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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 01-May-19 06:15:24

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey but dry start here in Brackley this morning.
This being the st of May, there has been Morris Dancing on the Piazza by the Town Hall since 0530 this morning.
Usual day for me , some cycling on Tv later, wait announcement of the former team Sky livery today.

Beechnut Wed 01-May-19 06:37:47

Good Morning and punch punch everyone.
Looks dry and bright but rain is forecast for later.
A home day for me. At the dentist yesterday I decided to have my chipped and filled tooth replaced with a crown.
Afterwards I went for a mooch around the shops. Everyone I spoke to seemed very cheery and remarked how lovely the weather was.
I hope you all have the best day you can 💐

Beechnut Wed 01-May-19 06:39:04

Did you go and see the dancing Mick

NfkDumpling Wed 01-May-19 06:42:24

Morning All

Quite foggy here this morning, but the sun should ‘burn through’ later and I’ll be able to get into the garden to deal with early weeds. A large pile of ironing awaits first though.

kittylester Wed 01-May-19 06:48:58

Morning and happy May Day, its quite bright in North Leicestershire but not sunny.

I had a dreadful night but am determined to be productive today.

Enjoy your days everyone.

harrigran Wed 01-May-19 06:54:51

Good morning from an overcast but dry NE.
Another lunchtime appointment for DH so I will just do some tidying up and catching up of TV.

gillybob Wed 01-May-19 07:04:35

Good morning from the NE coast. A beautiful sunny start to the day here.

All the best plans in the world have room to go pear shaped! I had heaps to do yesterday but ended up wasting a lot of time ! After dropping DGD 1 at secondary school and DGD2 and DGS at primary (in another town) I just made it back home with the baby ready to feed her when I received a call to go back and pick the primary school children up as they had discovered a water leak in a classroom ! I wasn’t happy . The baby had already been stuck in the car for over an hour and the thought of strapping her back in for another long journey did not go down very well, at all ! Grrrr

Still not sure whether they are in or not today as there is no information available. They forget that not everyone lives around the corner to school ! My DGD 2 is already stressed about her up and coming year 6 SATS so I hope they manage get something sorted sooner rather than later.

Anyway after all that it was little Evie’s birthday ( the first part of which was spoiled being stuck in the car for almost 2 hours) . But later we had a lovely birthday tea for her and her cousins and mummy and daddy arrived home from work just in time ! Lots of balloons, cake and mess.

Hoping primary grandchildren are back into school today otherwise I will have to drag them along to “that place” . Perish the thought.

Have a good Wednesday everyone x

NanKate Wed 01-May-19 07:05:25

Morning Mick and All.

Poor you Kitty you are having a dreadful time of it. 🌺

Morris dancing at 5.30 😲 Enjoy the cycling Mick.

Off to meet a friend for a light lunch at our nearest NT gardens today.

NanKate Wed 01-May-19 07:09:39

Gillybob how do you manage it all? You need a medal for your great work in looking after your 4 grandchildren. 🥇

JonathanMetcalf Wed 01-May-19 07:16:51

Good morning,
I totally agree with your point, Nan.
But I am still in confusion how is it possible?

1inamillion Wed 01-May-19 07:17:28

Good Morning Mick and everyone. Trying to rain here on S Welsh coast.
DH had a wisdom tooth removed yesterday and has another appointment next week to have a crown fitted.

Look after yourself Kitty sorry you had such a bad night.
A bit of a nightmare day for you Gilly hope the leak is sorted at the primary school.
Have a good day everyone.

dragonfly46 Wed 01-May-19 07:17:46

Good morning the sun is beginning to poke through.
My 40 year old daughter is having a hip replacement today so more stress after the oncologist yesterday which went better than expected.

So sorry you had a bad night kitty maybe a trip to the GP this has been going on too long,
Hope your day is better Gillybob.

Gagagran Wed 01-May-19 07:19:55

Morning all!

Late up this morning after an achey night tossing and turning. Blame the gardening yesterday.

It looks bright outside so hopefully we shall enjoy more nice weather. It lifts everyone's spirits to see the sunshine and everything blossoming.

Choir this evening and DH is out with his bike club today so shall have a restful day if possible.

gillybob Wed 01-May-19 07:23:32

Oh dear dragonfly 40 is very young to undergo a hip replacement isn’t it? I can understand you being stressed, worrying about your DD together with your own health worries. I’m so glad your app with the oncologist went better than anticipated.

Well breakfast is almost over for the brood (it’s like a cafe ) and now trying to encourage the oldest TO GET READY ! She is 10 times worse than her younger siblings. It’s like dead slow to stop !

Bye bye for now everyone x

cornergran Wed 01-May-19 07:24:03

Morning Mick, morning All from a cloudy corner of Somerset. Looks a bit miserable out there. Bit of cleaning this morning followed by GP appointment before Granny detail later. Much less hectic than your day yesterday gilly, think a medal is well deserved. Be sensible kitty, most things can wait until you are properly better. Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

Pittcity Wed 01-May-19 07:30:09

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
Usual Wednesday coffee and chat in town this morning.

Brunette10 Wed 01-May-19 07:31:05

Good Morning from a dull Fife. I hope it will get brighter later on. DGS1 3rd birthday today so we are venturing out to a farm adventure area, been before so it's quite good and better when it's not so busy. Sorry to hear of your bad night Kitty, stay strong. gillybob - whew! Hope everyone has a good day.

MiniMoon Wed 01-May-19 07:31:55

Morning all. Up early to tend to DH. He had a bilateral inguinal hernia repair yesterday and is going stir crazy. He's such an active man, very early riser, that he is taking badly having to do nothing. He's not even supposed to lift the kettle!
It's grey and damp in my corner of Northumberland, hope the sun manages an appearance as I have to go out later. Lots to do.
Have a good day everyone.

Grammaretto Wed 01-May-19 07:33:11

Good morning from the Scottish Borders. I'm about to catch the bus for Dundee where I hope to meet up with other GNers. 9 degrees here but it may heat up.
Happy May Day to you all.

Harris27 Wed 01-May-19 08:04:19

Morning all back to work today after hospital appointment for breathing tests. Will have to wait for results via consultant but trying now just to get back to work and enjoy the Bit sunshine we had yesterday and hope it returns. Happy may day all.

DoraMarr Wed 01-May-19 08:07:12

Good morning from a gloriously sunny Birmingham! I’m going to see the Leonardo drawings in Birmingham art gallery today. I hope I don’t have to queue for long. I’ll meet a friend for lunch there. I might wear my new shoes!

1inamillion Wed 01-May-19 08:11:35

Enjoy the Leonardo drawings DoraMarr they've been in Cardiff for the last few months but I haven't been able to see them.

Ginny42 Wed 01-May-19 08:28:45

Good morning and a happy May Day to all. It's raining in Cheshire.

Sorry to read so many people are not well or recovering from dental treatment. Hope today sees an improvement. Good news from your oncologist dragonfly. I hope your DD's operation goes well today. She must have suffered a lot.

Dora new shoes and queuing? Are you sure? I must check the Leonardo exhibition. I have seen some before, but I might make the trip just to stand in front of them and think 'HE' did this!

Mass production of scones today for a charity event tomorrow. I shall have to sample some of course. wink

Sprout Wed 01-May-19 08:34:01

Morning everyone sun is shining in Kent this morning. My grandson is 21 yrs today my goodness where has the years gone. There will be plenty of drinking with his friends tonight. As for me house work and the gardener is coming this morning yaaah Hope you all have a great day what ever you are doing.

oldgaijin Wed 01-May-19 08:35:56

Good morning from a grey, overcast Aberdeenshire. It's a bit chilly too, especially outside in your nightlife feeding the pheasants! Another woodland romp this morning for the mutt then it's off to beastly Tesco as Mother Hubbard would be proud of my cupboard.
Ceramics class this evening, which is more of a paint and blether, but good fun.
Have a good day everyone.