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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 02-Mar-19 06:18:29

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark ,and its wet here in Brackley this morning, today will be my usual visits to Bicester then Buckingham, with the weather if it remains doubtful as to flea market..
There is a dealer who sells old maps ,and she comes from Bedford, and I often look for older local maps of my own neck of the woods as the maps also gives you a bit of social history depending on the year of production.

Gettingitrightoneday Sat 02-Mar-19 06:40:43

Good Morning Mick.

I am second in line this morning. That is about the first time. Have a good time.

NanKate Sat 02-Mar-19 06:45:28

Good Morning Mick Getting and All.

I’m third in line.

Grey here in South Bucks.

Hope you get a good map today Mick.

We are giving ourselves a day off in Windsor before it all kicks off and we are on DGSs duties in Sussex over the next few weeks. I am expecting lunch at Carluccio’s and a bit of retail therapy.

Nanabanana1 Sat 02-Mar-19 06:51:45

Good morning all, damp and mild today in Torbay, hope it dries up for today, as have Grandson and Grandaughter staying and GS says he fancies seaside chips today so seems trip to Paignton pier and beach will be the order of the day😄
Hope everyone will have a good day.

Nanabanana1 Sat 02-Mar-19 06:53:07

Not as posh as Carluccios Nankate. Enjoy your lunch.

Harris27 Sat 02-Mar-19 07:00:41

Good morning woke early as went to sleep exhausted last night. It's ok in ne but damp .going to barter books today in Alnwick it's like an aladins cave of books and gorgeous restaurant. Hubby just goes to be fed but I love the books and the atmosphere. It's an old railway station converted into a book cave! Fab. Have a good day everyone.

Nannytopsy Sat 02-Mar-19 07:11:51

I don’t think I have been this early before! Good morning Mick and all who followed. We are off to see Leicester Tigers ( my team) play Wasps (DH’s team) this afternoon. Neither team is at their best just now so anyone’s guess today. Curry tonight with good friends. Have a good day everyone!

Urmstongran Sat 02-Mar-19 07:15:12

Good morning everyone from a mild and fairly bright south Manchester.

12 months today since my mum died. She was 86y and much loved. Our youngest daughter has suggested we all gather at hers this afternoon for a takeaway from mums favourite restaurant and some bubbles to raise a glass and share some memories. I’m glad dad is well enough to join us after a health scare earlier this week.

I love the sound of your trip to the book cave Harris27 - food and books would be my idea of heaven!

Hope today is kind to all, whatever the plans or none.

kittylester Sat 02-Mar-19 07:15:29

Morning all from a grey North Leicestershire.

Going to collect a small side table this morning from a lovely on line store this morning.

Our Carluccio's has 'gone off lately kate. It used to be our refuelling stop when shopping but we were disappointed last time.

MawBroon Sat 02-Mar-19 07:16:04

Good morning all - grey and damp here in N Bucks.
Very much enjoyed meeting up with Bluesapphire yesterday - when did “coffee” last 3 hours!
Hope to make it lunch next time.
Sadly my lurgy seems to have returned 🤧🤒😷🤧 so I shall be continuing the hunkering down therapy. Shopping being delivered this afternoon, but nothing else needing my attention.
Wishing you all a pleasant day.

Susan56 Sat 02-Mar-19 07:21:06

Good morning all.Damp and drizzly in Shropshire today.Its my birthday today,I am meeting DD1 and DGD for lunch.
Thinking of you today Urmstongran💐sounds like a perfect way to remember your mum with your dad and family💐

1inamillion Sat 02-Mar-19 07:23:00

Good Morning from a damp Glamorgan coast.
DD,DS and DiL went to see Brian Cox in Cardiff last night and said he was really good.

Nana, we sat on a bench at the harbour side of Paignton pier in September and ate fish and chips. We used to do that when our children were small. Hope you and Mr Nana enjoy your lunch.
Hope you feel better soon Maw.
Have a good day everyone.

Grammaretto Sat 02-Mar-19 07:23:58

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Still dry here. Our usual coffee morning. I bring flowers and home made cake.
I love Barter Books in Alnwick too Harris. Leakey's in Inverness is another Alladin's cave. We're lucky in the Borders with several independent book shops.

1inamillion Sat 02-Mar-19 07:24:18

Urmstongran 💐

1inamillion Sat 02-Mar-19 07:33:33

Nana, that should be your grandchildren! My eyes aren't working yet, must be in weekend mode 😞

Greyduster Sat 02-Mar-19 07:35:45

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Another grey day in South Yorkshire. DH is still fill of cold so won’t be going far today. I will bake and potter. Have a good day folks.

Sar53 Sat 02-Mar-19 07:37:25

Good morning everyone from a grey Essex by the sea. DH will be painting the bathroom ceiling later, ready for work to start in there on Monday. I'm going to make a tea loaf, fruit has been soaking all night. We're off out later to look for a mirror for the bathroom. Have a good day everyone.

mumofmadboys Sat 02-Mar-19 07:44:48

Good morning from the Lake District! Another fan of Barter Books in Alnwick here!!

oldgaijin Sat 02-Mar-19 07:47:42

Good morning all from a clear, sunny's been a bit damp through the night but it looks like a nice day ahead.
Shall try and hang the bedroom curtains which are finished, at last, and I can take down the temporary Roman blind. It's only been ten years!
Shall also go to our local garden centre for compost, mainly because the owner has a cage of the rudest parrots and are very amusing, so it could be an afternoon of filling seed trays.
Have a happy day everyone.

Harris27 Sat 02-Mar-19 07:49:50

Mumofmadboys - it's definitely my place to go to when I need food and book fix! X

Marydoll Sat 02-Mar-19 07:55:25

Good morning all, from a damp Glasgow.
I seem to have seized up this morning, after my trip to Edinburgh, but it was really worth it.
I had a great time with all the lovely Edinburgh grans.

Maw, isn't it great when when you just "hit" it off with someone.
What a special way to remember your mum, Urmstongran flowers
Kate and Nanbanal, have an enjoyable day, Windsor is on my list of places to see, before I kick the bucket.grin. Chips by the sea, nothing better!
I've just realised that if my father was still living, he would have been 113 on his birthday yesterday!!
A special thanks to Magic Maggie, who sent me instructions on how to open the magic box. I took great delight in sending DD an image of the opened box.

Have a pleasant Saturday and those who are under the weather, "hunker down, " as Maw suggests.

NannyJan53 Sat 02-Mar-19 08:02:31

Good Morning from a very damp and grey Black Country.

Today we must get in the loft to find our summer clothes as we are off to Lanzarote a week on Sunday sunshine (hopefully lots of it)!

Also, need to order the new worktops and splash backs for the kitchen ready for the carpenter after we are back.

The barter books sounds like my idea of heaven Harris27 I don't think there is anything like that near here.

Thinking of you today Urmstongran flowers

Mapleleaf Sat 02-Mar-19 08:02:57

Good morning.
The sun is streaming through the kitchen window as I type, but not sure how long it will last. Feels quite chilly though. Amazing how a few mikes in the same county can be so different, isn't it greyduster. Mind you, it can be different in the next village, sometimes! 🙂
That sounds a lovely idea for tonight, Urmstangran. flowers.
Rummaging in a book shop sounds bliss, Harris. Have fun.
Hope today is a good day for you all. 🙂

Mapleleaf Sat 02-Mar-19 08:03:27

Miles, not mikes!

Willow10 Sat 02-Mar-19 08:06:05

Good morning all. A bit grey and damp in E.Northants. Some washing and sewing to do today, although I'd rather be on the beach eating fish and chips like nanabanana1! I went to the dog rescue centre after ten pin bowling yesterday, but there were still no cat-friendly pooches to be had. Hope it's a good day for everyone.