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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 11-Jun-19 06:13:20

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey, wet, and windy here at the moment in Brackley .
My usual day of housework, and catching buses to Buckingham and Bicester, shopping and café stops for coffees.

Beechnut Tue 11-Jun-19 06:24:41

Good Morning to you all.
Grey and wet this morning on Severnside.
Homework this morning then I’m going to see my DD and SiL later.
I hope everyone has a good day despite the weather 🌸

ninathenana Tue 11-Jun-19 06:27:24

Good morning Mick and everyone.

Well, the S.E. was on a yellow weather warning overnight. Today my patch of Kent has bright sunshine confused and a few wispy clouds.
Driving DH, shopping, then visiting my cousin for afternoon tea.
Have a good day everyone.

BlueSapphire Tue 11-Jun-19 06:32:42

Good morning from a very wet and windy Northampton. Was hoping to get to Milton Keynes today, but might have to put that on hold.
Nothing else planned!

Alygran Tue 11-Jun-19 06:39:44

Good morning everyone. Another lovely day here in Croatia. Looks like I picked the right week to be away. Taking the bus to Cavtat today. Apparently there is an excellent ice cream shop there...
Hope the weather improves at home.

kittylester Tue 11-Jun-19 06:41:33

Morning all from a sodden North Leicestershire. The rain and wind kept me awake in the night. It is still going strong.

Hospital with dh this morning.

Greyjoy1953 Tue 11-Jun-19 06:46:13

Morning all from a very damp Colchester. No rain and hopefully none throughout the day. Off to get DGC ready for school, then have to take oldest one for a tester at a senior school, how time flies, it seems only yesterday that he was born.

Greyduster Tue 11-Jun-19 06:51:29

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. I think we will gloss over the weather in South Yorkshire today. If this carries on we will need to think about buying a boat! We have nothing planned for today that involves going out except the school run later, so I may have a baking session. Have a good day folks.

Lins1066 Tue 11-Jun-19 06:58:02

Good Morning Mick and everyone. So far we've escaped the worst of the weather, it is dry and cloudy here on S Welsh coast. DH had a real soaking in London yesterday though, hope it is drier for his Brunel Walking Tour this morning.
Wishing everyone a good day, enjoy your coffees and shopping Mick.

NanKate Tue 11-Jun-19 07:02:28

Morning Mick and All.

Damp and cloudy here in South Bucks.

It’s our WI afternoon out to a lovely garden with sculptures plus tea and cake. I suspect it will be very soggy but I am still looking forward to it.

Hope all goes well for your DH Kitty.

gillybob Tue 11-Jun-19 07:06:50

Good morning from the NE coast . I’m just opening the breakfast cafe and boy are my diners hungry in the morning . Heavy rain expected here later but it’s dry so far . School runs and “that place” for me today .

Have a good Tuesday everyone x

Ginny42 Tue 11-Jun-19 07:12:55

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's pouring down here in Cheshire. On the plus side we don't have to water the gardens or pots.

If it's stopped raining quite so heavily I'll go walking at 9.00. I've got the optician later and then may treat myself to a visit to the hairdresser and lunch. This evening I have a meeting about local charities, which is always a pleasant sociable evening. Enjoy your day!

teabagwoman Tue 11-Jun-19 07:21:47

Good morning Mick and all from very soggy Northampton. Off shopping for unicorn party decorations for dgd’s birthday. Anyone an expert at making rainbow cupcakes? They’re an essential apparently, look very fiddly. Seeing the chiropodist this afternoon which will improve my life for a bit.

Stay dry everyone.

Bellasnana Tue 11-Jun-19 07:33:30

Good morning all from a very hot Malta.

Taking brother in law to airport for his flight back to Edinburgh. DD1 also leaves today for her life in California, so a sad day of goodbyes.

Also, today would have been my DH’s 74th birthday. I miss him every day, but this last week with the wedding etc has been really tough without him.

Hope everyone has the best day possible.☀️☀️

Urmstongran Tue 11-Jun-19 07:33:45

Good morning everyone from gorgeously sunny Malaga. Think I will assemble a beef curry (sauce from a jar) in the slow cooker today for tonight and then we might go out for the day.

The train into Fuengirola is a possibility. I like it there, back from the front, where the quieter plazas are, the churches, flowers and outside cafe bars.

Hope Tuesday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

EllanVannin Tue 11-Jun-19 07:35:16

Good morning All x
A cold wet "winters" day today so I won't be going far. We had torrential rain yesterday-----again, so glad I'm on a hill as it was like a river running down the side road near where I am.

Began tracking my D on her flight to Dubai, they're heading over towards Mumbai after 10hrs in the air and another 4hrs to go. The trail of the flight is like a dog's hind leg across Australia.

A bit of general tidying to do and flick the duster here and there then decide what to do for dinner later.

Hope everyone's day goes to plan.

NannyJan53 Tue 11-Jun-19 07:36:00

Good Morning all from an extremely soggy Black Country!

Audiology appointment this morning as I need to sort left ear hearing aid before we go away, as part of the tube snapped. So I am only hearing in Mono at the moment smile

Then out with a friend for lunch to a new café near Bridgnorth.

Alygran we are off to Croatia in September. Never been before, but we are staying on two Islands. Hvar and Korcula.

Gillybob I am so in awe of you. How you hold down a full time job, and feed the grandkids breakfast before taking them to school I will never know. Makes me feel tired just reading about it!

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.

NannyJan53 Tue 11-Jun-19 07:39:03

Urmstongran I too like Fuengirola, especially away from the front as you say. We often take the train from Ayorra to there when staying in Benalmadena Peublo.

Hoping to go again next year, as we have given Malaga a miss this year for Croatia!

DoraMarr Tue 11-Jun-19 07:40:29

Good morning from a very wet and cold Birmingham. I have a friend coming for coffee, but I think we will miss the proposed walk unless there is a dramatic improvement in the weather. I will go to my partner’s this evening for a night of catching up- “Years and Years,” “Summer of Rockets,” and perhaps the new series of “Killing Eve.”
Have as good a day as possible everyone!

harrigran Tue 11-Jun-19 07:46:24

Good morning from an overcast NE.
Nothing planned so may do some shopping and housework.

GabriellaG54 Tue 11-Jun-19 07:51:47

Hi everyone grin
After a real downpour all yesterday and well into the night, today starts with bits of sunshine, blue sky and fluffy white clouds...but for how long is anyone's guess.
Street cleaning vehicle started around 6am as I began running along the towpath and everywhere looks polished and pristine.
Nothing on today so I might bake a cake or two as it's an 'at home' gathering with 9 friends in Sunningdale tomorrow.
I hope you all enjoy your day, be it quiet or busy.

Anrol Tue 11-Jun-19 07:52:20

Good morning from Northumberland. On our first camper van tour so not in my usual Surrey village. Dry and bright here but lots of scudding grey and black clouds in the distance.
When we can drag ourselves out of bed (still recovering from 300 mile journey yesterday), off for a days walking in Kielder Forest. Onwards to Alloa tomorrow. Whatever you are doing today hope all goes well.

3dognight Tue 11-Jun-19 07:59:51

Good morning from a sodden north Nottinghamshire.
BBC weather gives a 'black cloud and double spot of rain' all day.

My hounds are looking mournfully out of the back door, they usually have a five mile walk every day, not today though. To convince them it's not time to go out I have to have a dressing gown day..

I'm going to have a kitchen day, cooking and listening to radio 4. Also I'm going to light the stove!

Brunette10 Tue 11-Jun-19 08:00:14

Good Morning from a bright Fife although not as bright as yesterday. Terrible rain down south hope everyone managed to survive. Have DGS2 for a short time today as DGS1 has his first nursery visit. Keep fingers crossed he gets on fine. Kitty hope DH gets on fine at hospital today. Hope today is good for everyone.

Resurgam123 Tue 11-Jun-19 08:05:58

It is raining in Cheshire. So far it could be worse. I think the east is getting it worse at present.