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Just how?

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annsixty Tue 28-May-19 13:07:58

There is a report in the DT on how the wife of a convicted Azerbaijani banker spent £16 million in Harrods .
The list is just incredible but the thing thar that absolutely makes me gasp is that she spent £53,000 in the sandwich bar in just one day??
Just how is this possible.
I have just had the last of Sunday's joint in two slices of wholemeal.

crazyH Tue 28-May-19 13:12:18

Yes I did read about that recently. Astounding amount of money to spend in a sandwich bar....but then, it's Harrods and she probably had a huge entourage.

aggie Tue 28-May-19 13:17:15

Just reminded me I have some chicken defrosting in the fridge , wish I could order a few of those sandwiches grin

Charleygirl5 Tue 28-May-19 13:23:44

She spent well over £1000 in lingerie in just one day.

Sainsbury's knickers are fine for me and I have a load of change out of that amount of money.

Nonnie Tue 28-May-19 13:55:15

Easy just give me the money and I'll show you how to do it! grin

Possibly she was giving some sort of garden party and had lots of sarnies & cakes delivered.

As for undies £1000 wouldn't go very far on pure silk or made to measure bras. Actually I'm guessing M & S make them exactly my size! You wouldn't have to buy much from here to spend £1000

KatyK Tue 28-May-19 13:58:08

I've just been behind someone in Aldi who spent £106. I was wondering how that was possible in somewhere as cheap as Aldi. But £16 million!!

Slowcookervegan Tue 28-May-19 15:40:05

Ive been in Harrods and the hole of the bedding section was shut due to a lady buying all of it!
Oooo to have money - sigh

Charleygirl5 Tue 28-May-19 16:13:04

How in heaven's name can one buy the entire bedding section? Storage would be a minor problem in this house!!

lemongrove Tue 28-May-19 16:15:27

The Queen? crown

Anja Tue 28-May-19 16:36:57

Nonnie me too!

sodapop Tue 28-May-19 17:00:23

And me too Nonnie Let me loose in Harrods any time to test this theory.
I guess money laundering was involved but the selfish bit of me envies her just a little.

annsixty Tue 28-May-19 17:15:21

I have been a little bit extravagant myself this afternoon.

I had a letter this morning telling me of a small windfall.
My H's pension provider has notified me of the provision made for me and I was very surprised to find out that for the first 3 months I get the full pension which my H received.
This was an unexpected bonus for me so I have ordered a new iPad, last year's model I hasten to add, as the Samsung I am using is well passed it's best, very slow and freezes a lot.

annsixty Tue 28-May-19 17:16:25

That should be past.

M0nica Tue 28-May-19 17:53:27

I think the money was spent over some years, 10 wasn't it? but even then that is going it. I think her husband is now serving time somewhere for theft and misappropriation of funds.

I think I could very quickly develop expensive habits given the money and opportunity. Now you know why when you read about these D list celebrities (like the Bernie Ecclestone's daughters) their houses have huge dressing rooms, all hanging space and drawers with a separate room for their shoes and their handbags.

The fun is the money spending, not the wearing or using.

To be honest I would find all that time spent shopping so boring

annsixty Tue 28-May-19 18:02:50

I consider my new iPad an absolute necessity, it will be very well used and enhance my sad life.😉

yggdrasil Tue 28-May-19 18:23:28

I shopped in Harrods only once. I bought a paperback book at 2/6d. They offered to deliver it for me:-)

cornergran Tue 28-May-19 19:13:03

Good for you ann, enjoy smile.

Urmstongran Tue 28-May-19 20:12:59

I’m glad you got your windfall annsixty your husband would’ve been pleased for you. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment from your purchase, in his memory.

EllanVannin Tue 28-May-19 20:44:22

There's more excitement in getting an unexpected windfall than having a pile of money to start with. It's appreciated more.

M0nica Tue 28-May-19 22:43:38

My first job was in Harrods. A summer job between school and university. I wasn't allowed on the shop floor as I was not 18 until mid-August. I ran errands, delivered parcels to hotels and packed purchases - special demonstration of the approved way of tieing a parcel. The staff discount was 25%, so I actually bought some clothes there.

I got £6.50 a week, my season ticket from Burnham, Bucks was £1.50 a week and I had to give my mother £1. a week. She made it clear that she didn't need the money but if I was earning I should contribute to household expenses. A principal I took forward when my working children lived at home.

KatyK Tue 28-May-19 22:47:57

I bought a jar of jam in Harrods once. I felt very decadent walking out with my Harrods bag. smile

Edithb Wed 29-May-19 10:20:30

A friend of mine got a Harrod’s card just to be able to the toilets free. I prefer Liberty myself!

Nonnie Wed 29-May-19 10:29:31

Just think about having all those clothes and accessories, imagine having to decide what to wear a couple of times a day.

We discussed what we would do if we ever came into a large amount of money (not going to happen!) and our wants were quite small. We like living here and don't need a bigger house but might sometimes pay someone to do a few of the jobs. Might buy a new car but we don't know anything about them so it would be a hassle. Wouldn't buy a holiday home because we like going to different places. Would turn left on the place but DH says he wouldn't. Can't see the point of personalised number plates. Would ensure the family paid off their mortgages but think it would not be good for them to give up work. What are we left with? Would quite like to set up a charity but what for? Better probably to support an existing one. Don't think we could even spend the interest! [sigh]

Charleygirl5 Wed 29-May-19 10:34:32

When I first worked in London in the mid '60s and earning next to zilch I was still able to afford to get my hair cut at Harrods. In those days it was not expensive- heaven knows what it would be now.

marpau Wed 29-May-19 10:39:31

I'm having enough hassle planning what clothes to take on my holiday next month and certainly don't have a vast wardrobe haha. However hubby won the euro lottery last night now planning how to spend the £4!