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Hats off to M&S bra staff!

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Willow500 Sun 30-Jun-19 14:29:57

I bought several bras on Friday in our local M&S store without trying them on - when I took them to the checkout the lady who served me checked my Sparks card and told me there was a £5 off offer on so that was good. She then checked the sizes and as I'd bought one pack a size larger than my normal one to see if it was comfier she told me the cup size would be different so it might be too big and told me what I should be looking for if they were wrong.

Fast forward to today when I've returned them all to a bigger store as she was correct and they didn't fit. Another lovely lady spent ages in the fitting room with me trying to find the perfect size bringing several different styles to try on until we found the right ones. She was then at the till and sorted out all the returns ensuring I still got the £5 off.

I will fill in the online questionnaire and single these ladies out for their great service. It's nice to give credit where it's due. Does anyone else give out recommendations for someone 'just doing their job' ?

sodapop Sun 30-Jun-19 15:26:57

In the same way as I tell someone they are not giving good service I also make sure I pass on positive comments. I think its only fair to be even handed.

Tweedle24 Sun 30-Jun-19 15:40:43

One day I took my husband to M&S to buy trousers. By the time we got to the store from the car park, he was exhausted (he had Parkinson’s) . The assistant told me to let him sit on his seat-walker while she went off and collected various styles to show him. One he liked was not available in his size so she ordered them on line for me to collect from our local M&S Food Only.
When I needed to pay the bill, she walked with him to the tea-shop and left him in the care of the cafe staff. She also arranged for a wheelchair and a member of staff to take him to the the service bay so I could go and get the car and pick him up from there. This member of staff helped me get him into the car when I arrived.
I wrote to the CEO of M&S with a copy to the store manager thanking them for their kindness.
The assistant was made ‘Employee of the Month’ as a result.

Jane10 Sun 30-Jun-19 15:48:22

That's so good to hear ladies. I always try to pass on when I have good service. Its so easy to just complain when things aren't great!

GabriellaG54 Sun 30-Jun-19 16:06:56

Oh yesssssss.
I give feedback to the company and leave feedback on Trustpilot.
I always ask the name of the person to whom I'm speaking if it's a telephone query, so that my comments are targeted.
I live in South Surrey and was desperately trying to find a particular part for an older device. Tried everywhere, none of the big companies were helpful so I Googled 'shops dealing in older ××× accessories.
Found an independent in a large city 150 miles away who knew exactly what I needed but no online ordering or website.
I sent cheque but the item was sent before cheque could have been received let alone cashed.
Now that's service. grin

suziewoozie Sun 30-Jun-19 19:35:12

Willow that’s such a lovely post. I emailed a hotel recently with a query before booking - they emailed back to say they couldn’t meet my special request. Then about 10 minutes later they emailed again with the name of another hotel [ nothing to do with them) who could help.

Alexa Sun 30-Jun-19 19:59:06

These are really heart warming stories.