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The last of the killer heels? 👠👠

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lemongrove Mon 04-Feb-19 21:03:47

Tidying my shoe cupboard this morning made me realise, that although I have a lot of shoes and boots I have no heeled shoes at all! 😱Over the last few years I have gone for comfort every time, but not only do I hate the idea of my heeled shoes days being over, but I should really have at least one pair stashed away ready for instant use for weddings and social do’s.
How many pairs of heels have you got, and any recommendations for elegant but reasonably comfortable shoes ( not sandals.)

tanith Mon 04-Feb-19 21:07:56

I have 3 pairs of comfy heels but I can’t really remember where I bought them sorry.

Iam64 Mon 04-Feb-19 21:08:36

I’m tall so killer heels only saw the light of day briefly in the 80’s, along with shoulder pads.
Also I’m a comfort first shoe person so flat lace ups my usual footwear. I do have two pairs of low heeled ankle boots. I love them but can only wear them on the rare occasion I’m driven from door to door so I only have to totter down a path then sit comfortably all evening

lemongrove Mon 04-Feb-19 21:12:06

grin you’re worse than me Iam

Maggiemaybe Mon 04-Feb-19 22:13:56

Lots. So many I’d be embarrassed to say. I do still regularly wear the low heels, but the high heels hardly ever see the light of day (curse you, bunions! angry) My last outing in proper high heels was on New Year’s Eve. I feel a cull might be well overdue.

PECS Mon 04-Feb-19 22:19:55

In my last wardrobe clear out I decided it was time to admit I was not going to wear my highheels again and 4 pairs went off to the charity shop. I have some neutral suede lower heeled shoes which will fill in the gaps created by the clear out.

janeainsworth Mon 04-Feb-19 22:22:32

I still have lots of high heels, including some red suede Bally peep toe ones with 4 inch heels that I bought in 1978, but haven’t worn since DD1’s wedding 12 years ago.
What was I thinking? By the end of the evening I could hardly walk. 😱
I still like wearing heels but these days stick to 2 inch or thereabouts.
I find John Lewis own brand heels are stylish and very comfortable.

Nannylovesshopping Mon 04-Feb-19 22:22:34

I still love a killer heel occasionally, my two go to ones that I can wear for at least two to three hours came from Marks and Spencer’s, tho probably four or so years old, they are wide fitting although I don’t have particularly wide feet, they do give a little more room when feet are pushed forward due to highish heels, cheap as chips as well.

Purpledaffodil Mon 04-Feb-19 22:51:57

When DD was cabin crew, M and S wide fitting were her favourites. Comfortable and stylish. I’m afraid I have never worn high heels, too tall and now a devotee of comfort.👵🏻

MissAdventure Mon 04-Feb-19 22:58:34

Ooh! Not with my bunions.
I've never been able to walk in heels.

Urmstongran Mon 04-Feb-19 23:12:55

Sadly killer heels have never been for me as I’m 5’7” and my husband is the same height. I was never confident enough to tower over him!
I met him in 1970 and he was wearing platform shoes (all the rage then ha!) and when he took them off I thought ‘where’s he gone?’ !

MissAdventure Mon 04-Feb-19 23:14:09


Jalima1108 Mon 04-Feb-19 23:38:08

I have a pair of pointed 4" heels which I wore for part of DD's wedding 14 years ago and which haven't seen the light of day since the end of the dinner (I changed into a pair of lower heeled sandals for the evening!)
Occasionally I get them out and think 'did I really wear those?'

I have one pair of low heeled shoes which will probably go to the charity shop at the next clear-out.

MissAdventure Mon 04-Feb-19 23:50:14

I have an unbelievable pair of boots which are going on eBay, hopefully in time for some other poor woman to get them as a present. wink

grannyactivist Tue 05-Feb-19 00:16:13

I have two pairs of identical nude leather shoes with a stiletto heel (not vertiginous) that I wear for weddings and similar formal events. Identical that is except that one of the pairs is a size larger than the other so that when my feet have swollen through standing around in heels I can slip on the larger pair and no-one will notice. smile
I have two pairs of black court shoes that have shorter heels that come out for funerals and occasionally business meetings.

Buffybee Tue 05-Feb-19 01:37:01

The last time I can remember wearing a pair of Killer Stilettos was on the Millenium Eve.
Most went to the Charity shops but I have a pair of Black suede with a block heel about 2" which are pretty easy to walk in, a pair of Black strappy ones I bought for the girls 18th Birthday Party, Clark's about 2 1/2 " and danced all night in them and a pair of wedge mule sandles.
Oh! And a pair of Black leather ankle boots, with a slight wedge, very soft leather and like gloves on my feet.
Everything else is flat or slight wedge, which I find very comfortable to walk in.
I have so many shoes, it's ridiculous!

absent Tue 05-Feb-19 02:51:44

I still have quite a few pairs of killer heels and do wear them from time to time on special occasions. However, we have a gravel drive, which has recently been extremely badly resurfaced and is now almost impossible to walk on – even in sandals or trainers – without twisting your ankle. Our landlord is coming with the agent for a routine inspection of the property on Thursday and will have an opportunity to see the lumpy drive and the hill at the top that she has, n doubt, paid for through the nose.

Newquay Tue 05-Feb-19 05:58:10

I heard something from a podiatrist recently on the radio saying how bad high heels are for you. She suggested dance trainers are the best! I think they’re quite in fashion now and understand many young women refuse to wear heels

RosieLeah Tue 05-Feb-19 06:31:44

I walk everywhere so comfort is a priority when it comes to shoes. If I was invited anywhere 'posh' I should need to buy a pair of heels as I don't possess a single pair...they would only be kitten heels though. I think those 'killer heels' look horrible..the wearer's legs look distorted.

EllanVannin Tue 05-Feb-19 06:45:19

Once upon a time I lost count of how many pairs of shoes I had, and had all colours to match whatever I wore. Slowly but surely the highest of the heels were bagged/boxed and sent to the charity shop, pretty reluctantly I might add but for comfort's sake heels gradually got lower until I settled for small heels/wedges of the moccasin type--slip-ons, no laces etc which require bending. It's depressing !

I'm afraid I'd be doing a Dick Emery if I wore the same heels now. It's comfort not style for me and a firm grip of terra-firma.

Carolina55 Tue 05-Feb-19 07:16:08

Still have a few pairs which I wear with certain dresses but only car-to-bar nowadays or a short walk. At what age do we decide to go for comfort over style ladies?

glammanana Tue 05-Feb-19 07:19:01

My only pair of killer heels are 5" grey satin finish with lots of bling to the front worn for my sons wedding in LV where everything is certainly over the top,it was a case of get me to the venue and stand me up in one place until the ceremony was over and pics where taken just to prove I had worn them,then change into a comfy pair of pumps.
I am now on speed dial to Hotter shoe sale for my everyday comfort.

NfkDumpling Tue 05-Feb-19 07:25:22

Ditto Umstongran! Ive been wearing the flattest of flat shoes for 50 years now.

cornergran Tue 05-Feb-19 07:26:16

Just bought some wedge heels to go with a dress I have surprised myself by fitting into for an event on the horizon. They seem comfortable, time will tell. I do still have some brightly coloured shoes, mostly fuchsia pink and all shades of red.

EllanVannin Tue 05-Feb-19 07:29:03

Hotters are so cumfy. I had a pair for years until I literally wore them out. Must invest in another pair for summer.