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kittylester Mon 12-Nov-18 15:10:25

Please could you consider taking part in this research project carried out by Oxford University with Alzheimer's Research. It takes about 10 minutes per day, over 30 days.


Thank you.

kittylester Mon 12-Nov-18 18:33:06

Bumping - as I think this is really worthwhile!

Alima Mon 12-Nov-18 19:02:58

I would have done it but I don’t have a smart phone.

mcem Mon 12-Nov-18 20:59:45

Read, registered, tried introductory game, booked next one for tomorrow morning.
Looks interesting and might even be useful!
Thanks kitty !!

kittylester Tue 13-Nov-18 07:23:56

Thank you!!

Saxifrage Tue 13-Nov-18 07:42:08

I have just completed a month of doing these little tests each morning. Quite god fun, although I did begin to worry a bit about my memory!!?

kittylester Tue 13-Nov-18 07:50:15

I've just finished too. The story telling worried me! grin

Lisagran Tue 13-Nov-18 08:10:02

Signed up for this/ starting tomorrow. Off now - revision to do grin

EllanVannin Tue 13-Nov-18 08:12:46

I don't have a smartphone either. Statins have been marvellous for me as my chol.level has been 4 for years which proves that those who have or had high blood-pressure/diabetes aren't always the candidates who will succumb to alzheimers. It's down to LDL's ( bad ) chol. which cause blockages in the arteries------no symptoms.

Willow500 Tue 13-Nov-18 09:35:17

I've just signed up to it. My cholesterol levels were a bit high I was told last week and as both parents developed dementia I want to reduce the risk if I can. I did have a memory test last week and passed but I think they would have done at my age too!

kittylester Tue 13-Nov-18 09:48:11

This isn't designed as a test or to help your memory (though doing puzzles is meant to!) but is for Alzheimer's Research.

kittylester Tue 13-Nov-18 09:49:00

Thank you to those who have signed up

EllanVannin Tue 13-Nov-18 13:36:55

I think I hail from another planet as I haven't even got a mobile phone smile I've never really wished for one.

I love playing the Hidden objects games. They keep the mind alert.Also Mahjong which I love.

mcem Wed 14-Nov-18 16:31:01

A couple of days in, I find I'm enjoying this with my first cuppa of the day.
I know it's daft and unnecessary but I would dearly like some feedback!
However, happy so far and plan to keep going.

kittylester Wed 14-Nov-18 16:34:54

I'm not sure I'd have wanted feedback!! Might not like it! grin