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Striped T shirts!

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phoenix Wed 05-Jun-19 15:43:00

Hello all, still not sure if this should be under Ask a Gran, Style & Beauty, or AIBU! grin

Aaanyway, I ordered some wide striped T shirts to go with cropped trousers to be sort of "smart casual" clothes for summer.

Cropped trousers fine, good fit, good quality.

T shirts? Well, good fit, fabric ok, but would you send them back if the lower edge wasn't a single stripe, i.e part navy, part white?

Not sure if I'm explaining this very well, and can't post a photo as they are all packed up and ready to go!

They were £18 each, plus p&p, not (by my standards) exact!y cheap for a T shirt.

Ok, they would probably wear well, and wash better than stuff from Primark, but that uneven stripe on the hem.................

dragonfly46 Wed 05-Jun-19 15:46:51

That would drive me mad too - they would have to go back!

kittylester Wed 05-Jun-19 15:56:27

I'm with you both!! It would drive me bonkers.

I've just had new glasses and they are not level. I know it's my ears but the achieved a level look with the last pair!

Grannybags Wed 05-Jun-19 15:59:53

Oh no couldn't put up with that!

Mind you I have to have all the tins in the cupboard with the labels facing the same way..... hmm

phoenix Wed 05-Jun-19 16:21:30

Thank you all, so glad it's not me being pernickety!

I added a written comment to the returns note, wonder if it will be read?

One a bit out, umm, could be a one off quality control issue, but 2 in different colours?

Jane10 Wed 05-Jun-19 16:24:24

I found some excellent striped T shirts in good quality cotton in good old M&S this month. A bit of a hunt about among thinner ones but these are great. Only £7.50. Made in India.

EllanVannin Wed 05-Jun-19 17:08:14

I think that when you've noticed something off kilter like a stripe it puts you off anyway and you'd never be happy or comfortable knowing or wearing, so back they go.

Squiffy Wed 05-Jun-19 17:12:27

The trouble is that, once you've noticed something isn't quite right, you notice it all the time and it niggles as much as a mosquito in the room! Well, almost!

shysal Wed 05-Jun-19 17:17:06

I bought a reduced price vertical striped top from Bon Marche, then discovered the probable reason for it being so cheap. The middle front stripe was off centre. I kept it, thinking it would do for gardening or decorating, but I have never worn it.

Esther1 Wed 05-Jun-19 17:17:55

I took a Joules bag back to the shop once because one of the buckles was a different colour. They told me it was their trademark, and was meant to be like that - but I just couldn’t cope with it and the bag with duly returned.

NotSpaghetti Wed 05-Jun-19 18:33:07

No, I’d also have to send it back.

phoenix Wed 05-Jun-19 18:45:41

They are * both* going back, NotSpaghetti!

I feel that a really wide stripe, colour & white, should have either the colour or white at the bottom, not a combination of both!

Charleygirl5 Wed 05-Jun-19 19:20:27

I could not live with that, they would both have to go back.

When hanging out washing, my clothes pegs are the same colour and do not contrast what they are hanging up!!!

watermeadow Wed 05-Jun-19 20:11:42

At £18 each I’d expect perfection but I’ll never see another striped top without seeing my neighbour, who has worn navy and white striped tops and jeans EVERY SINGLE DAY for TWENTY YEARS!
How about something flowery instead?

Glammy57 Wed 05-Jun-19 20:13:23

I would return them!

GabriellaG54 Wed 05-Jun-19 20:47:55

My t-shirts from Primark have and do wash well. No twisted seams, no uneven stripes and 1/3 of the price or less.
I've paid much more and not had as good results after washing.
BTW, I hang my t-shirts on hangers to dry, no tumble dryer for me as they hammer the fabric and that's why you get all that lint in the filters.
I have never had a 'bad experience' with anything bought from Primark.

kittylester Wed 05-Jun-19 20:56:38

Seasalt are often 2 for £40 and all mine have even stripes.

GabriellaG54 Wed 05-Jun-19 21:00:22

Here's one I've had for almost 2 years from Primark. Cost £2.80. Washed on 30 degrees with other light clothes. No weird irregular hem.

GabriellaG54 Wed 05-Jun-19 21:02:40

2 for £40?
What a waste of money.

kittylester Wed 05-Jun-19 21:19:05

How rude!

GabriellaG54 Wed 05-Jun-19 22:02:36

Has no-one ever said to you or you to them that something was a waste of money?
Rude? that's being truthful not rude. It's only my opinion and that's what GN is for.

kittylester Wed 05-Jun-19 22:05:28

Not about something that was someone else's choice. Because that's rude. And that's not what gn is for.

MawBroonsback Wed 05-Jun-19 22:27:46

No GabriellaG you get what you pay for.
Quality Pima cotton, good finish, ethical manufacture, t shirts which will wash time after time and still come up looking good.
You may be satisfied with Primark, but never having shopped there I have no personal experience of their quality. However girls like my hairdresser describe their pieces as cheap and cheerful, wear a couple of times then chuck.
There are so many reasons why this throwaway attitude is so wrong in our world.
Fewer and better.

phoenix Wed 05-Jun-19 22:41:51

GabriellaG54 the T shirts were from a company that I have bought lots of things from, over quite a few years.

This is the first time I have had a problem with anything that I have bought from them.

I make a point of restricting what I buy, and have certain "rules" ,

It must go with at least 1 item that I already have

It will wash well on a low temperature

It is not a "fashion" item, & can therefore be worn for years,(providing it survives repeated washes)

Ideally, it does not come from a "sweatshop" style manufacturer.

Yes, I know that the people that work to supply cheap clothing do at least have employment, and if we all boycotted that they might earn nothing, but we all have to do our best.

So, yes, I ordered T shirts that were £18 each, but I expected to have them in my wardrobe for at least 5 (possibly more) years, and I also expected them to be properly finished.

Gonegirl Wed 05-Jun-19 23:00:28

I've just paid £35 for a plain t-shirt from Lands End. I don't know what came over me. shock Perhaps I'll send it back. I usually get a grease mark or two down the front by the second wearing anyway.

Might go to Primark tomorrow.