older people that this is a scam because all they keep saying is: " but they say they are HMRC/VAT etc and they have my telephone number"
Try explaining the Nigerian fraud factories to them?
I tell them: if you don't recognise the number, don't answer.
The reason for this is: if you keep answering these numbers they know the number is still 'live'
Or, you use my system, a loud whistle. I haven't had a cold call for 2yrs?
Short of that, if I knew where they lived I would get a hit man on them grin I'm serious.

notanan2 Fri 14-Sep-18 22:13:51

HMRC have NEVER phoned me. They always write.

Glitterknitbaby Fri 14-Sep-18 22:33:09

As others have said on here chicken, HMRC never call out of the blue, they do everything by post
Last week we had a cold call saying that our BT broadband was to be cut off at 12 00 that evening, sorry, we don’t have our broadband from BT but another company.

muffinthemoo Fri 14-Sep-18 23:27:13

My former employer write letters.

They never ever call you out of the blue. I did an astonishingly small amount of business over the phone and these were long standing investigations.

If we do not write to you, DO NOT RESPOND WITH ANY INFORMATION. Put the phone down immediately.

Melanieeastanglia Fri 14-Sep-18 23:30:52

It's a scam. HMRC do not 'phone you.

Grandma2213 Sat 15-Sep-18 02:19:18

I never answer to numbers I do not know. If there is a message left it is usually obviously from a call centre so I delete it. Occasionally I look up the number on a reverse telephone number site and it is usually a scam call as described by other contributors on the site.

If I am forced to pick up eg when expecting a call from someone whose number is not recorded, I lie! I've just installed a new kitchen, double glazing, carpets etc. I've just received thousands from a PPI claim or I have a son/daughter who is a police officer/solicitor/computer engineer or other relevant occupation who sorts out my affairs!

M0nica Sat 15-Sep-18 08:13:49

Most scam calls are from international numbers. I just press the answer button and immediately the end call button. That way, it doesn't go to the answer phone and the two clicks just sound like dead number.