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What's on your Bucket List?

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BradfordLass72 Tue 19-Feb-19 08:23:33

In case you don't know (never assume smile ) this is a list of things you'd like to do in your lifetime.

Most things appearing on standard lists, I've done but today I saw a man dangling from a helicopter, checking power lines and thought what fun it would be to do that.

Not check power lines but dangle from a helicopter by harness or in a chair.

Discounting age, infirmity and cost - what would be on your Bucket List?

Pittcity Tue 19-Feb-19 08:28:40

To see as much of the world as dangling or jumping from heights though.

MissAdventure Tue 19-Feb-19 08:30:30

I haven't got a bucket list.
I'll just go with the flow and see what happens.
I've never been very ambitious. smile

Harris27 Tue 19-Feb-19 08:33:17

I would love to go on the orient express think I've watched too much Poirot!😂 I'm realising one of my bucket list items seeing rod Stewart in Newcastle July after buying his records since 1975!!!im only 59!!

Willow500 Tue 19-Feb-19 08:37:12

Never had one - I've never wanted to do anything in particular - totally unambitious that's me grin

Anniebach Tue 19-Feb-19 08:50:15

I saw Derek the weather man on tv last week, he was in New Quay , I long to go back there , walk along the Quay, see the dolphins

For years I wanted to go to the Holy Land, never will , but 58 miles and I could be in New Quay again.

MawBroon Tue 19-Feb-19 08:54:02

So many things I haven’t done , but on reflection, I no longer feel too bothered.
So instead of a Bucket list, perhaps I’ll just have a F** it list! grin

M0nica Tue 19-Feb-19 08:54:14

Nothing, in case in chasing bucket list items, I miss the even better experiences that may come my way.

lemongrove Tue 19-Feb-19 09:00:20

I wish I could do long haul flights, I would really like to visit NZ.
I would also like to get a small/medium sized dog ( not possible)
Other than that, not much really, as I do much as I want to already.

lemongrove Tue 19-Feb-19 09:00:55

Maw grin

RosieLeah Tue 19-Feb-19 09:01:27

Nothing dramatic. Since I divorced my husband, I haven't had access to a car. I miss the day trips we used to have, walks in the countryside and days at the coast. I have always fancied buying a campervan and travelling around Britain, visiting all the places I haven't seen. Most of my childhood was spent abroad (military family), so I've seen enough of other countries.

Teetime Tue 19-Feb-19 09:08:03

I think I am with mawbroon on the whole but I would quite like to ride a horse at some time- nothing stopping me I just need to book it and do it.
For me thing is that life keeps throwing up things that I never thought I would do so I am sorting waiting for the next thing to come along.

NannyJan53 Tue 19-Feb-19 09:24:22

I want to visit Iceland (the country, not the supermarket) smile

EllanVannin Tue 19-Feb-19 09:25:15

I'm more than happy now to have done what I did in the past when I was fit, and Harris, I went on the Orient Express some years ago for a Victorian Christmas celebration and the carriage I was in was called Perseus. Fantastic.
I also enjoyed the sights surrounding Sydney from the top of the Tower.

Mainland China,Singapore to name but a couple-----what more do I want ?

Present moment my wish is to remain in reasonable health to enable me to get around ( in my 79th year ) and for my family to be suitably healthy too.
As long as I've got something to eat to keep me going I don't need anything else.

harrigran Tue 19-Feb-19 09:35:41

I do not have a bucket list, not much interest in travelling to remote countries or bungee jumping over gorges. Travel and wildlife documentaries on the TV are so good you don't need to actually go in person to experience the scenery. I often say to DH that the presenter probably gets access to areas the general public would not be able to see anyway.

KatyK Tue 19-Feb-19 09:43:05

I've been to a lot of places that I never thought I would see - Venice, New York, Italian Lakes etc. I'm not sure there's anywhere I'd like to go now except maybe to see The Northern Lights or travel on the Orient express. I have longed to see Michael Bublé in concert but could never get/afford tickets but now we have them smile I wish I'd learned to swim and drive.

Dontaskme Tue 19-Feb-19 09:52:01

We were talking about this just the other day and I came to the conclusion that I've done everything that I wanted to do, long before I kick the bucket.
Most people seem to have the same things on theirs, like climb a mountain (done it) or ride a camel (done it) or travel (done it).
IMHO life is short and experiences should be covered throughout, not stored up as a "wish list" that you may not have time left to achieve!
Good luck to all of you who still have things you want to do, I really hope you get to do them smile

AllTheLs Tue 19-Feb-19 09:52:06

"I often say to DH that the presenter probably gets access to areas the general public would not be able to see anyway". You're right harrigan, but it doesn't make me feel any better about not being able to afford to visit all those wonderful wildlife places.

My bucket list wish: Costa Rica

sue01 Tue 19-Feb-19 09:54:44

Northern Lights.

Trip across the Sahara Desert.

Hire PJ Proby to sing at our 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Have a flower named after me.

Spend more time by the sea.

Buy a Mini Moke.

12Michael Tue 19-Feb-19 10:00:19

I would like to do a 7 day railtour of the UK , starting in south west ,and going up to Thurso.
Using an all line rail ticket obvious with the senior railcard discount.
Using the Penzance sleeper ,and also the caledonain sleeper as well.
But try and cover NEWS coastlines.

Skinnylizzie Tue 19-Feb-19 10:02:19

I have a bucket list of train journeys- the Nordland express & trans Siberia are at the top!

soldiersailor Tue 19-Feb-19 10:02:43

Well, I've dangled several times from a helicopter as it was part of my job as a naval officer to land on merchant ships, and mostly it was great fun. But the one thing I'd love to do is have the time to do a cruise of the Great Loop waterways in the USA. This heads north from Florida, past NY, up to the Canadian border, through Chicago, then to the Missouri and then south to reach the Gulf of Mexico, finally ending in Florida. But I think the cost of medical insurance and two much loved cats won't allow this!

middleagespread Tue 19-Feb-19 10:05:31

Hot air ballooning . And it’s booked! Just hoping for good weather and I’ll be ticking it off my list next week. I’m a bit excited. smile

Sheilasue Tue 19-Feb-19 10:06:22

Oh so many things on my bucket list, would like to travel most of all. I am looking forward to visiting a few European cities.

marpau Tue 19-Feb-19 10:07:24

RosieLeigh have you tried coach trip great way to get around. I find using local companies is best as less pick up points
I always wanted to do a wing walk on an airplane however there is a requirement to be under 9 stone so I should add being thin to wish list