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Shameful confession!

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sunseeker Sun 28-Apr-19 10:24:16

OK some of you may need to sit down for this one but I have a confession to make.........I didn't like "The Greatest Showman" film shock.

I have tried, honestly, the first time I watched it I switched off after 10 minutes, I tried again last night and switched off after 30 minutes - it is sooooo boring - does anything actually happen in the film?

Now I like musicals, but I also like them to have an interesting story line. As far as I can see it's only redeeming feature is Hugh Jackman wink

I will now go and hide behind the sofa whilst all those who love the film post about what a philistine I am!! grin

Maybelle Sun 28-Apr-19 10:36:28

Not just me that didn't like it either! Thank goodness I am not alone.
Managed to watch it all, but more in hope than expectation of seeing what everyone was raving about.

Further confession, I didn't like Mama Mia !

Gave in after 15 minutes on that one.

sunseeker Sun 28-Apr-19 10:40:03

Thank you Maybelle I no longer feel there is something wrong with me! I didn't like Mama Mia either although I did manage to watch all of it.

chickkygran Sun 28-Apr-19 10:45:44

I'm with you sunseeker, I really disliked the film and it seemed to be endless!

henetha Sun 28-Apr-19 10:51:23

Even though I am a huge lover of musicals, I have to agree.
The Greatest Showman was somehow too frantic, too many people, too noisy, and didn't really have a heart and soul.
However, I did like some of the songs very much, so I bought the CD.

sunseeker Sun 28-Apr-19 10:54:07

Well, this is very interesting - I wonder how many others didn't like the film but were afraid to say so! Could it's success be down to the hype that surrounded it - a bit like the success of that awful book 50 shades of grey.

EllanVannin Sun 28-Apr-19 10:56:48

I preferred the " older " musicals, though not a great fan of them in general anyway.

cornergran Sun 28-Apr-19 10:58:02

Saw it when we were on holiday. Enjoyed a rest (and the odd few minutes sleep) in a comfy seat. grin.

chickkygran Sun 28-Apr-19 10:59:07

Never read 50 shades either

sunseeker Sun 28-Apr-19 11:01:40

chickkygran I tried to read 50 shades (yes I fell for the hype) didn't finish the first chapter - it was so badly written! When I was volunteering in a charity shop it was probably the most donated book - the majority of which obviously not read!

Cherrytree59 Sun 28-Apr-19 11:02:21

Hi Sunseeker
I didn't like it either.
My friend has seen it several times and been to the sing along.
Got the DVD etc.

Yesterday we took our little grandsons to see the new Dumbo film.
As soon as it came on I realised it was another Tim Burton Film.
Similar dark set, even the circus people resembled the Showman troupe.
Dumbo is a new film so will not say any more.

Ceaser15 Sun 28-Apr-19 11:07:43

Must admit I loved ‘Funny Lady’ which is definitely an ‘oldie’

MawBroonsback Sun 28-Apr-19 11:14:34

You have to be brave sometimes to admit to not liking some films, books, or “national treasures”
I too found The Greatest Showman underwhelming but have borrowed the DVD from my grandchildren to have another go (who says I am not open minded)
But the likes of Helen Mirren, or Kenneth Branagh? Happily take them or leave them. (And even have occasional doubts about Judi Dench 😱)

Nanna58 Sun 28-Apr-19 11:21:55

Hype can definitely mislead. I usually like Lianne Moriarty books so bought ‘Nine perfect strangers’ and gleefully set aside an afternoon to read it . Absolute trash, it descended into the realm of farce, so I re- read the reviews on the back , all glowing, and decided that when an author reaches a certain level an ‘ emperors new clothes’ mentality hits the critics!

Parsley3 Sun 28-Apr-19 11:28:49

I didn’t enjoy The Greatest Showman although the songs were good. I was also disappointed in Wicked and couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.
Yesterday I watched the much lauded sci-fi film 2001,A Space Odyssey and judged it to be awful. I had to read a synopsis on Wikipedia to understand what it was about and am still none the wiser.
Went off muttering “Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Chewbacca Sun 28-Apr-19 11:43:25

I didn't like the film La La Land, although my friends thought it was wonderful.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 28-Apr-19 11:51:36

I was underwhelmed by The Greatest Showman, A Star is Born and Dunkirk.

Pleased I am not "odd"

crazyH Sun 28-Apr-19 11:53:47

I loved the greatest showman - you have got to see it in the cinema to appreciate the sound effects et .

blondenana Sun 28-Apr-19 11:57:34

I didnt like it either, it seems to me that its for younger people, all mine loved it
I have not seen Mama Mia 2, but my daughter says its rubbish, loved the first one though and watch it every time its on TV

jusnoneed Sun 28-Apr-19 12:02:03

My OH said the same about Bohemian Rhapsody when he watched it recently, couldn't understand why everyone thought it was brilliant.
I rarely watch films as I often find they are not as good as the hype would have you believe. Mamma Mia - awful. Lady in the Van which a friend said "you'd enjoy" - boring.

ninathenana Sun 28-Apr-19 12:23:23

DS bought the DVD and I was keen to watch it.
I was so glad I hadn't paid to see it in the cinema. I would have considered it a waste of money.
I can't see what all the hype was about.

Maybelle Sun 28-Apr-19 12:25:39

I watched Lady in a Van feeling so sorry for both of them, her mental health issues were quite overwhelming and I just could not see why others were finding it a funny comedy to enjoy.

ninathenana Sun 28-Apr-19 12:28:30

Chewbacca I didn't like LaLa Land either.

I haven't read Fifty shades and don't intend too.

blossom14 Sun 28-Apr-19 12:28:50

I feel the same way about Les Miserables., the show and the film. Don't very often voice this as my DD and GDD's rave about it.

BlueBelle Sun 28-Apr-19 12:33:27

sunseeker I hated it I thought it was a dreadful film and came so close to walking out I didn’t enjoy *Bohemian Rhapsody that much either it was better than Greatest Showman but not up my expectation but I absolutely loved every minute of Fishermans Friends