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MissAdventure Wed 06-Feb-19 12:26:30

Do you have any of the characteristics associated with it?
Do you know anyone who is a 'typical' Scorpio, Aries, or other sign?
I'm not suggesting it's anything other than a load of twaddle, before anyone jumps on me, by the way.

janeainsworth Wed 06-Feb-19 12:40:28

I remember reading ‘alternative’ horoscope advice once.
Libran women, of which I’m one, were told to ensure that they acquired a husband at an early age, ‘before their big appealing eyes turn into their baggy appalling eyes’shockshock

Anniebach Wed 06-Feb-19 12:51:33

Cancer , ruled by the moon and tides , maternal .
Love the sea , ruled by the moon is worrying 😀

Cherrytree59 Wed 06-Feb-19 12:58:30

I'm a typical Aries, a fire sign🔥.
Had an astrology chart done in the late eighties.
It was mainly to do with
a person's characteristics
I can only remenber a couple things.
1, My Moon is in cancer which seems to fit with my personality.
2, I have no Air signs on my astrological chart.

However DH is a typical Libra which is an air sign so probably creates some balance in our relationship.
My Chart was Done by Penny Thornton.

I don't believe that the planets can predict the future, but I can see certain characteristics in friends and family that relate to their star sign.

What is your star sign MissA And are you typical or just the opposite?

notanan2 Wed 06-Feb-19 13:05:36

I believe in starsign traits because you share experiences with babies born the same time as you, e.g. autumn babies were always in the older half of their class at school etc,

Charleygirl5 Wed 06-Feb-19 13:09:27

Virgo and I am perfect.

Cherrytree59 Wed 06-Feb-19 13:11:29

I'm watching my 2nd grandson with interest
He shares his birthday with his uncle (my daughters, brother) my DD, DS and Grandson all share same star sign.

Miep1 Wed 06-Feb-19 13:19:01

I think I am a typical Capricorn and one of my daughters fits her sign to a 'T' as well; the other two not at all

MissAdventure Wed 06-Feb-19 13:21:55

Cherrytree I'm a very, very typical Taurus, I think.
Solid (in every way fat), dependable, love home comforts, eating, music.
Very rarely lose my temper, but extremely stubborn.

Cherrytree59 Wed 06-Feb-19 13:23:47

Charleygirl My Grandmother was a Virgo and she was also perfect 👼

MissAdventure Wed 06-Feb-19 13:24:43

Strangely enough, my ex was a Virgo, and also perfect! grin

TwiceAsNice Wed 06-Feb-19 13:25:49

I am Cancer. Typical in some ways but it’s a water sign and says I should be happy in water but I can’t swim andIm terrified of water especially if I can see it all around me

GrannyGravy13 Wed 06-Feb-19 13:26:20

I am on the cusp Cancer/Leo and have a mixture of both signs traits.

I love my home and family, but also love a night out /weekend/week away with my girlfriends.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 06-Feb-19 13:26:52

Twiceasnice I am terrified of water also!!

Beau Wed 06-Feb-19 13:29:12

Another perfect Virgo here 😉
Yes, I do think there's something in the personality traits - sometimes you just know what sign a person is going to say they are.
I am a very typical Virgo because my rising signs etc. are Earth signs as well. I find it quite interesting as a subject.

MissAdventure Wed 06-Feb-19 13:30:31

My mum was an Aries, and she seemed to have almost all of the traits.
Outspoken, very firey at times, but very kind.
My plodding ways infuriated her.
She told me I needed a 'squib up my arse' many a time.

Cherrytree59 Wed 06-Feb-19 13:41:05

You sound lovely MissA stubborn is a useful trait smile

Agree with loving home and comforts.
I have 3 family members who are all taureans,
2 still live in the same. family house since birth.
The third until recently lived in family home with parents and spouse until sadly home was sold for care costs.

Auntieflo Wed 06-Feb-19 13:42:12

I am a Gemini, on the cusp.
Married to a Gemini! We have lasted 55 years.
I think I am the optimist. DH is more the pessimist.

MissAdventure Wed 06-Feb-19 13:44:25

I think Marilyn Monroe was a Gemini. smile

Grammaretto Wed 06-Feb-19 14:13:30

I'm a Leo. Not typical perhaps like Napoleon? but I am a lazy lion who likes nothing better than to laze on a warm hilltop and drift off to sleep and roar occasionally.
DH is a water sign and we seem to get on alright.
I don't see why the stars and planets, sun and moon can't have an effect on us, after all we depend on the sun for life itself.

Anniebach Wed 06-Feb-19 14:13:37

TwiceAsNice I have such a longing to get to the coast , find the sea healing

Izabella Wed 06-Feb-19 14:47:12

Grannygravy I am sorry you are on the cusp. Must be painful grin

Alima Wed 06-Feb-19 14:49:58

Taurus, stubborn bull in a china shop. Spot on.

paddyann Wed 06-Feb-19 14:53:52

Missadventure that squib sounds very familiar .As an aries I like things to get done WHEN I want them done not tomorrow . Very fiery when its a cause close to my heart like Independence .My C know that well .Apart from that I'm the easiest going person on the planet.messy rooms etc dont bother me ...I just shut the door

GrannyGravy13 Wed 06-Feb-19 14:54:29

Izabella it certainly is for Mr.GG13, he is desperate to go on a cruise, but I am petrified at the thought.

I like being next to the sea, or river, we live close to the Thames Estuary but being on a boat makes me so frightened.