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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 07-Feb-19 06:18:49

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but its dry and clear here in brackley this morning.
My usual repeat of Tuesday today to Bicester and Buckingham, coffees in cafes and browse and buy in shops.
This last year or so, with my diabetes 2 , I have tried alternative medication such as black seed oil , its helped reduce my weight, plus on blood test a lower reading tempted to try a stronger cumin, but use it sparingly.

Gagagran Thu 07-Feb-19 06:29:19

Good Morning Mick. It appears dry now here on the south coast after torrential rain yesterday evening. Got soaked going to and from choir.

We are off on the supermarket run, shortly, then a restful day until a GP appointment this afternoon combined with a library visit. Still feeling wishy washy after the lurgy.

Hope the day is a good one for us all.

dragonfly46 Thu 07-Feb-19 06:29:46

Good morning all.
It is blowing a gale here in Leicestershire.
Awaiting results of blood test taken yesterday and may have to return to hospital today.
Also having coffee with friends.

ninathenana Thu 07-Feb-19 06:30:55

Morning Mick and everyone.

I can hear the wind but the rain has stopped here in Kent.
Eye clinic this morning. I'm in and out quiet quickly but fed up with it, it's been every month for a year now. Yes, I know people endure far worse.

Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Thu 07-Feb-19 06:35:29

Morning Mick, morning all.

Wet and windy this morning in North Leicestershire. Sainsbury's and butchers for me this morning and then a cup of tea and catchup with my lovely friend.

Hope all goes well today, dragonfly. And nina.

NannyJan53 Thu 07-Feb-19 06:44:24

Good Morning from a wet and windy Black Country,

It is partners birthday today, but he is off to work soon. Woke him with a cuppa and presents and cards, and he said he had forgotten!

Off to Solicitors with Mum today to sign her POA, my brother is coming over, so we will have lunch here together.

Wishing you both well today dragonfly and nina

Susan56 Thu 07-Feb-19 07:01:30

Good morning.Blowing a gale here in Shropshire and heavy rain.Thank you for all the kind thoughts and good wishes yesterday.It meant a lot and really helped me.No surgery for mum due to her age,just scans to keep a check on things and maybe some treatment after the next scan.She is more than happy with that so we have to be too.DGD coming for her Thursday sleepover so she will keep us entertained while we wait to hear how DD gets on with her biopsy results.
Hope all goes well today dragonfly and nina💐have a good day everyone.

DoraMarr Thu 07-Feb-19 07:06:45

Good morning everyone from Birmingham, where dawn is breaking on a dry, windy day. One of my daily pleasures is to sit with my early cup of tea and watch the sun rising over the park.
It’s my last hospital visit this morning. The staff have been wonderful: kind, patient, always cheerful. It is quite humbling to watch them working, their expertise and professionalism are second to none.

Grammaretto Thu 07-Feb-19 07:21:05

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Just getting light and it feels mild.
Regular hospital app today for DH so we'll make as nice a day of it as possible.
I've been thinking of you Dora , Dragonfly & susan
We sorted out the world at craft group yesterday. Council cuts, tradespeople who don't turn up, shop closures. In fact many of the things we talk about on here!

Willow10 Thu 07-Feb-19 07:28:15

Good morning. Wet and very windy in East Northants. Feeling nervous about that loose roof slate that is directly above where my car is parked! I can't see the roofer coming out in this today. Taking my granddaughter and great grandson for shopping and lunch later. Have a pleasant day everyone.

GrannyIris5 Thu 07-Feb-19 07:40:20

Good morning all. Dry but blowy in a dark dreary Uxbridge.

Nanabanana1 Thu 07-Feb-19 07:44:36

Good morning all
My first post here 😄 Mild and dry here in Torbay. Missing my knit and natter today as have to wait in for tv engineer. Will take my dog out later and do some baking.
Hope everyone has a good day.

BlueSapphire Thu 07-Feb-19 07:46:00

Good morning, blowing a gale here too in Northampton. Just thinking that when I was teaching infants a windy day would make the children loud and boisterous (or 'hyper' as some would say now). Wonder if it still has that effect? Glad I'm not still in the classroom!

Another day at home in the warm, hoping my cold will sort itself out. Hope to read more of our book club choice this month. It's David Attenborough's Adventures of a Young Naturalist, which I remember reading many moons ago.

Trust everyone has a good day.

NanKate Thu 07-Feb-19 07:50:10

Good Morning Mick an All.

Dry cloudy and slightly milder in South Bucks.

Packing to go down to Sussex tomorrow to celebrate the 2 GSs birthdays. I asked the boys what food they wanted me to bring the 6 year old said salami and the nearly 8 year old asked for garlic bread, how tastes have changed.

1inamillion Thu 07-Feb-19 07:52:08

Good morning.
Am in hospital for an overnight stay. Had a foot fusion due to severe arthritis. Awaiting a commode and a cuppa.
Thinking of you dragonfly,Nina and Susan 💐

cornergran Thu 07-Feb-19 07:57:46

Morning Mick, morning All from a wet and oh so windy corner of Somerset. Noisy night with little sleep for me. Off to see a friend this morning then not sure what for the rest of the day. Hope Thursday is kind to everyone.

Brunette10 Thu 07-Feb-19 08:01:10

Good Morning to all and to those who follow. it's damp here in Fife today but not too a bad day overall. On call for our DGS's today as DD has the sick bug. Horrible when you feel like that and have young children to look after. Will wait and see what the day brings. For those under the weather look after yourselves. For those with hospital appointments hope all goes well.

angelic Thu 07-Feb-19 08:12:25

Morning all, from a bright, but very windy Hampshire.
Off to GS school Mass this morning we really enjoy, as the Children partake and make it so lovely to watch and listen to.
Have a safe day and take care

Pittcity Thu 07-Feb-19 08:19:18

Good morning from a sunny but very windy Colchester. The wind has been howling and rattling the windows since the small hours. Waiting to rush out once the bin men have been to prevent our many different recycling bins ending up further down the road.

megan123 Thu 07-Feb-19 08:20:00

Good morning all. Wishing you well with your hospital appointments, and 1inamillion actually resident - hope you are soon home.
Weather in the Pennines is dreadful this morning and heavy snow forecast for later. A day indoors today.
Take care everyone, stay safe and warm.

Nana3 Thu 07-Feb-19 08:28:06

Good morning all, pouring down in Lancashire we don't have the wind though.
1inamillion best wishes to you hope you get home soon flowers
We are out with friends this evening.
Have a good day everyone.

Greyduster Thu 07-Feb-19 08:42:15

Good morning Michael and all GNs from a wet, windy and grey South Yorkshire. I have some cupcakes to ice this morning and then hairdressers for me later and the second school run of the week. But I don’t feel like getting out of bed at the moment! Have a good day folks.

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 07-Feb-19 08:47:41

Good morning, early post for me as tennis at 9.30. Didn't notice how windy it was until I looked out at the back garden. Luckily it seems to be dropping; the plastic dome we play under has to be deflated if the wind gets too strong. Off to choir this evening.

harrigran Thu 07-Feb-19 08:48:52

Good morning, it is grey and damp after heavy overnight rain.
Quiet day today because we are going to the theatre tonight, GD's school production.

Geryfelin Thu 07-Feb-19 08:49:23

Good morning all, and welcome, Nanabanana1. We had a windy night here in Wales, with a bit of scary tile rattling. Yoga this morning then coffee with a friend. Thinking of those with treatments and test results, and sending best wishes.