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lemongrove Tue 05-Feb-19 11:55:21

Find myself buying all sorts of bits and bobs for the garden
These days (apart from plants, which is why this is under the chat and not gardening heading.)
DH calls it ‘naffery’ grin and any day now I shall be buying fairy lights.
So far I have: solar lights ( twinkly! Pretty!) a lifelike rabbit munching the grass, a bird feeder tray ( for ground feeding birds) with a row of ceramic birds on it, two brightly painted wall pots and a hanging jewelled dragonfly.
I fear this could be catching, as a friend who visited last week for coffee has now succumbed to this and has bought the same dragonfly!
Are there any fellow sufferers out there?🤣

merlotgran Tue 05-Feb-19 12:07:57

My brother bought me this book

Years ago. It's a really funny guide on the subject of garden snobbery. I'm glad it's still in my bookcase and not in the charity shop because it appears they are now collectable. shock

I do love a good piss mickey take. grin

GrannyGravy13 Tue 05-Feb-19 12:09:17

Oh I couldn't possibly say, but......... my terracotta snail is peeping out from under the bottle brush plant looking at the dragonflies and butterflies bouncing around on their canes in the breeze 😜😜😜😜😜

Fennel Tue 05-Feb-19 12:17:34

We moved into this house last June - we have a tiny back garden.
Whoever lived here before had an addiction to these terracotta etc artifacts. We've managed to get rid of at least 30? fancy plant pots.
Every time I walk in there I step over a round tile that says 'Welcome!'
So I intend to keep it simple.

Fishpieplease Tue 05-Feb-19 12:53:28

I think it’s a good way of thinking ahead to spring. I now rein myself in that department as my father-in-law decided to paint hundreds of large garden pebbles and display them,green and blue alternating everywhere. Naffery is a good term,better than the one my brother in-law uses. He’ll often announce that they are all crap#ed out.

MissAdventure Tue 05-Feb-19 12:55:03

I haven't got a garden, only a back door step.
It has 3 suncatchers, all waving their arms merrily around.
A table. A ladder type shelf thingy.
Some shells, a Buddha, a few hanging plaques, solar lights, 5 lanterns and some chairs. blush

MacCavity2 Tue 05-Feb-19 13:05:22

“Naffery “ I like that word and it does describe our tiny garden (outside space). But there are so many pretty things in the garden centres and it brightens up the winter outlook.

lemongrove Tue 05-Feb-19 13:13:13

👍🏻*McCavity *.... you are one cool cat grin
Yes, harmless naffery that brings a smile, we need more of it!
Race you to the garden centre?

jusnoneed Tue 05-Feb-19 13:31:09

I only like things that are a useful part of the garden, I don't like lights and ornaments etc.
My OH on the other hand would have anything in there. He got hold of a light a few years ago (someone else throwing it out) , looked like the old fashioned street lamps but was made of some sort of plastic. I just said "where on earth did that tat some from?" and it vanished again lol. He also got hold of realistic looking plastic ducks and I found them dotted about, why? They didn't stay long, similar fate to some gnomes!

MacCavity2 Tue 05-Feb-19 13:32:41

Ha ha, lemongrove always wanted to be called that! Thanks.

Gonegirl Tue 05-Feb-19 13:47:34

That's another book I'm getting for daughter's birthday Merlot. It'll have to a 'used-very good one' though. New, the cheapest is £34 odd!

merlotgran Tue 05-Feb-19 14:06:18

I suppose some books become popular when they are out of print. I can't imagine anyone paying £34!!

I'd like to get my hands on a copy of Monty Don's 'The Prikotty Bush' but at £221 I don't think it's ever going to happen. shock

Beau Tue 05-Feb-19 14:33:02

Yes, we have gnomes, frogs in various positions, hedgehogs the same, tiny birds hidden among the ground cover, tiny meerkat solar lights in some pots, owls dotted about, ladybird and bee pot canes of every hue - I did it for DGS as it's his home too with a huge garden and now we can never stop - he loves them all 🤗

Luckygirl Tue 05-Feb-19 15:05:33

We have naffery - the DGC just love it - fairies and their houses, hidden animals - wonderful!

Many years ago my SIL bought me an illuminated santa to go on the balcony at the house we then had - he bought it out of sheer devilry as he thought Ma-in-law would be horrified. I loved it - and he was quite disappointed!

Alima Tue 05-Feb-19 15:17:34

Naffery sounds good, better than garden twee. We started off with the naff bits ‘n bobs when the DGC were very little. Windmills, twinkly lights, flower border ornaments. For many years my favourite was a frog wot croacked when anything went passed it. Frightened the cats to pieces. Sadly does croak no more. I need to get to the pound shop to stock up.

J52 Tue 05-Feb-19 16:13:56

I had that book! Gave to the charity shop when we moved. I hope they charged enough for it.

lemongrove Tue 05-Feb-19 16:17:46

That reminded me Alima that we used to have a bluetit sitting on a rock (curtesy of B&M) that tweeted when anyone went past it.Then it fell silent, then it’s head fell off.
Time for a new one!

lemongrove Tue 05-Feb-19 16:19:24

Merlot grin I’m definitely non yew.

MissAdventure Tue 05-Feb-19 16:21:28

Poundland is great for Naffery.
I've had a good old browse in there today. smile
I love it as I approach my flat.
All the others are grim, whereas mine has windchimes, dangly things, windmills..

KatyK Tue 05-Feb-19 16:26:18

We have two gnomes, a stone rabbit and a couple of little welcome to our garden signs. DD bought use a lovely terracotta toadstool with a robin sitting on it for Christmas. That will go out when the weather improves. I also have a stone from The Lakes of Killarney.

lemongrove Tue 05-Feb-19 16:28:17

My next garden ambition is to aquire a staddle stone, very popular in my county.Also very expensive.

MissAdventure Tue 05-Feb-19 16:31:28

I've been looking at craft ideas.
I'm thinking of making a pair of hands out of stone which you can put plants or stones in.

POGS Tue 05-Feb-19 17:12:12

I love my garden 'naffery ' but I wish I could stop wasting money on solar lighting that packs up too quickly

KatyK Tue 05-Feb-19 17:14:33

Oh yes we've got lots of lights too.

Witzend Tue 05-Feb-19 17:34:34

The only thing (apart from plants) I've bought for the garden in the past couple of years is Spike O'Saurus, a prehistoric tortoise cast in bronze. Found him outside a little metal-worker's shop in France. He's quite big - around 20 inches long - and occasionally gives people a bit of a turn, because he looks so real!