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Bisto Mon 24-Dec-18 09:52:03

Good morning everyone, I must admit that I'd never heard of 'Gransnet' until somewhere I saw a reference to 'Singing Turnip' and when I Googled it I found a recipe on your page, so here I am.

My hobbies are reading (thank goodness for Kindle, my bookshelves are overflowing), knitting and researching my (and my husband's) ancestors.

Looking forward to meeting new friends and chatting with you all.

annsixty Mon 24-Dec-18 09:55:26

Good morning and welcome Bisto you will find friendship, good advice and lots of help if you need it here on GN.

littleflo Mon 24-Dec-18 09:56:17

Good Morning Bisto. Welcome to the site. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. I have learnt so much since I joined and have received help and advice along the way.

One of the greatest things about Gransnet is that it helps you contact such a diverse range of people. Varied political opinions, varied life experiences and every profession seems to be here.

What are your plans for Christmas?

henetha Mon 24-Dec-18 10:00:33

Welcome Bisto. That's a good name. Happy Christmas.
Cheers wine

Anniebach Mon 24-Dec-18 10:01:05

Welcome Bisto

GrannyGravy13 Mon 24-Dec-18 10:03:32

Goodmorning Bisto, hope you enjoy gransnett 🥂🎄

Pittcity Mon 24-Dec-18 10:05:47

Good morning and welcome Bistotchsmile

Scribbles Mon 24-Dec-18 10:08:16

Welcome aboard, Bisto. Like you, I stumbled on GN by accident and have been hooked ever since. It's a bit like wandering into a café or bar and finding a huge group of your friends already there and several different conversations all going on at once ...

Bisto Mon 24-Dec-18 10:09:25

Morning LittleFlo, thanks for your reply, my daughter and I have long gone our separate ways at Christmas as we both prefer to cook our own Christmas dinners in our own way, instead we meet up on Boxing Day. I've had some very adverse comments on this arrangement but it suits us.

Brunette10 Mon 24-Dec-18 10:39:00

Welcome Bisto to Gransnet. Hope you find it interesting, helpful and generally very well equipped. tchsmile. If you and your DD like Christmas Day that way well so be it. You must do what you want to do and if it suits both well why not. Don't allow others to influence. Enjoy your day and have fun with your DD on Boxing Day too.

Chewbacca Mon 24-Dec-18 11:19:33


mcem Mon 24-Dec-18 11:34:46

Welcome to Gransnet and congratulations on your excellent timing! The virtual wine is flowing and there's a mellow atmosphere (possibly a connection there?)

Caledonai14 Mon 24-Dec-18 11:41:09

Hello Bisto,
Welcome to GN and I look forward to reading your contributions. My bookcase is currently concealed behind several piles of books! grin

MawBroon Mon 24-Dec-18 11:43:15

Oh am I permitted to say “Aah, Bisto, welcome” ?

sodapop Mon 24-Dec-18 11:43:35

Welcome to Gransnet Bisto I'm sure you will find threads to interest you here.
I don't understand the adverse comments about your family Christmas arrangements. I think its eminently sensible and suits everyone so enjoy yourselves.
Happy Christmas to you and yours tchsmile

Willow10 Mon 24-Dec-18 12:14:31

Welcome Bisto - Merry Christmas!tchsmile

Bathsheba Mon 24-Dec-18 12:17:40

Haha Maw you beat me to it! Hello Bisto and welcome to Gransnet. Happy Christmas tchsmile

Bisto Mon 24-Dec-18 12:31:24

You are permitted Maw, Bisto is a rather aged rescue yellow lab, so Aah on two accounts!

Karanlouise Mon 24-Dec-18 12:58:37

Welcome Bisto. Hope you enjoy gransnet. Happy Christmas. tchsmile

BlueBelle Mon 24-Dec-18 14:50:14

Hi there Bisto welcome and a very happy Christmas to you and your family Look forward to hearing from you in the new year

eilyann Mon 24-Dec-18 15:12:36

Hello Bisto.

Day6 Mon 24-Dec-18 15:19:30

Hello Bisto, welcome, and Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Charleygirl5 Mon 24-Dec-18 16:07:52

Dogs are more than welcome, as is yourself!

MrTumble Mon 24-Dec-18 16:13:39

Hello, and welcome.

Izabella Mon 24-Dec-18 16:30:40

Hi Bisto 🐕