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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 12-Jun-19 06:18:19

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another grey but wet start here in Brackley the wind seems to have dropped though.
Small shop, and a day in watching cycling on TV, and just general things.

Grammaretto Wed 12-Jun-19 06:27:36

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. The sun is not streaming in today. An old friend arrived last night to stay for a fortnight so I hope we will do some fun things and not just sit and blether.
Hoping everyone has a good day.

kittylester Wed 12-Jun-19 06:36:11

Morning Mick, morning all.

North Leicestershire is still wet and soggy. It rained overnight and our roof has sprung 2 leaks!

We are up early as DH has to go out at 7.30 for his volunteer driving 'job'. We also have a man coming to clean the cooker.

Enjoy your days everyone.

NannyJan53 Wed 12-Jun-19 06:43:39

Good Morning from a very wet and grey Black Country! Just so glad we are flying to Rhodes Sunday smile sunshine

Off over to Mums this morning, so we can make a video call to my Niece in Australia, as she went over there 6 weeks ago to work for 18 months.

Then over to Lichfield to see DIL and granddaughters.

Wishing you all a lovely day

NanKate Wed 12-Jun-19 06:49:52

Morning Mick and All.

Another grey damp day in South Bucks.

Back to the dentist for a filling.

Preparing for old friends coming tomorrow, dusting and polishing 🙁. Sadly it will be pouring with rain all day so our planned walk by the river will be stopped. We do have lunch planned at a really nice restaurant though.

More leaks Kitty ?

vena11 Wed 12-Jun-19 06:51:03

Good morning from Bristol , another grey wet day here . School run then home and feet up with a good book.

Sar53 Wed 12-Jun-19 06:53:39

Good morning everyone from an almost sunny start to the day in Essex by the sea. I seem to wake up earlier and earlier each day.
Taking DH to the airport later as he is flying to France for three days for work. I have a few bits and bobs to do then I may start a new jigsaw this afternoon.
Have a good day everyone.

Beechnut Wed 12-Jun-19 07:12:46

Good Morning from the other side of Severnside. The weather is no better over here....grey and damp.
Going out and about with DD today as it is her day off.

Have a good day everyone and don’t forget your brolly 🌺

Bellasnana Wed 12-Jun-19 07:16:22

Good morning from Malta where we are in for another scorcher.

I need to go and buy dog food, poor Buzz had very reduced rations for his breakfast as I had forgotten to buy a new bag of his special fish-based kibble. He’s allergic to meat!

Also have hair appointment, though I don’t know why I’m bothering. In this humidity my hair just goes frizzy anyway.

Hope everyone has a good day whatever you are doing.☀️

BlueSapphire Wed 12-Jun-19 07:16:34

Good morning; grey and wet here yet again in Northampton. Did not get to Milton Keynes yesterday! Got a few things done, delivered signed form to solicitor, returned a couple of t shirts to Matalan, bought gift wrap for DGD's birthday presents. Arranged for cats to be collected to go to the cattery at the weekend.

Meeting a friend in town for lunch today and shopping. Hope we don't get too wet. Going to get an earlier bus into town as there was traffic chaos yesterday.

Have a good day.

Anrol Wed 12-Jun-19 07:18:18

Good morning from Northumberland. Windy, mizzly & distinctly cool here. Just having porridge before packing up from this beautiful part of the UK to travel on to a campsite in Alloa. I’m expecting a batten down the hatches kind of day when we arrive. I hope we can get the awning up, it makes for a nicer visit. Looking forward to Scotland. Have good days all.

Ginny42 Wed 12-Jun-19 07:19:42

Morning Mick and all. It's raining heavily still here in Cheshire and the pond is about to overflow, but it will just drain downhill. A leaky roof is a problem Kitty.

Just a visit to the bank today and then thinking of baking for the freezer for my DD and GS's summer visit soon. Will make his favourite carrot cake I think and some cheesy whirls, which have been her favourites since she was a little girl.

Have a dry day everyone!

GrannyGravy13 Wed 12-Jun-19 07:26:24

Good morning Mick and all x

Attempting to get to Lakeside Shopping Center again today, trip yesterday was abandoned due to
traffic problems (A.13/A.130 and M.25 created a triangular grid lock)!!

Sun is trying to peep through in SE Essex.

Keep dry and safe.

Urmstongran hope you had a good day in Fuengirola

Lins1066 Wed 12-Jun-19 07:27:03

Good Morning Mick and all, wet here on S Welsh coast.
Didn't sleep well as foot was aching after hydrotherapy.
Will have a quiet day reading my Book Club book.
DH really enjoyed the Brunel Walking Tour and the boat trip down the Thames.
Have a good day everyone and keep dry if you can.

Brunette10 Wed 12-Jun-19 07:30:02

Good Morning all from a dullish Fife, rain forecast. What a pain!. Have DGS's today for their usual midweek visit. Will busy ourselves outside until we have to come in if/when the rain appears. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday.

ninathenana Wed 12-Jun-19 07:37:08

Morning all.

Grey but dry in Kent. Rain is forecast but they have not been very accurate lately.
I have hospital appointment at 4.45 which means rush hour traffic adding half hour or more in each direction.
KFC for dinner blush as I won't be cooking.
Have a good day.

Marydoll Wed 12-Jun-19 07:45:19

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, but we we are not expecting rain.

Spent all day yesterday washing and drying DS1's family holiday washing. I drew the line at ironing it. grin.

I'm off to have my CT coronary angiogram today. I was offered a last minute cancellation and had said "Yes" before the lady even finished talking. Otherwise it would have been mid July before I got it.
Hopefully I will get some answers today, as why I'm so unwell. Fingers crossed.

There is a driving range close by and I am sending DH off to it to keep him busy and stop him worrying.

Have a good day all and I hope it stops raining for all the grans down south! smile

Esther1 Wed 12-Jun-19 07:48:05

Good Morning everyone from a cloudy Surrey. Coffee and a gym class this morning with my best friend - nothing virtuous about this, it’s all about the chat and coffee. Car in for MOT, always a bit of trepidation here in case it fails expensively and miserably, and housework - I actually enjoy housework, I like the feeling of getting some order into my chaotic life. Have a nice day everyone.

EllanVannin Wed 12-Jun-19 07:48:49

Good morning All x
I don't think it's stopped raining for a week ! It's been relentless. Soggy, wet and not so warm either. Miserable !

Workmen have just turned up to do outside work in preparation for central heating. Thank goodness it won't involve indoors ---yet, because I can't be doing with any disruption before the arrival of my family from Oz.
8 months wait and they come digging now !! Grrrrrr.

D and I are off to M&S at some point today and I need some other bits from Asda too.

Must shower and dress now in case the workmen knock.
Hope everyone has an uncomplicated day.

Nannytopsy Wed 12-Jun-19 07:49:27

Morning all from Leicester. It had stopped raining when I first woke, but normal service has been resumed.
I have two colleagues visiting for lunch tomorrow, so I need to clear up the mess we have made sorting out photographs. I have got used to the "ready-for-viewing" look, most unlike my usual chaos!

gillybob Wed 12-Jun-19 07:49:50

Good morning from a grey and wet NE coast where the sea and the sky seemed to have joined up .

School runs then straight to “that place” for another thrilling day.

Have a good Wednesday everyone. x

Greyduster Wed 12-Jun-19 07:57:34

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is grey and overcast in South Yorkshire, but it isn’t raining. Yet. I had optimistically thought I might get some laundry done because they forecast a dry morning, but it doesn’t look very laundry friendly. And it is so blooming cold! DH has a dental appointment this morning for a troublesome tooth. Have a good day folks.

Sprout Wed 12-Jun-19 08:04:01

Morning Mick and all. Sun is trying very hard to get up and shine. Still wet everywhere though. Shopping arriving today then out to see a good friend. Have a good everyone

Harris27 Wed 12-Jun-19 08:11:30

Good morning all from a dull Rainey northeast. Are we ever going to get out summer? Off to work at 11 got roofer coming as kitchen roof leaking more money! Hey ho enjoy Wednesday all x

GabriellaG54 Wed 12-Jun-19 08:33:30

Hello to all from a dull SE Surrey.
Yesterday was hot and I caught the sun a bit on my cheeks despite PS20. Another 2lbs weight loss yet I had mushroom/spinach omelette and strawbs n cream for dinner yesterday. Oh 'eck, I see rain just started spitting but the + is no need to water pots.
Sunningdale this morning with OH to meet friends for coffee so it'll be a dress and heels as he'll be suited n booted.
I saved a bee this morning which had got stuck behind the shutters. Picked it up and put it outside - that's my good deed for the day. grin
I hope everyone has a drier better day than of late and the sun shines for those GNs on holiday.