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Good Morning May Bank Holiday Monday

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12Michael Mon 06-May-19 06:12:41

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a bright start but looks less windy this morning, in Brackley, a quiet day for me pottering around the flat , sort out fridge/freezer .

Gagagran Mon 06-May-19 06:31:46

Morning Mick and everyone.

Sunny start here on the south coast but still chilly. 6 degrees at present.

We had a lovely day with DS and family yesterday and I slept like a top (where does that saying coming from?) after the 200 mile round trip on the M25.

Laundry and pottering on the agenda today.

Have a good day everyone. sunshine

dragonfly46 Mon 06-May-19 06:55:42

Good morning all, full and breezy in Leicestershire.
Hope we don’t have a frost as put the sweet peas out yesterday.

Ginny42 Mon 06-May-19 06:57:33

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's cold in Cheshire, but it's sunny with high clouds coming from the west, so possibly rain later.

Walk in the woods with neighbours this morning. Friends for dinner later, but coming early to see the bluebells.

Enjoy your day whatever you may be up to.

1inamillion Mon 06-May-19 07:08:12

Good a morning Mick and all.
Poor night's sleep, little will be done today I suspect.
It is cold here on S Welsh coast but a bright day is forecast, hope it warms up soon.

Have a pleasant day everyone.

ninathenana Mon 06-May-19 07:09:37

Good morning all.

Clear blue sky in Kent, cool though.
I have no plans for today, except to stay out of DH's way. He will be taking the 6' garden gate off it's hinges to restain it and pottering in the garden. That's after he's cooked breckie.
He enjoys it, honestly !

cornergran Mon 06-May-19 07:15:04

Morning Mick, morning All from a chilly, sunny corner of Somerset. Disturbed night so weary this morning. Catch up day here so a quiet one. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

Harris27 Mon 06-May-19 07:23:29

Morning all dull day in NE. Dh out at work will be back soon and rare day together. Think we'll just potter and have nice lunch hope Monday's good to all.

Brunette10 Mon 06-May-19 07:25:23

Good Morning from a chilly and dull Fife. Had lovely time yesterday celebrating DGS!'s birthday tea. Had planned to take a short trip into town today for a look around shops however I shall wait and see how weather turns out. Hope today is good to everyone.

NanKate Mon 06-May-19 07:27:47

Morning Mick and All.

Cool calm and cloudy here in South Bucks.

Nothing particular planned for today, but I need to pop out to replenish my yogurt supplies so I may have to pop into one of my 3 favourite cafes for a good strong cup of coffee. ☕️

EllanVannin Mon 06-May-19 07:35:46

Good morning All x
Disappointing weather for those workers looking forward to a long weekend. Cold, dull and miserable here in the NW------not picnic weather.

I learned that a hard disc is needed for my other laptop, it's only had 3 years use ! A new one is on the agenda as I can't be doing with anything that's broken down. Apparently it's a quirk with Win 10 and the hard-drive.sad
The old one that I'm presently using keeps labouring and shutting off so I'll have to go easy as I've got stuff to transfer onto another laptop. Oh the joys of technology !!

I hope this weather warms up in readiness for my D and SiL's visit next month, from Oz or they'll be in shock. I've got plenty of jumpers she can wear hahahaha.

Hope your day is a peaceful one.

aggie Mon 06-May-19 07:38:06

Good Morning all , hazy sun but cold , my weather station says 3 degrees out !
I am back in bed with a cuppa
I watched some of the cycling yesterday , looked like hard work

Marydoll Mon 06-May-19 07:42:34

Good morning all from Glasgow, not sure what the weather is like, as I'm stuck in bed. However, it's my own bed and not a Coronary Care one!

I'm overwhelmed by all the prayers, friendship, kindness and support I received from my GN friends. ( oh dear, I'm getting sentimental now!). I have missed posting, but couldn't focus on posts, yet alone reply.

I suffered a severe allergic reaction to new rheumatoid medication and ended up in Coronary Care for four days, with other complications. It has been a very frightening and sobering experiencing.
Also, has made me realise that I'm not indestructible (I was sure I was 🤔) and may have to take life a slower pace. ( Not my style! 😁).
My plans for today:after being in hospital goonies ( gowns) and jammies for ten days, I shall attempt to get dressed, nothing very exciting.😁

After experiencing the most disgusting meals, I have a craving for tomato soup. I think I'm reverting to my childhood!

Enjoy your bank holiday, everyone.

Grammaretto Mon 06-May-19 07:47:34

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders where it is only 4 degrees!
Like Dragonfly I planted peas and runner beans yesterday. I was worried about birds and animals eating them. I'd not thought of frost.
Likewise Ellenvannin my computer man will set up my new device when he gets back from holiday.
How did we manage back in the old days?
I slept badly. The opposite of a top Gaga shock

Greyduster Mon 06-May-19 07:51:41

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Cloudy and cold in South Yorkshire this morning. Nothing planned except garden maintenance today - the weeds have rioted since we’ve been away! We had a lovely afternoon at our friend’s 80th birthday party yesterday - her girls did her proud. Have a good day folks.

Auntieflo Mon 06-May-19 07:56:44

Good morning Michael, Annie to come, and a big welcome back to MaryDoll. How lovely to see you here again. Do take it slowly and look after yourself now that you are back home.
We are stewarding this morning at our Church, for the display of mosaic and metallic, shoal of fishes, that are to be installed on the outside of our Church in a few weeks. I am so excited, it has been a long project. I sponsored a mosaic one and am looking forward to him coming home now.
We also have a May Day Fair in town, so it may get busy.
Enjoy your day one and all.,

dragonfly46 Mon 06-May-19 07:57:46

Good morning marydoll so good to see you back. I hope you continue to feel better. Scares like that do make us take account of our lives.

cornergran Mon 06-May-19 08:08:15

Welcome back marydoll, enjoy the soup smile. Gently does it.

Sar53 Mon 06-May-19 08:14:55

Good morning everyone from a lovely bright and sunny Essex by the sea. Not a lot planned for today apart from getting out for a walk. DH stagnated in front of the tv yesterday watching the snooker and I'm sure he will be watching this afternoon.
Good to see you back Marydoll, take things easy.
Have a good day everyone.

harrigran Mon 06-May-19 08:19:37

Good morning from a cool damp NE.
No plans for today, family are otherwise occupied.
Nice to see you back Marydoll, take it easy.

MawBroonsback Mon 06-May-19 08:21:36

Good morning on a typically cold and grey “May Day” - I know it isn’t really May Day, but it’s the day we expose the village children to hypothermia as they dance round the Maypole on the village green in front of our old house. There may have been warm, sunny occasions but I just have enduring memories of duffle coats and jumpers or even worse cagoules and dodging torrential showers! There’s a Yard of Ale competition which always use to attract the teenage lads (and a few older ones some quite a bit older) for the quantity of free beer they could drink before spilling most of it down their fronts and a Fun Run round the village. The village pub runs a three day Beer and Sausage Festival (usually running out of sausages by Monday lunchtime) but all of it really needing a warm sunny day!
Great to see you back Marydoll - take it easy now and enjoy your tinned tomato soup - even better with hot brown toast dunked in it!
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

Sprout Mon 06-May-19 08:27:00

Morning Mick and everyone. Nice sunny morning here in Kent. The dogs let me stay in bed for a bit longer today. Quiet day just pottering lovely. Have a good day everyone what ever you are doing.

mumofmadboys Mon 06-May-19 08:27:07

Pleased you are feeling a bit better Marydoll. Look after yourself.

BlueSapphire Mon 06-May-19 08:28:20

Good morning all from a grey Northampton.

Nothing planned for today; was going to do more gardening but after spending half of yesterday cutting the grass, half- mooning the edges and going round with the shears will give it a rest, and the weeds can enjoy a few more days! Moved the garden table and chairs to the smaller patio, looks neater, and meant I could give the large patio a good clean.

Hope everyone enjoys their Bank Holiday.

NannyJan53 Mon 06-May-19 08:29:06

Good Morning from a chilly Black Country. Roll on summer!

Not a lot planned today, as I am still suffering from the effects of a bad cold. Sore throat has gone now so hopefully over the worst.

Welcome back to Marydoll I hope you are feeling much better, but it obviously was quite a scare for you!

Have a good day everyone