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A spring in my step

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Riverwalk Thu 27-Jun-19 07:32:46

Well not yet but will have by noon.

Following on from the 'Never leaving the house again thread' I brought forward by a week my regular visit to the hairdresser for roots, eyebrows and pedicure. So I'll be looking not so grim for a while!

The only bit I don't like is sitting in front of the mirror looking like Worzel Gummidge whilst the colour takes - I try not to look up grin

Anyone beach-ready?

kittylester Thu 27-Jun-19 07:58:37

I dont think I've ever been truly 'beach ready'!

I'm actually having my beautifying (hollow laugh) done next week so I'm feeling slightly past my sell by date! sad

I'll be fabulous this time next week though. grin

Namsnanny Thu 27-Jun-19 08:02:33

Riverwalk.....beach(ed) as in whale? Oh yes I surely am!

TwiceAsNice Thu 27-Jun-19 08:13:48

Hair being cut and recoloured next week. Always makes me feel better about myself

Auntieflo Thu 27-Jun-19 08:23:35

Namsnanny grin . Can I join you?

GabriellaG54 Thu 27-Jun-19 08:23:38

I agree. A visit to the hairdresser with a hair masque, hot towel and head massage is pure bliss.
My appt is next Monday for cut n roots. It's always silky and swingy afterwards.
No pedi or mani, I prefer to do them myself and have short buffed bare nails.

sodapop Thu 27-Jun-19 08:56:21

Me too Namsnanny grin

ninathenana Thu 27-Jun-19 09:14:28

I'm part of the whale pod.

My hair is silver, very fine and fly away so no treatment apart from a 6-8 wk trim.
I do enjoy a mani and a pedi. I was most upset that I had to have the dark red gel polish on my toes removed before my surgery last week. Gel polish was supposed to last me most of the summer. When I find out what's happening I will know when I can get feet and hands re-done. As for eyebrows, what are they ?

Charleygirl5 Thu 27-Jun-19 09:39:29

nina you may take half of my bushes- my hair is similar but a lot of it although very fine.

Riverwalk Thu 27-Jun-19 16:11:09

Well my hair, eyebrows and feet are looking rather lovely, unfortunately the nearest beach is the Thames foreshore but I don't want the tide coming in on me!

So I'm pavement-ready grin

Just had an al fresco lunch of seared tuna and a large glass of Chablis, in the sunshine with my best friend - Thursday is my favourite day! smile

MawBroonsback Thu 27-Jun-19 16:12:45

Sounds like a lovely day Riverwalk!

Riverwalk Thu 27-Jun-19 16:20:40

Yes it is Maw especially as I've ditched my plan to have a bit of a sort out of the spare room - just closed the door instead!

MiniMoon Thu 27-Jun-19 19:52:13

I've never been beach ready! My hair is short and neat, I manage my own nails, never wear polish. Today I have ordered a dress and a pair of trousers in readiness for my holidays. My husband and I are going to Ireland at the end of next month. I just need some shoes, and then I'm all ready to go.

ClareAB Thu 27-Jun-19 20:04:59

When I was a young mum and hard up I was desperate to have facials, massages, nails and proper hair do's at a salon. Now, I've discovered that I don't enjoy it at all. It all take too much time, is too hot, and too noisy. Even massages... they play that awful music, and their version of a 'firm' massage is feathery strokery irritation.
I am a grumpy old woman smile

Coolgran65 Thu 27-Jun-19 20:09:37

"""their version of a 'firm' massage is feathery strokery irritation."""

ClareAB you need a new masseuse smile

CanadianGran Thu 27-Jun-19 20:25:22

I don't usually pamper myself with mani or pedicures, but received a gift certificate on Mother's Day. I have lovely shiny gel toes in a bright coral colour.

I do think it is important to look after oneself, and a bit of grooming makes us walk taller with a bit of self confidence.

Riverwalk Mon 01-Jul-19 10:32:38

Continuing my pursuit of the Body Beautiful hmm does anyone have recent experience of the tanning moisturisers?

I tried them some years back, things like Dove & Nivea but found them a bit hit and miss.

My legs are like milk bottles with brown ankles - not a good look!

eazybee Mon 01-Jul-19 11:18:52

Ha! I have been using Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion, for a sun-kissed look, and discovered yesterday that I have faintly peach coloured legs, orange heels, and interesting coloured palms.

Bordersgirl57 Mon 01-Jul-19 11:28:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lemongrove Mon 01-Jul-19 11:41:52

I am beach ready all year round, however, I detest beaches so rarely go on them.
I do my own nails/toenails but have regular hairdresser sessions, keep legs slightly tanned using Dove ( Summer Revived) which is also a good moisturiser.

lemongrove Mon 01-Jul-19 11:43:56

Riverwalk the end justifies the process, so is worth

BlueSapphire Mon 01-Jul-19 12:03:50

I treated myself last week on my cruise to a manicure and pedicure, only had a pedicure once before but it was very good. The girl told me that my feet were in such a bad state that she recommended I go every two weeks when I get home, and then monthly! They look lovely now with bright coral polish.
Had my hair highlighted and roots done a couple of weeks ago, and bought some new clothes which I am wearing today on board. White jeans, Mantaray blue and white striped top, and coral sandals, so I definitely have a spring in my step! Am drinking a pre-lunch fizz as well!

gillybob Mon 01-Jul-19 12:13:24

Your outfit sounds very stylish BlueSapphire as does your coral nail polish.

I once had a pedicure (many years ago) which was a huge mistake that left me barely able to walk. I have never had much in the way of hard skin etc. and my feet were very sore for days.

Floradora9 Mon 01-Jul-19 15:01:52

I hate going to the hairdresser I was glad to go gey and not have to sit through the colouring .

Day6 Mon 01-Jul-19 15:32:27

I am another not fond of the hairdressers. I hate all the hanging around and the almost obligatory small-talk. I did have my shoulder length hair cut short and coloured last week though. The dye made very little difference to my 'platinum' (as the hairdresser calls it) hair.

I sit in the sun for a few minutes most days - but not long as I am very fair skinned. That is my attempt at tanning. I have nice nails, almond shaped and long, and I paint them myself with vibrant gel polish. (I have discovered my nails look good with a lilac shade of shiny gel polish on them. That surprised me when I experimented.) I also do my own pedicures. I will never wear a bikini again, so I do not need the body-beautiful. I have lots of floaty sarongs to go over my cossie.