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grannysue05 Thu 10-Jan-19 11:14:46

About a year ago I opened a thread about the pseudonoms that we choose to put on Gransnet.
The freshly scented Lemongrove
The mysterious Maggiemaybe ... maybe, maybe not!
Baggs I had such an image of you until I saw your lovely picture on another thread.
MawBroon such a name of authority and we certainly respect your words.
Anniebach you must be little, yet you are not!
And I could go on and on but i won't.
There were some lovely answers and now that we have a lot of new members with equally intriguing "nom-de-plumes", I thought I would ask again what made you choose yours ?
Do you escape into a fantasy world (BlueSapphire what magic that conjures up) , or are you practical (like me) and just put your name?
Please share.

Urmstongran Fri 11-Jan-19 10:46:43

Such wonderful names. And so many I’ve never seen on the threads before.

Rainagaine Fri 11-Jan-19 10:47:28

I live in one of the wetter parts of the UK and when I joined it had been raining here for a very long time. Plus I liked the rhyme. I added the 'e' because it somehow made the name seem slightly less depressing.

GabriellaG54 Fri 11-Jan-19 10:48:33

Mine is my real name but the 54 is neither my age nor my birth year. It's really 1945, I tweaked it grin

dublingran Fri 11-Jan-19 10:49:01

Think mine is fairly obvious!

geera Fri 11-Jan-19 10:49:27

Way back in time my DD greeted me with "Hello Baggy". I was slightly miffed 'cos I wasn't even 50!! She explained that it was after the panther Bagheera in the Jungle Book film. A creature of lithe and elegant beauty, blessed with wonderful wisdom, so appropriate to describe me said DD! Thus mollified (easily flattered), we settled on Geera as a suitable moniker. Strangely, after the passage of many years, perhaps her first offering would be more fitting!

GabriellaG54 Fri 11-Jan-19 10:49:44

Actually, it's pseudonym

mabon1 Fri 11-Jan-19 10:50:44

The name of my present bearded collie (without the 1).

GrannyMosh Fri 11-Jan-19 10:51:56

I love heavy metal and rock music, turned up to 11!

Flowerofthewest Fri 11-Jan-19 10:55:38

My favourite song from my favourite band...Runrig...also describes the beautiful landscape that I am in love with

GabriellaG54 Fri 11-Jan-19 10:55:50


I wish...envy sunshinesunshine

Purplepoppies Fri 11-Jan-19 10:59:21

Purpledaffodils, me too!!
I chose my name because purple is my favourite colour. I could have added anything to the end of it. Probably poppies because it began with P.

Saggi Fri 11-Jan-19 11:05:48

Saggi....obvious...December babe me!

Sheshyshowshum Fri 11-Jan-19 11:05:58

I was given my alternative name by a former boss and it kinda stuck, so as it was said from a good place I decided I quite liked it smile

Suebcrafty Fri 11-Jan-19 11:07:47

I chose my name when I started out on various craft forums(,my name plus first letter of surname then added crafty)as I couldn’t use just Sueb as it had already been taken so it’s just followed me around smile

sarahellenwhitney Fri 11-Jan-19 11:09:11

A combination of the names from long departed relatives and no resemblance to those on my birth and marriage certificates.

inishowen Fri 11-Jan-19 11:11:29

Mine is a place in Ireland. I wish I'd given it more thought as one person insisted on calling me "Owen". I'm not a man! Another called me "Iris".

cwasin Fri 11-Jan-19 11:13:21

When I was about 5, my little brother, then aged about 2, couldn’t quite get his tongue around Catherine. Cwasin was his version and it stuck. He died in 2003, so it’s a kind of tribute.

Disgruntled Fri 11-Jan-19 11:14:15

I chose mine without thinking. Now I regret it and wish I could change it. Which is why I hardly ever post anything.

Margs Fri 11-Jan-19 11:15:30

Aaaah, Miep1 - what a luvverlee puddytat!

Sheilasue Fri 11-Jan-19 11:16:48

Mine is quite ordinary really it’s me and my mums name which was susannah. Just came out of the blue.
Some of yours are fab.

Diggingdoris Fri 11-Jan-19 11:26:17

Doris was a nickname from work that unfortunately has stuck and I love my garden.

Jayelld Fri 11-Jan-19 11:29:29

Jayelld - the name of my business, garden designs, that never got off the ground due to a debilitating illness. Now it's used as an online name.

cangran Fri 11-Jan-19 11:29:53

Mine hints at my nationality (rather than a 'can do' gran) and the fact that I qualify with one grandchild to be here.

aggie Fri 11-Jan-19 11:30:39

Inishowen we had a mobile home on that bit of Donegal , beautiful place smile
My name came about when I joined a craft forum , I had been walking about with a broken ankle and was in AGONY lol , I stuck to it on all my online stuff

Catlover123 Fri 11-Jan-19 11:31:20

hi disgruntled, I've also fancied a change to reflect more of myself but haven't found a way of doing it!

Mapleleaf Fri 11-Jan-19 11:38:31

I love maple trees/acers and the beautiful colours of their leaves as they turn in the Autumn. 😁

Grandma70s Fri 11-Jan-19 11:42:22

Mine is very boring and a bit obvious. I am a grandma, I am in my 70s, and my children were born in the

Candelle Fri 11-Jan-19 11:43:26

Candelle reads (at least, I have been told it does) as a ‘young’ name of the ‘Candy’ variety which is rather far from the truth!

In essence, Candelle is one of Mr Candelle’s initials and mine. Gettit?

Apologies if I have spoilt any illusions!

ScotinOz Fri 11-Jan-19 11:45:14

I'm a Scottish lassie from Glasgow living in Australia (wishing I still lived in Glasgow!!)

Chino Fri 11-Jan-19 11:55:20

Mine is the name of a dearly loved rescue cat who I had from the age of 12 till 17

JaneA Fri 11-Jan-19 11:56:00

Jane was my grandmother's name. Nothing like my real name.

Bijou Fri 11-Jan-19 11:57:08

My nickname. When I wasthree months old my mother took me to visit her brother in Jersey. French speaking aunt said “Quel petit bijou”.

LadyJus Fri 11-Jan-19 12:02:42

I jointly purchased a tiny piece of land in Scotland through an online auction site many years ago with my friend, it meant I'm entitled to call myself Lady! Passport, driving licence, banks, revenue and benefits departments, I'm a lady don'tcha know?!!

Borntosew Fri 11-Jan-19 12:04:48

Every time I have started a new hobby, after a time I get bored, and out comes the sewing machine to start another quilt!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 11-Jan-19 12:05:58

Mine's really obvious - I am very partial to beige - but am also a lover of sky blue and other pastel shades. I put the year of my birth in as we're supposed to use numbers as well as words as a security measure. I'm not really a numbers person and that's easy to remember.

Lilyflower Fri 11-Jan-19 12:08:18

Part of my pseudonym is what my name means in Hebrew. I am not, however, much of a flower. That's ironic. I am a bit of a weed.

Streaky Fri 11-Jan-19 12:23:45

Nothing to do with bacon. It was the nickname given to me at school by my best friend when she saw me running round the gym! I was hopeless at running and all sports and hated P.E.!

squirrel5 Fri 11-Jan-19 12:28:53

My name is in memory of my dear mum,who passed away a few years ago,she lived in the country, and there were always squirrels visiting her garden,and she loved to watch them.

Legs55 Fri 11-Jan-19 12:31:20

Mine started out as a User name on other sites. Legs is my nickname from my 20s/30s (tall, slim, long legs) not quite so appropriate now but DH loved it. I originally wanted to use it on another site but it had been taken so I added year of my birth so Legs55 has stuck. I love the way user names are chosen. MawBroon I still read the Sunday Post even though I now live in Devon, first introduced to it on weekly trips from Yorkshire to Lanark Cattle Market but that's another storyconfused.

JanaNana Fri 11-Jan-19 12:36:55

Mine is derived from my Scottish grandmother's names.

quEEEniE Fri 11-Jan-19 12:45:38

I clearly see myself as something special!!!!

Menopaws Fri 11-Jan-19 12:47:53

Menopausal and have a dog, simple as that

Mouse Fri 11-Jan-19 12:57:45

I first started chatting in chat rooms and forums when such things were very new. I had a habit of joining at first as anonymous, which I couldn’t spell. I added an e. So my user name given to me by the friends I made was mouse. So mouse with various additions I have been for at least 20 years.

tavimama Fri 11-Jan-19 13:06:46

I don’t post very often - so hello! My nickname reflects where I live and the name my children call me smile

annierich Fri 11-Jan-19 13:06:55

My dear husband calls me Annie and I am definitely not rich! My surname starts with Rich - very boring!

Kernowflock Fri 11-Jan-19 13:09:21

I love Parrots and used to Foster for a rehoming charity. The house was full of bird noises (and dust, dirt and detritus). Now I share my life with my own 'flock' sadly down to 2 birds, an elderly Australian Parakeet with two broken wings and a Blue Fronted Amazon. I also love Cornwall and the Cornish for Cornwall is Kernow. We renamed the parakeet Kernow when we adopted him. Hence an amalgamation of all that. 😉

TwiceAsNice Fri 11-Jan-19 13:17:05

I joined soon after my daughter gave birth to twins. We assumed she would only have one baby so when we knew it was two I chose as my user name TwiceAsNice because that's exactly what our lovely twins are

Jaycee5 Fri 11-Jan-19 13:17:40

There's nothing imaginative about mine I'm afraid. Just my initials and the 5 just because on some sites Jaycee was already used and it was added randomly.
I started out using the name headstone on other sites because it is where I live and didn't think about the other meaning so had to change it but I still have it some places. Now it just irritates me. It's probably not appropriate for sites for older people.

Hellsgrandad Fri 11-Jan-19 13:18:34

Mine sort of speaks for itself

grannydarkhair Fri 11-Jan-19 13:18:56

My "real" first name is not at all gran-like, so when my first grand-son was born, my daughter came up with granny dark-hair. His other gran is granny yellow-hair. If he was born now, 16 years later, I'd have to be granny dark/with a fair bit of white hair 😁

annifrance Fri 11-Jan-19 13:33:47

Hmm. Don't think turquoiseanemone hits the spot. So.I'll stick with the obvious one I've got. Could be poshfrocks which is my fashion label.

grannysue05 Fri 11-Jan-19 13:38:00

Hellsgrandad you look very dashing on that bike so I guess that username suits you.
Just had coffee with a very old friend who has no technology whatsoever, so does not post on sites.
I asked her what her username would be if she joined Gransnet.
She replied "Quickasaflash"
Can't fault that as it describes her 81 year old brain precisely.

2old4hotpants Fri 11-Jan-19 13:38:57

I loved all the fashions in the 60s and 70s, and modelled myself on the likes of Twiggy and Agnetha from Abba. My name is an acknowledgement that those days were great, but sadly I am old now and must dress accordingly

Nannytopsy Fri 11-Jan-19 13:44:40

My dad called me Topsy before I was born ( confident this one was a girl!) and always called me Topsy. My daughter was miniTops.

Sourcerer48 Fri 11-Jan-19 13:49:20

No witch me, just a person who used to be a resource broker, thus the name Sourcerer! Now a free-lance writer!

grandtanteJE65 Fri 11-Jan-19 13:55:20

I don't live in the UK or in an English-speaking country, so I chose the more international word "grandtante" instead of "great-aunt" added my initials and my age at the time and voilà.

Hattiehelga Fri 11-Jan-19 13:55:58

Because I was never like Twiggy my husband labelled me Hattie (Jacques) and I combined it with my middle name. I know I am in trouble if he uses my proper name !!

TellNo1Ok Fri 11-Jan-19 13:57:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nannypiano Fri 11-Jan-19 13:57:48

My G S chose mine himself so as not to confuse me with his other Nanny who lived in Bristol. She has always been nanny Bristol and I nanny piano because I played the keyboard. So not imaginative at all really.

JaneA Fri 11-Jan-19 14:10:23

Mouse: Many years ago my sister in law had a friend she called Mouse - ??

GrannyGravy13 Fri 11-Jan-19 14:21:35

My Gran called herself GrannyGravy, I learnt so much from her and my maternal Gran.

b1zzle Fri 11-Jan-19 14:22:42

LadyGracie? I have a beautiful British Blue girl too!

Elegran Fri 11-Jan-19 14:24:42

Can I just remind everyone NOT to mention it if your username is a password to something else? These posts are visible to anyone who cares to look at them, and it is not difficult from all the other facts you have given while posting on other subjects for someone to work out who you are and where you live. From there is it a small step to using your password to log into your private life and getting into places you don't want to open to them.

If you have posted something on here that should be kept private, contact GNHQ (reporting your post to them is the easiest way) and ask them to delete it.

Funnygran Fri 11-Jan-19 14:24:56

I looked after my eldest three grandchildren quite a bit before they went to school. We usually did something special like go to soft play places and they used to 'persuade' me to go on slides with them. I heard them telling my DD that Gran is so funny, she likes to go on everything we go on. The name of funnygran stuck to me for a while!

lizzypopbottle Fri 11-Jan-19 14:31:05

My parents wouldn't tolerate anyone messing with the name they chose for me, Elizabeth. One day, when I was about three years old, our next-door-neighbour leaned over the garden wall and said, "Hello, Lizzy Pop Bottle!" Apparently, I stuck my nose in the air and informed her, " My name's ELIZABETH!" The story was often repeated and the name seemed a good one that few others would attempt to use.

My grandad ignored my parents' rule and called me 'Bet'. I would never have tolerated that from anyone else! Born in 1952 (the year the Queen came to the throne), there were several Elizabeths in my year group at school and we each had a different version assigned to us. Some got diminutives of the name e.g. Libby but most got Liz and their surname initial. I was LizG. Funnily enough, there were no Bets, Bettys, Besses or other such versions!

On my 18th birthday, a friend phoned and asked to speak to Liz. My dad called up the stairs, " Liz! Someone on the phone for you!" I was shocked! I'd been Elizabeth until that day. As far as my dad was concerned, I was legally an adult from that day and it was then my choice what to be called. My mother never called me anything but Elizabeth!

Kate63 Fri 11-Jan-19 14:33:34

I'm with KatyK, perhaps it's a Kate thing!
Still at least I'm younger on this page. Not that I feel old at all, having just returned from the gym.
Lots of you have great names, long may this continue.

gillyknits Fri 11-Jan-19 14:36:00

Mines boring, I’m Gilly and I knit.

Minerva Fri 11-Jan-19 14:37:43

I had been sorting through books left behind by my offspring and put aside a book about Roman gods to look through before disposal. It was on top of the pile when I was choosing a username. I knew nothing of her and simply liked the name. Googling her just now I realise that she was a bad choice. The spider is one of her ‘sacred creatures’ and she was goddess of wisdom. She was goddess of crafts though which suits me.

MargaretinNorthant Fri 11-Jan-19 14:45:02

Mine is very boring. I had just moved house to Northamptonshire from Devon, was terribly homesick, was coping with a husband with Dementia and every thing else I tried was rejected! That was all I could think of!

Willow10 Fri 11-Jan-19 14:45:04

I'm another one who chose the name of my cat, who died last year aged 10. I can still imagine him wrapping himself around my legs sometimes.

Pepine Fri 11-Jan-19 14:47:16

Mine is the family name given to me by a much younger brother about 50 years ago as he couldn’t manage my real name - I like it rather better than my real name so use it where I can (no one calls me by it any more 😒)

MissAdventure Fri 11-Jan-19 14:52:26

I was going to be Miss Bee, (my surname begins with B) but my phone decided to judder, and click, and wrote Adventure, so I decided to keep it.
I thought it could either be a sort of sad name, or one suggesting happier times.

kackie Fri 11-Jan-19 15:19:56

My name is Jackie and nickname at college in 1969 was Kackie. Brings back happy memories.

lizzypopbottle Fri 11-Jan-19 15:25:11

Pepine little kids could never manage my full name but I would never have chosen BepBep, Bush (shortened from Alushabush) or Fuff (short for Aluffafuff)! 😂

breeze Fri 11-Jan-19 15:25:44

I would like to say something romantic, like, 'It's because I breeze in, then out again, softly and gently. Like a summer breeze'.

Unfortunately, I can't say that as I chose it many years ago on another site after my favourite bar at the time wine blush

grannytotwins Fri 11-Jan-19 15:29:15

Mine is just as it is. I also have four older DGC, but these are so special as they were born at 31 weeks. Girl twin was a placental abruption. DD was fortunately in hospital at the time. Boy twin had to come out first, healthy. Girl twin was resuscitated for a long time. At eight months she had meningitis B. Boy had double pneumonia and collapsed lungs. They are nearly seven now and both very academic, way beyond their years. We are so lucky to have this ginger pair in our lives!

breeze Fri 11-Jan-19 15:32:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wetnosewheatie Fri 11-Jan-19 15:33:24

Mine is a homage to my now sadly deceased wet nose soft coated wheaten terrier

hulahoop Fri 11-Jan-19 15:55:46

I had just been trying to use one outside with little success I used to love hula hooping when I was a lot younger.

WildRoses Fri 11-Jan-19 15:57:52

My dad has always kept a garden full of roses. Over the years as his health has deteriorated the rose bushes have reduced in numbers, but in my mind Roses will always be for my dad.

lincolnimp Fri 11-Jan-19 15:58:00

Mines very boring, I'm originally from Lincoln and the LncolnImp is iconic

Disneyfan Fri 11-Jan-19 15:58:10

Mine is just so obvious. Even though we are in late 50s we still go to the one in Paris twice a year. blush

PennyWhistle Fri 11-Jan-19 16:02:34

I was looking for an online name which I could remember but which meant nothing in particular. This name is also accepted on sites which insist on knowing your surname wink

VIOLETTE Fri 11-Jan-19 16:09:49

Like the violet I wish I was shrinking ...

minxie Fri 11-Jan-19 16:19:44

Minxie is my nickname given to me when I first met him indoors. The official title is The Minx as I’m abit of minx apparently. In the early days this was the only name his friends knew and it’s stuck

hopeful1 Fri 11-Jan-19 16:26:31

I think mine is self explanatory! There's a lot of hope going on in my life.

Barmeyoldbat Fri 11-Jan-19 16:27:50

My friends husband always use to refer to me, light heartily, as Barmey Old Bat when I got things wrong and I called him a stupid old codger. Then my gc started saying it when they were older instead of silly old nan.

Jaxie Fri 11-Jan-19 16:34:05

A friend of my daughter always referred to me as " Jaxie (my name is Jacqueline). Someone told me that Jaxie meant ars-h-le. Being into self examination and with a guilt complex I replied," But I am an arseh-le!" Now I'm stuck with it. Not very flattering.

Twin2 Fri 11-Jan-19 16:42:26

I am the 2nd twin by 20 minutes.

Scribbles Fri 11-Jan-19 16:44:35

I've used mine over several decades in several places and I'm comfortable with it so why change anything? The name relates to both work and personal activity.

sluttygran Fri 11-Jan-19 16:51:10

My daughter joked that I was ‘properly slutty’.
She was getting at me because I am pathologically house-proud, as she is herself, and there is competition as to which of us has the most spotless home.
Needless to say, since the advent of four gorgeous but chaotic GC ( two of daughter’s , two of younger son’s), neither of us can maintain the polished perfection we once aspired to.
They’ve all visited for lunch today and my kitchen still looks post-apocalyptic, so I really am a bit slutty right now! smile

BRedhead59 Fri 11-Jan-19 17:31:52

Initial of nickname, the colour of my hair and my age at the time!

Growing0ldDisgracefully Fri 11-Jan-19 17:41:25

This is me, doing what I like best. My 90 year old aunt said I was growing old disgracefully, hence my username!

Nanny27 Fri 11-Jan-19 17:45:10

Mine is not half as imaginative as some of yours. I am a nanny to seven so nanny27.

Thirdinline Fri 11-Jan-19 17:45:24

I’m step gran to 2 DGCs & their biological grans live much closer to them than I do, so I accept that my position is 3rd in line. I still love them to bits though, they’re gorgeous 😀.

LadyKathleen Fri 11-Jan-19 17:59:18

I really love reading the Gransnet daily blog, but hesitate to post. I live in Seattle and enjoy reading the threads whose themes apply to the human condition worldwide. After I chose LadyKathleen and really read the other pseudonyms, I was afraid that my choice was a bit snobby sounding and arrogant which I don't think I am. I probably would choose something else if I had a choice. My actual name is Kathleen.

MadFerretLady Fri 11-Jan-19 18:00:53

We have 7 of these little guys, tho have had up to 20 at one time before...

Bamm Fri 11-Jan-19 18:03:06

My husband, who died four years ago, used to call me Bambi and shortened it to Bam. Someone else is Bam on the site, so I became Bamm.

fifeywifey Fri 11-Jan-19 18:03:56

I'm a wife and come from Fife. Simples.

Shesanana Fri 11-Jan-19 18:22:52

The first part is the beginning of my name and I’m a nana smile