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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 09-Mar-19 06:13:25

Good Morning Everyone,
Its daylight here in Brackley and dry at the moment, usual day for me.
Will go off to to Buckingham and Bicester later usual shop and coffees.

DoraMarr Sat 09-Mar-19 06:25:52

Good morning from Birmingham, where dawn is breaking on a still, cloudy day, with sunshine promised later. I’m going to a children’s concert this morning with two of my daughters and their children. A group of musicians from the CBSO will play, and there will be a presenter who will lead the babies and toddlers in singing games- it’s always good fun. We are planning to have lunch in the Edwardian tea rooms at the Art Gallery afterwards.
Have a good day, everyone!

oldgaijin Sat 09-Mar-19 06:32:49

Good morning all from a cold, dry Aberdeenshire.
Am up early to do an airport run, putting daughter back to LHR ....a teary day ahead, I think. It will be July before I see her again. At least g'son has Dad's old phone so we can email/facetime when the family are in Singapore.
Have a happy day everyone.

Nanabanana1 Sat 09-Mar-19 06:45:38

Good morning all, cold morning here in Torbay, hoping to get in the garden today to do some much needed tidying.
Wishing everyone a happy day.

Gagagran Sat 09-Mar-19 06:57:32

Good Morning Mick and everyone. It's a cool, damp and cloudy start here on the south coast.

My dental ordeal yesterday was not a pleasant way to spend 45 minutes, with my jaw wide open and the dentist digging deep down to the bone! However, the aftermath has been better than expected and I have only needed one lot of paracetemol so far. Glad it's over though!

DH is going out with his cycling club this morning so I plan a quiet day reading and watching recorded TV.

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

kittylester Sat 09-Mar-19 07:13:08

Morning all from a bright North Leicestershire.

Not a lot on today apart from a trip to the flower shop and then making brunch for DH and DS1 before they go to the match.

I like my Saturday afternoons while they are at the match. I catch up on recorded tv, read and ignore anything else I should be doing.

dragonfly46 Sat 09-Mar-19 07:24:36

Good Morning from a sunny Leicestershire. Taking graddoggy out for a walk while DD and SiL have a lie in. Much wine was supped last night so they will need it.

1inamillion Sat 09-Mar-19 07:43:15

Good Morning Mick and everyone from an extremely windy South Glam coast.
Will catch up on this month's Book Club choice this morning then will watch the rugby this afternoon. DS and little dog coming over to watch.
We're having pizza this evening, looking forward to that.
Have a good Saturday everyone.

Urmstongran Sat 09-Mar-19 07:48:05

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where no sun is to be seen, not even a slick of blue sky. Complete white cloud cover, no sight of the Pennine ridge. At least it’s dry and still.

Weekly Saturday hair appointment for wash and blow then at lunchtime walk round to play ‘kitchens’ and handbags with baby 2y old whilst 6y grandson goes to a football party.

Just weighed myself and the diet is paying off (at last) so I’m a happy bunny! Hope everyone has a good Saturday. x

aggie Sat 09-Mar-19 07:50:58

Good Morning All , wet and windy here , we are booked to go garden visiting this am , not sure if that will happen

Greyduster Sat 09-Mar-19 08:05:59

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Sun and showers in South Yorkshire today, and cold. DS is coming down for an early footall kick off today and then steak and kidney pudding before he goes home. I have to deal with the man who is coming to give an estimate for extending our patio. Have a good day folks.

harrigran Sat 09-Mar-19 08:11:59

Good morning, cold and damp in the NE.
Yesterday was all morning appointment for me and all afternoon for DH so a day when nothing got done in the house, hopefully rectify that today.

Marydoll Sat 09-Mar-19 08:21:45

Good morning all from a wet Glasgow.

Daughter eventually found her purse at 8pm last night. I spent the whole day worrying.
I wonder what disaster will befall her today. We never know what will happen next.

A pottering about day today, I'm hoping to get some hot cross buns made. Despite making them for over forty years, Thursday's were an absolute disaster! DH says I'm " losing my touch". I think the look on my face, stopped him from saying anymore! grin
I used to do it all instinctively, now I have to keep checking amounts. sad
Is this an age thing? 🤔

Gaga, I'm glad your ordeal is over. I had an op years ago to remove lateral roots, it was awful. I had bits of black thread from the stitches, hanging out of my mouth.
I had to phone the police, as we had an intruder in our back garden.
The officer was desperately trying not to look at my mouth, whilst taking my statement. grin

Have a good Saturday all.

Brunette10 Sat 09-Mar-19 08:27:27

Good Morning all. It’s a bright start here in Fife but very cold. Glad DD found purse Mary, such a relief. Hope everyone has a good day.

ninathenana Sat 09-Mar-19 08:28:19

Morning all from a bright and rather breezy Kent.
Only plan is to watch rugby later.
Enjoy your concert Dora
Chin up oldgajin flowers

oldgoat Sat 09-Mar-19 08:38:12

Morning all from a damp, drizzly York. We are supposed to be walking in Swaledale today but I'd rather stay home in the warm.
marydoll A conversation at yesterday's meet-up in York was about 'loosing our touch' baking items that we've been making all our lives, so you are not alone!

Willow10 Sat 09-Mar-19 08:44:40

Good morning from a grey E. Northants. Slept late this morning after catching up on much needed sleep. Bit of sorting for the charity bag today, but nothing else planned so far. Hope it's a pleasant day for everyone.

Anniebach Sat 09-Mar-19 08:50:10

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

Susan56 Sat 09-Mar-19 08:53:56

Good morning all.Bright but very windy in Shropshire.Have been sick for the last 24 hours and not able to take my diabetic medication so a restful day and hopefully will start to feel better.Have a good day everyone.

gillybob Sat 09-Mar-19 08:55:51

Good morning from a very wet and grey Glasgow . A late night for me last night so feeling tired this morning .

Have a good Saturday all x

Sar53 Sat 09-Mar-19 09:11:53

Good morning everyone from a bright but windy Essex by the sea. We are off to look for a mirror for the new bathroom and for me to pick up some trial contact lenses from the opticians.
DH will be watching Rugby later and his daughters have invited us for drinks and cake to celebrate our recent marriage.
Have a good day everyone.

Annapops Sat 09-Mar-19 09:12:41

Today will be a tidy round the house day to leave it looking presentable before our week away. We're flying to Guernsey tomorrow for a few days, then onto Jersey. Both places I've never been to before so I have my list to work through.
Have a good Saturday everyone.

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 09-Mar-19 09:18:40

Good morning from east London and the sun has come out after a grey start. Hope it holds as DP is intending to do some external decs whereas I have no plans whatsoever. Have a good day.

NanKate Sat 09-Mar-19 09:54:00

Good morning Mick and All.

Last morning looking after DGSs !! I’ve got breakfast, scored 5 goals on the indoor net to everyone’s amazement, cleaned 3 sets of teeth, set up the sat navfor DH to take one of the boys to his match, made sure everyone is wearing the right kit. Cleaned the yucky sink with bleach, checked all 3 loos are presentable 🙄 I now have half an hour until one DGS returns when I am taking him to Co Op to buy him football cards for 4 days good behaviour. Other DGS collected his with DH. I just have the lunch to prep, cook and eat then we are packing up and making a run for it PHEW.

We repeat all this from next Wednesday. Send in the gas and air.

loopyloo Sat 09-Mar-19 10:03:46

Cold and windy here in East London. Fencing man has been to give us a quote on repairing our fence which came down in the wind. Out to a dance concert wit DD and DGD this pm.
Have a good day everyone.