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Why can't they......

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sunseeker Mon 17-Sep-18 11:21:33

....make planes soundproof!!! I have just returned from holiday and my ears are still ringing from the noise of the plane engines.

JenniferEccles Mon 17-Sep-18 11:34:30

I find that too sunseeker but it dos wear off quite quickly.
Where did you go?

sunseeker Mon 17-Sep-18 11:45:40

Tenerife - had a great time and met some lovely people, holiday over too quickly - time to start planning the next one smile

kathsue Mon 17-Sep-18 11:48:33

I find that the smaller the plane the noisier it is.

glammanana Mon 17-Sep-18 11:56:57

I've decided to always take earplugs with me every time I fly now, I have them in my bag already for take off on Friday.

cornergran Mon 17-Sep-18 12:08:26

It usually the noise from other passengers that annoys me. I find the noise of the engine quite reassuring. Oh dear, odd aren't I hmm

JenniferEccles Mon 17-Sep-18 12:09:18

Ah, Tenerife. Lovely.

We had a Canaries island cruise a few years ago. It was interesting to see how different the islands all are.

Incidentally we sailed from Southampton, so no flying!!

SueDonim Mon 17-Sep-18 12:12:16

I know what you mean! I got off a transatlantic flight on 9th August 2010 with tinnitus and it has never truly gone away since then. I've been to the doctor but it's 'one of those things' and I have learnt to live with it.

glammanana Mon 17-Sep-18 12:26:50

SueDonim The transatlantic trip we made last year funnily enough was one of the quietest flights I have ever been on,I wonder if its to do with where you sit on board.
My son has just this week travelled on a 13hr flight on a Dreamliner plane,when he messaged me to say they had arrived safely he said it was so quiet it felt as though they had not even taken off.

moobox Mon 17-Sep-18 14:20:16

When the engine has noise, you know it is still going!!

inishowen Mon 17-Sep-18 14:37:38

I find the engine noise so loud I can't hear what the stewardess is saying when they're serving food. I agree to anything!

Suebcrafty Mon 17-Sep-18 15:02:11

Buy a pair of noise cancelling headphones,it’s one of the best things I ever bought in USA ..they really work

LadyGracie Mon 17-Sep-18 15:19:38

We arrived in Spain yesterday, my ears are just about back to normal, DH hasn't managed to unblock his yet. It was a very noisy flight, we couldn't even hear what the captain saidshock

NannyJan53 Mon 17-Sep-18 16:08:52

I just turn my hearing aids off! smile

mabon1 Mon 17-Sep-18 16:52:08

Stop moaning and be thankful that you are able to have holidays abroad, some folks can't afford a day out (happily I am not one of those).

SueDonim Mon 17-Sep-18 18:14:25

Glammanana there are newer planes on that route now, which may well be quieter. We had a trip from LA to London on one of the Airbuses a while back and that was very nice.

Mabon1 was there any need for such a snarky response? Fwiw, most of my trips abroad are to see my son and family in the US. I'm aware I'm lucky enough to be able to visit them but if the alternative was to have my son live in the U.K. and make no trips to the US, I'd grab that opportunity with both hands.

Purplepoppies Mon 17-Sep-18 18:31:01

I find the small planes (internal flights) very noisy. Not the passengers, definitely the engines!
And don't get me started on the 'manspreading' I experienced (but I'm sure that's for another thread!).
I haven't been abroad for two years and really can't remember the noise of engines. Hopefully I'll get away next year and I'll come back and let you know wink

SunnySusie Mon 17-Sep-18 19:50:30

Noise cancelling headphones are the answer and they dont have to be hugely expensive. Mine have a little switch to put the cancelling on and the difference is really significant. Like SueDonim I have a son living in the States and I go to see him every other year, he works so hard and gets so little holiday its the only option. I too would far rather he lived in the UK so I didnt have to go on expensive and tiring trans-Atlantic flights with the jet lag, but seeing family to my mind is right up there with the important/essential things in life.

GreenGran78 Tue 18-Sep-18 00:01:28

Purplepoppies Some planes have such restricted legroom that anyone who is tall has no option but to man, or womanspread. Thankfully my short legs take up very little room, which is a blessing on the looooong journey to Australia when I visit the family there.

annep Tue 18-Sep-18 01:31:35

Ooh you're all making me jealous. I haven't the courage to fly so far! Ive never noticed the noise tbh on short flights.

rizlett Tue 18-Sep-18 08:13:50

mabon Saying someone can't be sad (or moany!) because someone else has it worse is like saying someone can't be happy because someone else might have it better.

B9exchange Tue 18-Sep-18 09:32:23

What a wonderful comment rizlett, I will remember that when I am feeling justifiably annoyed about some first world irritation!

rizlett Tue 18-Sep-18 09:54:02

Thank you B9exchange - I feel happy because of your comment! grin

henetha Tue 18-Sep-18 10:11:56

I must be odd too, Cornergran as I completly agree with you. It's the people, not the engines....

sunseeker Tue 18-Sep-18 10:25:27

Do noise cancelling headphones mean you can't speak (or hear) the person in the next seat? I often travel alone and have met some very interesting people during flights - never to be seen again!

Yes, mabon I realise I am "lucky" to be able to afford to travel - but that may have something to do with the fact that I worked full time from the age of 16 until I retired at 58 (through ill health) and that my husband worked two jobs for years whilst trying to get his business off the ground.