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An apology!

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Anniebach Mon 07-Jan-19 16:46:10

I did post of the great floods which were to hit us this year, as prophesied by Nostradamus.

I hope no one has invested in a boat/ canoe/ raft ,/ water wings.

Nostradamus prophesied the Queen would die after a short illness - in 2018 !

I was rather anxious switching on ‘ToDay’ every morning until January. Needless to say I will not read anymore from that gentleman 😀

Beechnut Mon 07-Jan-19 16:58:39

You never know he might be right one day Anniebach

GrannyGravy13 Mon 07-Jan-19 17:22:24

Well we are still here, all is good.

mcem Mon 07-Jan-19 17:36:28

But your Nostradamus thread certainly lightened the atmosphere when things were a bit fraught!
I'm sure no-one will be complaining that the 'doom and gloom' prophesies came to nothing!

Anniebach Mon 07-Jan-19 17:46:50

mcem if we have a heatwave like last year ducks would have been happy if he was right 😀

varian Mon 07-Jan-19 18:34:30

Did Nostradamus mention brexit?

Anniebach Mon 07-Jan-19 18:43:51

varian I think best I don’t look, there was something about WW3 !

Jalima1108 Mon 07-Jan-19 19:41:52

Please don't read any more ~Anniebach

I read quite a lot of his prophecies when I was young and some have stuck in my mind, unfortunately, as I am quite a worrier!

Anniebach Mon 07-Jan-19 19:52:22

Jalima sorry, didn’t mean to cause worry, I thought it amusing , sorry

Jalima1108 Mon 07-Jan-19 20:07:24

it's OK Anniebach, I didn't have to read the thread!

like a moth to a flame …..
I threw the book away in the end.

Anniebach Mon 07-Jan-19 20:12:51

Jalima there have been many books and articles written over the years, each writer gives their own translation

Jalima1108 Mon 07-Jan-19 20:16:23

I'll look for an optimistic one!!

lemongrove Mon 07-Jan-19 22:00:46

Nostrodamus was a real joker wasn’t he?
So easy to make obscure predictions and prophecies.
Here’s one for you: men will mob together and shout until
They achieve their will, some will wrap themselves in red attire and some in blue.There will be much fear and anger and danger.
(Liverpool playing at an away match.......or a real war somewhere?)

Anniebach Mon 07-Jan-19 22:06:38

Or lemon red for Labour MP’s, blue for Tory MP’s, and in the house at PMQ 😀

Esmerelda Tue 08-Jan-19 10:06:01

Ha ha ... make a lot of obscure predictions and one or two are sure to be right at some time in the future.

Suebcrafty Tue 08-Jan-19 10:16:31

Or Liverpool (red) playing Everton (blue) at home?

sarahellenwhitney Tue 08-Jan-19 10:54:35

Beechnut.More by luck than judgement.? What will be will be. Saying that, in view of the natural disasters taking place in the world in the last few years, I often wonder whether there is more truth in the bible than what any , 'fortune teller' can predict.

Annaram1 Tue 08-Jan-19 12:19:18

As a child in in South Africa I remember the Jehovahs Witnesses or some other group prophesied that the end of the world was imminent. Several people rushed into the sea in terror.
In the Bible it says words to the effect "No one knows the day nor the hour" not even Nostradamus.

Anniebach Tue 08-Jan-19 12:29:43

The JW said the Cold War was a sign of the end of the world. They dismiss ‘no one knows the day or the hour ‘

There has always been natural disasters , in the past these were not brought to the attention of the world as they are now,

Theoddbird Tue 08-Jan-19 12:41:20

I will be ok if that happens....I live on a boat....Hahaha

Anniebach Tue 08-Jan-19 13:01:54

Your the lucky one Theoddbird. if flooded I may be alright living on the side of a mountain range !

lemongrove Tue 08-Jan-19 16:30:43

Look how people behaved at the Millenium!
There were suicides and many prophecies of doom that computers would go haywire.

varian Tue 08-Jan-19 17:43:08

To sort out the potential problem of the "millenium bug", all it took was for IT folk to check and adjust their software.

To sort out the potential problems of a no-deal brexit would require a million (or thereabouts) more problems to be solved - akin to making an egg out of an omlette but much more difficult.

No comparison.

Anniebach Tue 08-Jan-19 17:57:55

I have been trying to think of a volcanic eruption which was in the news, got it

Tristan da Cunha, the islanders were rescued and brought to this country, late fifties or early sixties.

varian Tue 08-Jan-19 18:00:41

Where are we supposed to go and who would rescue us if the UK is devastated by brexit?