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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 26-Jun-19 06:19:35

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey but dry and windy this morning in Brackley , after yesterdays day out in what I could call Monsoon weather , warm rain but like having a shower outside.
Hoping to do my cemetery trip today, plus small shop.

Beechnut Wed 26-Jun-19 06:24:18

Good Morning Mick and all.
Dry with grey clouds on Severnside today.
Homework and then have to run an errand later. I may gather up the things I need for a craft session.

Have a good day everyone 🌷

BlueSapphire Wed 26-Jun-19 06:28:36

Good morning everyone. We are just docking in Stockholm - and it's raining! Such a pity, but can't do anything about the weather. Off out on a tour in about 45 minutes, so hoping it will clear up later.
Have a nice day to all.

MawBroonsback Wed 26-Jun-19 06:30:27

Good morning all - grey and dark here inN Bucks too.
I must have fallen asleep reading because I woke up at 5 with the light on and not feeling very refreshed. Hattie is restless this morning too so I have little hope of catching another 30 mins shut eye.
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

ninathenana Wed 26-Jun-19 06:31:34

Morning Mick, Beechnut and everyone to follow.
It was a beautiful day here yesterday, very overcast this morning but still warm.
Nothing planned except driving DH to gardening jobs.
Have a good day everyone.

cornergran Wed 26-Jun-19 06:37:03

Morning Mick. Morning All from an overcast corner of Somerset. Awake since 4.30, stayed in bed with an audio book to keep me entertained. A sorting out and cleaning day today, nothing needing me to think so that’s ok. Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

vena11 Wed 26-Jun-19 06:43:30

Another dull day in Bristol, just wish the sun would come out,is it really June .
Have a nice day everyone

NanKate Wed 26-Jun-19 06:58:02

Morning Mick and All.

Dull and overcast in South Bucks.

Sorry to hear about the weather in Copenhagen BlueS but I am sure you will enjoy seeing that part of the world. Do tell us about it tomorrow.

Off to have my feet sorted. Hope podiatrist can sort out my dodgy toe.

kittylester Wed 26-Jun-19 07:00:33

Good morning from a very dull North Leicestershire.

We are supposed to be going to sports day today but I'm not sure it will be on as I imagine the grass will still be really damp and slippy for tiny people.

Also, the roof man is coming - yippee - no more indoor umbrellas!

Esther1 Wed 26-Jun-19 07:19:30

Good Morning everyone. Looks like a dull morning in Surrey too. We all like to see a bit of blue sky don’t we? Let’s hope for a little sunshine as the day goes on. Housework for me today I hope if nothing else crops up.

Sar53 Wed 26-Jun-19 07:32:37

Good morning everyone from a dull, grey Essex by the sea. Hair cut later this morning then some food shopping.
Have a good day everyone.

Brunette10 Wed 26-Jun-19 07:33:22

Good Morning to all and to those who follow. It's dull here at the moment in Fife but I am hoping it gets a little brighter later on. We have our DDG's today for their mid-week visit and we shall certainly get out an about today. Hope today is good to everyone.

Urmstongran Wed 26-Jun-19 07:42:36

Good morning everyone from a dull south Manchester. We are going over to see dad late morning and take him some shopping then my husband has a repeat blood test this afternoon.

Might pop over to play and bath the smalls at 5pm. Grandson was delighted with the Lego that grandad spent hours putting together yesterday while he was at school but he still wanted to play softball with grandma! I laughed and said to my son in law it’s nice to know I’ve not been usurped .... and I’m cheaper!

Hope Wednesday is kind to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Resurgam123 Wed 26-Jun-19 07:46:48

Good morning All. No surprises in the weather here in Cheshire. It is a uniform grey sky outside.

Lins1066 Wed 26-Jun-19 07:52:06

Good Morning all.
Cloudy on S Welsh coast and humid. Slept intermittently due to an aching foot.
We have nothing planned but may go out for lunch, we'll see.
Have a pleasant day everyone.

Marydoll Wed 26-Jun-19 07:56:04

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow. It's to heat up later on....I hope!

I'm off to doctor's, while my husband cuts the grass. Depending on how tired my husband is afterwards (It's lot of grass!), we may go out for a run down the coast for lunch. I haven't really been out for more than eight weeks, so I'm keen to escape! grin
At last the garden is looking more like it's old self, I have struggled to keep on top of it in the past year.

I hope everyone has a pleasant day.

Pittcity Wed 26-Jun-19 08:00:16

Good morning from an overcast and slightly cooler but still humid Colchester.
We had a flock of newly fledged sparrows playing in our garden yesterday evening. Unfortunately one didn't make it through the night and was on the patio this morning sad

Walking into town for weekly coffee meetup and a bit of shopping.

Greyduster Wed 26-Jun-19 08:07:48

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It’s damp here today but with luck it will dry up. I ache all over after our swimming yesterday - I was going to go fishing today, and I never thought I would hear myself say it, but a day almost wholly on my feet doesn’t appeal at the moment. So I am going to John Lewis instead to buy some new bathroom scales. Have a good day folks.

Resurgam123 Wed 26-Jun-19 08:15:04

We have had lovely Jay in our garden for some time now. It seems to be on its own.
It is very lovely bird and is a pleasure to see. So much for being a very reclusive bird.

I have not managed to take a photo of it yet.

Auntieflo Wed 26-Jun-19 08:17:24

Morning Michael, Annie to come, and all.
It is dry here and muggy, but grey skies again. After the stair rods of rain, bouncing off the roads yesterday, I think the garden will be OK for water!
By the way, I have had three tiny tomatoes appear on my plants. Exciting, hope I don't kill them off.
Off for my Vit B12 injection a bit later, so expect it will perk me up, and this evening we are off to a musical get together.
Enjoyed my stint in the charity shop yesterday.
The lovely young lad who has been volunteering for part of his DOE award, has now finished, and we shall miss him.
Not much else happening here, so have a good day one and all.

Mythbirtthedragon Wed 26-Jun-19 08:17:40

Good morning from east London, dull but dry for now. Hope it stays that way for at least this morning as it’s my return to the tennis court. Later on I’m doing school pickup and taking GD to gymnastics. Have a good day.

DanniRae Wed 26-Jun-19 08:20:02

Good Morning All! A grey start here in South East London. Housework this morning (so boring!) and a visit to a friend this afternoon to look forward to smile.
Have a good day one and all.

Mapleleaf Wed 26-Jun-19 08:26:24

Good morning all,

Well, it rained virtually non stop yesterday and, though it's not raining now, everywhere is sodden and the sky is leaden. Another day when I won't get the front hedge trimmed!

I do hope you enjoy your tour of Stockholm, BlueSapphire despite the rain. As I said yesterday, it's a beautiful city, and is often referred to as the "Venice if the North" because of the many lakes it is built on. It looks spectacular from the air.

Hoping to see my SiL this pm. She had a fall at work and is off at the moment with a suspected fracture to wrist, poor thing, so is unable to drive anywhere for the moment. It's amazing how we take our limbs for granted, isn't it, and only when we hurt ourselves do we realise just how important they are!

Hope Wednesday is kind to you all. 🙂

Anniebach Wed 26-Jun-19 08:53:53

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

harrigran Wed 26-Jun-19 08:58:53

Good morning from an overcast NE.
Yesterday was a TV and book day, weather was awful.
No plans for today, don't fancy a soaking.