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(Very) easy tea loaf recipes

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MissAdventure Thu 10-Jan-19 20:30:13

Has anyone got a simple recipe, please?
I found one earlier online, but I can't find it again, and my sultanas are floating around in some tea, waiting for my domestic goddess to be unleashed! smile

Jalima1108 Thu 10-Jan-19 20:39:33

We used to make an Australian 'boiled cake' quite often; if I can remember the recipe you put the fruit, sugar, butter or marge plus strained tea into a saucepan, simmer and cool then mix in two cups of flour and bake. It always turned out well.
I'll try to find a recipe.

Jalima1108 Thu 10-Jan-19 20:40:50

oh - and add two eggs when you add the flour!

MissAdventure Thu 10-Jan-19 20:41:45

Thank you. It'll be my first attempt, so I'm hoping it'll come out edible. blush

Jalima1108 Thu 10-Jan-19 20:43:05

However, we used tea, not just water.

MissAdventure Thu 10-Jan-19 20:52:19

Ah, thank you. I'll just sit here for a while.. procrastinating.

Fennel Thu 10-Jan-19 21:00:05

Do you mean a tealoaf with yeast MissA?

Bigred18 Thu 10-Jan-19 21:04:37

I make a Mary Berry Barabrith - easy and its fatless

MissAdventure Thu 10-Jan-19 22:14:53

No, not really, fennel.
Nothing too complicated!
Its in the oven now.
I sort of did what I thought, so we shall see.
It smells nice.
Just that the kitchen looks like a bombsite.
I'll have a look at the Mary Berry one, thanks bigred.

Jalima1108 Thu 10-Jan-19 22:50:46

I'll put the kettle on and we can have cake and tea smile

MissAdventure Thu 10-Jan-19 22:52:08

Do I need to let it rest or something? Will I get heartburn if I eat it warm?
(If its edible!)

Jalima1108 Thu 10-Jan-19 23:06:16

No! I can't wait for a slice smile

I've never understood that - my mother used to say we would get indigestion if we ate the cake before it cooled down.

But we ate puddings hot (with custard).

MissAdventure Thu 10-Jan-19 23:11:18

We weren't allowed to run around after dinner.
We had to wait for our dinner to 'fall off the shelf'.

Jalima1108 Thu 10-Jan-19 23:18:43

I won't run around after the cake.

Promise smile

MissAdventure Thu 10-Jan-19 23:24:18

I think it has a soggy bottom.
Is there anything I can do?
Shall I have a look?

MissAdventure Thu 10-Jan-19 23:31:33

Wow! Look at that! smile
Thank you so much for helping me.
I feel all Nigella ish.

Jalima1108 Thu 10-Jan-19 23:32:55

Don't tell Paul Hollywood

Cover it in icing
Or custard

MissAdventure Thu 10-Jan-19 23:33:47

Its not even soggy.
Its moist!

Jalima1108 Thu 10-Jan-19 23:33:55

It's delicious!
Thank you

MissAdventure Thu 10-Jan-19 23:36:32

Do you know, it is, actually. I'm ridiculously pleased with myself.
Silly old cow that I am.

mumofmadboys Thu 10-Jan-19 23:45:28

I'm another who makes Mary Berry's Barabrith. Simple and always works

Bellanonna Thu 10-Jan-19 23:46:36

I’m going to try it tomorrow!

MissAdventure Thu 10-Jan-19 23:48:56

I shall try the Mary Berry one too, I think.
I substituted oats for some of the flour, so its like a moist flapjack.

Nannylovesshopping Fri 11-Jan-19 10:09:39

I’d love to eat a chunk of that and a cuppa with you😋

MissAdventure Fri 11-Jan-19 10:20:31

You'd be very welcome, although I've just realised I forgot the eggs! blush