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What to do?

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Katek Mon 15-Apr-19 10:59:10

We live near the coast and our elderly neighbour has taken to feeding the seagulls. Consequently our cars and driveway are spattered with gull poo which needs to be washed off cars pdq as it damages the paintwork. They’re lovely neighbours and we get on very well. but the husband is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s so it seems a bit mean to prevent him enjoying the birds. I also don’t want to damage neighbourly relations but we’re getting fed up taking a bucket and sponge out to the cars every day. Drive will need power washed to clean it. I know - we live by the sea so expect seagulls. but they don’t normally come this far upstream. It’s the food that’s attracting them. Oddly enough-they’re not pooing on his drive or car!! Smart enough to know not to peck the hand who feeds them perhaps?!

KatyK Mon 15-Apr-19 11:19:12

Our neighbour had to be told to stop feeding pigeons. It was encouraging rats.

Scribbles Mon 15-Apr-19 11:56:40

Try calling the Environmental Health office at your local authority. They will probably be able to issue the neighbours with a warning to stop their bird feeding activities without revealing who complained.

Septimia Mon 15-Apr-19 13:29:58

Are there plenty of other birds? Do the neighbours feed them? Perhaps give them a nice bird feeder and some food so that they can encourage smaller (less messy!) birds and still get the pleasure of feeding and watching them.

Mycatisahacker Mon 15-Apr-19 14:02:50

Blimey I never knew about gull poo was that damaging? Why is that? Is it just bigger?? Yikes.

Op I agree with septimia could you get them a bird feeder and help top it up?

Can imagine it’s very tricky for you

Jane10 Mon 15-Apr-19 14:03:02

Scribbles's idea is good. Could you do that? Sounds a difficult situation. Good luck.

Katek Mon 15-Apr-19 14:41:50

Thanks scribbles-that sounds like a good idea. Could also get dh to offer them a home made bird table (he’s quite good at them!) the next time he makes a couple.

Bird poo contains uric acid which eats modern car paint finishes - so you really do need to remove it quick quickly.

Baggs Mon 15-Apr-19 14:50:00

I suppose covering the cars with some kind of cover/tarpaulin would be a right trachle so not really practicable.

Good luck with the ideas up thread.

eazybee Mon 15-Apr-19 14:56:12

Put your car in the garage?

vintanner Mon 15-Apr-19 15:04:54

Not much help here but you say

Oddly enough-they’re not pooing on his drive or car!! Smart enough to know not to peck the hand who feeds them perhaps?!

Try feeding them and see if they leave your cars alone.

You never know.

Beckett Mon 15-Apr-19 15:14:34

If you don't have a garage then like Baggs says it might be worth getting a car cover - bit of a nuisance having to put it on but better that than sour neighbour relations.

Alternatively, there is a block of flats near me which was getting lots of birds nesting and messing on their balconies, they bought a fake sparrow hawk (or some hunting bird) on a long wire which they attached to the roof and swings around in the wind - perhaps you could get something similar for your garden?

Mycatisahacker Mon 15-Apr-19 16:09:48

So any bird poo is damaging??

Gonegirl Mon 15-Apr-19 16:29:24

I don't see why you have to put up with unnecessary seagull poo on your property. Ask the wife to have a word with him and get him to stop. You could suggest a normal bird feeder. Don't think you need to buy it though.

Gonegirl Mon 15-Apr-19 16:31:01

I hate seagulls.

MawBroonsback Mon 15-Apr-19 16:39:49

Get a sparrowhawk?

BlueBelle Mon 15-Apr-19 17:16:45

Seagulls are beautiful creatures Gonegirl I live right by the sea and they are on,y a nuisance because we humans throw food around eat in the streets and steal their fish

BlueBelle Mon 15-Apr-19 17:24:52

Mawbroon we have a resident Sparrow-hawk in town one day it was sent up as there were a couple of seagulls sitting on WHS roof I really had to surpress a laugh as the seagulls continued sitting there on one end of the roof and the Sparrow-hawk sat happily on the other end

Gonegirl Mon 15-Apr-19 18:25:19

* BlueBelle * they are nasty viscious things. They peck people's heads just because they want their fish and chips. They are bullies.

BlueBelle Mon 15-Apr-19 22:31:33

Do you live with them Gonegirl ...I do, also Kittiwakes They are not bullies they are clever and if you want to eat fish and chips in their vicinity good luck to you and them much better to eat in a restaurant cafe or your own home 😂😂😂 As we have got more messy with our food and our rubbish they have come further inland to follow us in the same way they used to follow the fishing boats

Gonegirl Mon 15-Apr-19 22:35:21

The incident I saw was at Lyme Regis. On holiday.

M0nica Tue 16-Apr-19 07:05:01

Seagulls are remarkably large birds. I have often stood on the ferry looking at the size of the birds wheeling round. Big birds, big poos, they also go round in flocks, a flock of 30 or 40 seagulls, are highly productive, make an awful lot of mess and Katek's neighbours may well have at least that number descending on the food they provide.

Grammaretto Tue 16-Apr-19 07:22:20

We've been staying on the Cornish Riviera where a notice in our flat insisted we don't feed the gulls as they damage the neighbours' rooves.
The gulls are noisy aren't they! I would ask Environmental Health. Perhaps they could visit him and explain.

SpringyChicken Tue 16-Apr-19 07:30:12

I’d express concern to the neighbours about feeding the gulls. Look out if any decide to nest in the vicinity, they are viciously protective of their young. It happened in my friend’s street and at certain times of year, it was unwise to approach one house without holding an umbrella overhead.

GrandmainOz Tue 16-Apr-19 07:42:12

I sympathise. When I was a young mum I lived next door to an older lady who fed the pigeons twice a day. There were squadrons of the things everywhere around our home. It was disgusting, driveway and path covered in muck - and I was always having to ninja tackle the kids to get their shoes off before they came indoors. Very frustrating. I was very young and didn't have the confidence to complain

Grampie Tue 16-Apr-19 10:45:32

Park those cars elsewhere or convince him that the seagulls have no need for his food.

After all, we don’t want seagulls to lose their webbed feet.