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Am I the ONLY one?

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NudeJude Fri 16-Nov-18 18:54:33

I posted yesterday about my electricity company, but maybe the title I used didn't grab many of you, and you didn't read the post.

What I would like to know, is, am I the only person getting their electricity from OutFoxTheMarket, and if not, what do others think of the ultimatum they've just issued about paying an increase in price for the next 6 months of almost 43%?

Thanks to those who gave their advice and thoughts on the original post.

Lynne59 Fri 16-Nov-18 19:14:21

Never heard of that company

If my supplier (edf) said they were putting up the cost by that much, I'd change to a different company

EllanVannin Fri 16-Nov-18 19:21:07

I believe that OFTM block anyone who wants to leave their company for another-------so I read anyway. Shifty ?

mcem Fri 16-Nov-18 19:24:16

Never heard of the company. I decided long ago that I was happy to switch when appropriate but I have never been tempted to go with a new unknown company. I go for a reasonably priced but reliable supplier with a reputation.
There's logic behind tempting people in with rock-bottom prices.

Maggiemaybe Fri 16-Nov-18 20:35:03

I’ve never heard of them either, but I’d be looking to leave. I’m like mcem and happily change supplier for a good deal, but only to one which is established and with a good reputation. The most recent Trustpilot reviews for this one are very bad.

I considered moving to one that had good reviews this year, but decided not to when I realised the reviewers had all been given a link for new customers which gave each of them a £50 bonus. No wonder they were all praising the company to the sky.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 16-Nov-18 20:48:19

We switched to Utility Warehouse, they are good so far - they also replace all your light bulbs with led ones for no cost, and if they “blow” will replace them for free. We have a “credit card” which you have to pre load, but it gives you up to 10% cash back in big shops including M &S, Sainsbury’s, White Company and many more. They are easily contactable also.

FlexibleFriend Fri 16-Nov-18 21:19:59

I don't know what the ultimatum is, I did reply yesterday and had had a similar demand from together energy. I refused to pay it and cancelled my direct debit and after a while they accepted I would pay any outstanding amount at the end. Have you told them you won't pay? If not then that's the first step. Personally I would never have gone with a company that wanted 200 quid exit fees when most are around 30 quid. I saw my term out with Together and funnily enough owed very little at the end of the term. I then changed again to one that wanted around the same monthly figure as I paid last year. I supply monthly meter readings and they put a bill online every month so I know whether the monthly payment is keeping pace with the amount racking up and so far it does.

Charleygirl5 Fri 16-Nov-18 21:52:33

I always choose a company that does not charge exit fees. I have been with Octopus for nearly two years and it is so easy to get in touch with them.

Anja Fri 16-Nov-18 22:06:47

I’m with Octopus too. Good prices, easy to understand bills, very helpful.

BlueBelle Fri 16-Nov-18 23:19:40

Never heard of half these I ll just plod on with mine I think it’s swings and roundabouts as soon as you go to a new one they put it up and you need to change again I haven’t the energy or memory to keep going round in circles

FlexibleFriend Fri 16-Nov-18 23:31:25

I'm still paying the same each month as I've paid for the last 5 years, achieved by swapping every year, had I stayed put I'd probably be paying double by now. The first year I swapped from Eon and saved over £500 that year, and have maintained the same monthly figure ever since. Each year I've swapped because had I stayed they always wanted to increase the monthly payment, sometimes quite substantially.

NudeJude Sat 17-Nov-18 17:25:36

I've officially now changed my supplier to Octopus, based on the recommendations of Anja and Charlie Girl. They certainly seem to have good reviews, don't seem much more expensive than I'm paying now, and have a free get out clause if I need it, so fingers crossed the escape from the bunch of charlatans at OutFoxTheMarket, will be as easy as signing up to Octopus was.

Thanks for all your thoughts and advice everyone.

Anja Sat 17-Nov-18 17:40:04

Also NudeJude Octopus electricity is 100% from renewables so you’re saving the planet as well as money!