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Namsnanny Fri 15-Mar-19 17:01:20

I don’t know why but after reading the paper with all the bad news, then reading on Gn the awful news from nz I’ve been sat here gazing at the people head down scurrying along against the grey sky thinking what and why.
Then a song from the past came on. Whether it reminded me of happier times subconsciously I don’t know, but I couldn’t stop the surge of what can only be called brightness, and my mood lifted and I sang along. Out loud!!🎶😀 the couple next to me. Joined in by tapping and one person said I could have a regular spot as a joke 😳😉

CanadianGran Fri 15-Mar-19 17:10:11

Some small joy is always welcome in this world!

Gonegirl Fri 15-Mar-19 17:10:20

Wow! 👏 (They would've thrown me out, racket I make grin)

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 15-Mar-19 17:18:02

What was the song, Namsnanny? Maybe we could virtually join in. 'Tis a sad world sometimes.

allsortsofbags Fri 15-Mar-19 17:20:30

How lovely to have a little brightness and a mood lift :-)

Not something that happens often these days so thank you for sharing. Your post made me think of something that made me smile today.

Willow500 Fri 15-Mar-19 17:24:53

Were you on the bus Namsnanny grin We've been on the tube before when the driver has joked and sung songs - it certainly lifted the passengers spirits as they laughed and sang along with him!

Namsnanny Fri 15-Mar-19 18:10:34

Canadiangran...its nice when something takes you out of yourself isn't it?

Gonegirl...Well to be honest I cant hold a note to save my life!!
That's what made it all so funny to me grin I sound a bit like a cat on the prowl that's just stood on glass!! And I have no range, its either high (screeeeeeeech) or low (fades into oblivion).
Oh how I'd love to have just a little bit of a singing voice! When I was in junior school we were all singing together for an event when the teacher who was conducting us winced and looked in my direction (singing my heart out and thoroughly enjoying it I might add!) and laughed until he actually cried!!!!! It was then I realised I didn't sound to others as I did to myself Ha! grin

Framilode Fri 15-Mar-19 18:32:25

namsnanny I'm with you on this. I would give anything to be able to hold a tune and burst into song. At school I was always told to mime during school concerts and the habit has stayed with me. I so envy people who can at least sing in tune.

Nelliemoser Fri 15-Mar-19 19:12:07

Having been deemed tone deaf at 13. I gave up for years.

I eventually managed to sing in tune and just about follow a music score when I was about sixty.

The secret seems to have something to do with proper breathing and feeling confident.

Our current choral society conductor somehow turned a failing choir around, it got me being able to do it.

The choir master is excellent and the numbers are growing fast I never thought I would get into one of them posh organsisations.

Namsnanny Fri 15-Mar-19 21:30:07

Lovebeigecardigans…..Its not a very sing along song actually! It was a pop song released in 1992 called Just another day sung by Jon Secada. Thinking back my youngest would have been around 2y and the others around5 and 8yand all things considered it was a good time for me, so perhaps it resonated!

allsortsofbags...Thanks yes I'm glad I did share it now, but for a little while I wondered if I was being just a little to introspective smile

Willow500...On my own in a café window, but I do love a sing song on the coach. I haven't done that for years!

Nelliemoser…..How lovely for you!!! You obviously enjoy it, how did you get the courage up to apply?

annep1 Fri 15-Mar-19 23:02:01

Namsnanny you made me smile, thank you. We needed a cheerful post. I would love to have been there. 😊

grannyticktock Fri 15-Mar-19 23:03:08

It's really sad that so many people believe or have been told they can't sing. I've always been a keen singer and it's been a huge part of my life. I believe almost everyone can sing, with patient and positive teaching and encouragement. As Nellimoser says, breathing and confidence have a lot to do with it. Anyone wanting to sing but hesitant about doing so should look out for any singing workshops around. They happen at various musical festivals, and are sometimes offered to community groups. There are also many community choirs doing folk and world music, etc, that tend to teach by ear and don't require music-reading or auditions - these choirs are often good at warming the singers up and helping them find their voice.

Patsy70 Fri 15-Mar-19 23:15:23

Good for you Namsnanny! Singing is good for the soul. I don't sing particularly well, but it doesn't stop me from belting out songs indoors, and I've considered joining a local choir. Went to see 'Fisherman's Friends' at the cinema tonight, based on a true story set in Port Isaac, Cornwall. Very uplifting! I would highly recommend it.

rosecarmel Sat 16-Mar-19 00:02:14

I'd like to teach the world to sing ..

Next person .. smile Don't be shy ..

Totaldogsbody Sat 16-Mar-19 00:06:55

Reminds me of the time in the Paris metro late one Saturday night. There were lots of teenagers jumping in and out of the carriages when we would come into a station, they were noisy but full of life and happy and it must have been catching because the driver burst into song and sang for a couple of stops. It really was a pleasant trip it was so lovely to hear and see people happy with life.

BradfordLass72 Sat 16-Mar-19 01:40:21

Rosecarmel In perfect harmony.... (why does this remind me of Coca-Cola, which I loathe?)

I have several very close Muslim friends in Christchurch and although they are safe, they know many of the dead and are mourning.
Most of all we are ashamed.
New Zealanders just don't do this kind of prejudicial thing. Hate crimes are virtually unknown here.
So along with the horror and shock and profound sorrow, is that awful feeling of shame and anger that the world now thinks of us as a country, a people, who will stoop so low. angry

brenh34 Sat 16-Mar-19 09:19:30

For all those on this thread who have said that they cannot sing, I recommend that you seek out a Tuneless Choir. I have been told all my life to stop singing because of the awful noise I make, but 2.5 years ago I joined a newly set up Tuneless Choir and it’s wonderful. Only our choir leader can actually sing but we all belt out our playlist and if we go wrong, come in at the wrong time or anything else, we all just laugh and carry on. The idea is to have fun. There are Tuneless Choirs popping up all over the country so see if there’s one near you and have a blast.

optimist Sat 16-Mar-19 09:26:17

You know what? I have a truly dreadful voice (as my father was always telling me). But at the age of 75 I have joined a choir, and I am loving it! No audition everyone welcome. We meet once a week and have occasional peformances (sometimes I mime). I have made some truly delightful new friends, we often meet outside choir practice. Best thing I ever did. Such a joyful experience.

Magicmaggie Sat 16-Mar-19 09:41:21

Once a fortnight I go to a singing group run by a woman who is part of The Natural Voices Group.
You don’t have to be able to read music and you get to sing all sorts of different songs learning by repetition.
It’s great fun, and it’s wonderful to hear beautiful sounds
coming together with just our voices.

georgia101 Sat 16-Mar-19 09:42:59

My great niece had an awful singing voice but loved singing. Everyone told her to be quiet except my sister. She arranged for her to join a choir. Now, 7 years on, she has been a finalist in a regional singing contest, and aspires to a career on the stage. I think this shows that if you have the will, and the guidance, you can achieve anything.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 16-Mar-19 09:49:30

I can't sing either but in my head I sound just like Ella Fitzgerald! Others tell the truth.

RamblingRosie Sat 16-Mar-19 10:10:06

I totally agree with you. I too was told by my family that I had an awful singing voice. One day a close friend persuaded me to go with her to a community sing We sang African lullabies, folk songs and chants all unaccompanied by music. Afterwards I asked the leader if I was singing out of tune and she looked astonished and said “definitely not!” That gave me so much confidence that I joined my church choir and I have spent many happy and rewarding hours learning to sing anthems and hymns which I didn’t know before. I think it is the fun we have, the feeling of achieving something I never thought I could do and the sense of togetherness. I always feel so happy afterwards. It is also very good memory training and I have made quite a few close friends too.

Elderlyfirsttimegran Sat 16-Mar-19 10:11:30

I’m in New Zealand too. Don’t forget, the shooter is an Australian.

emjaebe Sat 16-Mar-19 10:31:35

Fab idea. Maybe we should suggest a virtual sing along song?

seadragon Sat 16-Mar-19 10:36:54

Lovely post, Namsnanny. We are trying very hard to notice and savour such moments here too. I am sandwiched between a mother who sang, mezzo soprano, constantly, sometimes the same line over and over, though; and a daughter with perfect pitch. I had a music teacher who delighted in making her pupils stand and sing solo. I dreaded it as I could hear that every note I sang was out of tune and the girl in front of me had a rich contralto... One of my past 'moments' was sitting through an excellent amateur production of "The King and I" with tears streaming down my face as I realized that my mother had known and sung every song from beginning to end as she got on with the housework... It was an amazing experience to have her back so vividly and I treasure it still.....