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Your wonderful pseudonames

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grannysue05 Thu 10-Jan-19 11:14:46

About a year ago I opened a thread about the pseudonoms that we choose to put on Gransnet.
The freshly scented Lemongrove
The mysterious Maggiemaybe ... maybe, maybe not!
Baggs I had such an image of you until I saw your lovely picture on another thread.
MawBroon such a name of authority and we certainly respect your words.
Anniebach you must be little, yet you are not!
And I could go on and on but i won't.
There were some lovely answers and now that we have a lot of new members with equally intriguing "nom-de-plumes", I thought I would ask again what made you choose yours ?
Do you escape into a fantasy world (BlueSapphire what magic that conjures up) , or are you practical (like me) and just put your name?
Please share.

wellingtonpie Sat 12-Jan-19 06:17:49

Where in Fife, fifeywifey. I to originate from Fife. My home town is St.Andrews.

Elenkalubleton Sat 12-Jan-19 08:10:21

Granddaughter Elenka

Elenkalubleton Sat 12-Jan-19 08:13:41

Granddaughter Elenka,budding Actress, just got first role as Maria in sound of music,in local Theatre. So proud 😍

Val18 Sat 12-Jan-19 11:18:26

Mine's really boring - just my name and year joined!

grannysue05 Sat 12-Jan-19 11:36:52

Elegran thanks for reminding us all not to post information that reveals who you are and secret password information etc.
Thanks for all your hilarious posts.
I have enjoyed reading about all the reasons why you chose your pseudo's.

Magrithea Sat 12-Jan-19 12:52:16

The legendary planet (slightly mis-spelt smile) from H2G2 where the Earth was made as a super-computer to find the meaning of life, the universe and everything! (42 in case you didn't know!) gringringrin

seacliff Sat 12-Jan-19 14:33:12

Mine is just because - one of my favourite places to be is on a high Cornish cliff, surrounded by thrift and other wild flowers. Looking down at the sea crashing below, and watching and listening to the gulls whirling around. Bliss.

Charleygirl5 Sat 12-Jan-19 14:43:10

wellingtonpie my nearest was Cupar, we lived out in the sticks- Springfield being over a mile away.

Charleygirl5 Sat 12-Jan-19 14:44:59

I met a fellow on a bus recently- he asked me where I came from I said Fife- he said is that in Clackmannanshire- I said no it was its own county. I am not sure if he believed me.

Persistentdonor Sat 12-Jan-19 14:48:24

Just that, 46 years persistent to be precise, but recently made my 100th blood donation.
I feel so grateful to have remained in good health all these years that I was able to do it, but I sometimes get a bad reaction and was rather ill again this time, so perhaps I ought to stop now.

Tinker18 Sat 12-Jan-19 17:20:26

Mine was my late mum's cat's name and the year I joined Gransnet

weenanni59 Sat 12-Jan-19 17:30:48

I suppose mine is obvious.. I’m very short

MysticalUnicorn Sat 12-Jan-19 17:59:25

Mine is to maintain an air of mystery, and because I know that unicorns definitely exist.

wellingtonpie Sat 12-Jan-19 18:14:37

Charleygirl, the shire bit was a giveaway!
My cousin lives in Cupar. Really miss the old town. About time I made a return visit.

Charleygirl5 Sat 12-Jan-19 18:36:14

wellingtonpie I saw a flat advertised in the main street, it needed gutting but for £15,000 it would have been well worth it. I was tempted.

ayse Sat 12-Jan-19 21:51:32

Mine is pronounced Aisha but spelt in the Turkish way. I lived there for sometime and became friends with a Turkish girl. We could hardly communicate so her husband translated. She gave me the name of one of Mohammed’s wives as a very real compliment. I gave her the name Elizabeth to celebrate Elizabeth 1, the monarch I most admired.

mande Sat 12-Jan-19 23:00:20

My name is made up of the initials of my DGD and DGS, m and e.

Polskasue Sat 12-Jan-19 23:12:34

My Dad was Polish. He died 11.11.2017 at aged 97. He escaped a Siberian labour camp in 1940 and managed to eventually get here where he served in the Polish 300 squadron of the British airforce flying bomber raids in Lancasters. After the war he stayed here, training as a tailor and meeting my Mum. I am so proud of him. I am proud to be Polskasue. Xxx

Hush Sun 13-Jan-19 01:01:07

You sound interesting

Hush Sun 13-Jan-19 01:02:40

I dabble in meditation and value simple things and peace.

seasider Sun 13-Jan-19 01:46:06

Mine is obvious as I live by the sea. My favourite username is Wilmaknickersfit!

travelsafar Sun 13-Jan-19 06:18:32

Polskasue you have every right to feel proud of your dad and I love the nod to him in your name. smile

GrannyBeek Sun 13-Jan-19 09:26:45

I am a beekeeper. We refer to ourselves as beeks. And I am Granny - until he starts talking, then I could be anything I suppose!

ClaraB Sun 13-Jan-19 12:31:17

My long gone Grampy always called me Clara and B is the first letter of my surname, quite boring compared to most!

Nanny41 Sun 13-Jan-19 17:54:30

Boring me, I am called Nanny by my Grandchildren and born in 41, I have no imagination as you can see.