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BlueBelle Wed 03-Jul-19 08:17:26

I live on a main riad with a row of big houses (mostly flats) opposite me at the front of my building then the main road then my row then a (public highway) back alley with another row of houses but with there long back garden facing the alley
Most of these long garden are fenced but a few are open grass ones such as they one opposite me
As I was getting up this morning I looked out my bedroom window (back) and saw a young blonde lady in her pyjamas with a light coat on top and three small dogs on leads doing their morning business on this lawn, thinking lazy missus taking her dogs to the bottom of the garden for a walk, but no she walked away from the garden, stopped at my back fence (presumably for another wee) then proceeded to cross the main road and take the dogs into one of the flats opposite the front of my building
She had walked about 100yards to take her dogs for their morning poo in someone else’s garden !!!
Can you Adam and Eve it ?
I know it’s not my business but it ruffled my feathers nevertheless the cheek of some folks

Grannyknot Wed 03-Jul-19 08:24:06

That's more than just "cheeky mare", that's bang out of order!

I'd tell the house occupant what I saw. Imagine waking up to that on your lawn. Grr.

inishowen Wed 03-Jul-19 10:05:58

That's really not on. Years ago my friend used to see a man bring his dog to poo on her driveway every day. She was a childminder and this was the last thing she wanted. I don't know if she ever confronted him.

Sara65 Wed 03-Jul-19 10:10:43

That is unbelievably disgusting!

MysticalUnicorn Wed 03-Jul-19 10:16:48

Photograph it and send photo to the council.

Johno Wed 03-Jul-19 10:18:53

Stik an anonymous note in the door saying.... I have filmed you with your dog crapping on the lawns opposite - if you continue I will post on youtube. It is an offence NOT to pick up dog poo.

Sourcerer48 Wed 03-Jul-19 10:21:33

It's also illegal. See if your local council has a dog warden and if so report her. There is a hefty fine for people who don't pick up their dog's poo.
It's not only disgusting but also a source of flies, worms and disease and it's especially bad if the people in that house have children

Dee1012 Wed 03-Jul-19 10:22:56

I'm a massive doggie person, absolutely adore them but my pet hate is people who don't clean up properly after their pets!

I have bags and a bottle of water to rinse anything away - it takes seconds to do!

glammanana Wed 03-Jul-19 10:25:41

If you know the neighbour whose garden was messed tell them who the culprit is and although not plesent they may like to pick up the offending mess and deposit it on culprits doorstep.

Sara65 Wed 03-Jul-19 10:29:28

We’ve just come back from a few days in Devon, the amount of dog owners who disregard the no dog rule on beeches is staggering, they also often fail to clear up mess! We saw a dog cock his leg against a little boys drinks bottle.

Sorry Bluebelle, just makes me fume!

jaylucy Wed 03-Jul-19 10:49:04

If she has done it once, she has done it before and will do again ! I would keep an eye out ( same time of day) and have your mobile handy and take a photo. You may well find that your parish or borough council may be interested or at the very least, let your neighbour know this is happening so that they can make the complaint.
When this happened on our village green, a chap living nearby made brightly coloured flags on sticks, stuck them in the poo - on the flags it said "some disgusting * does not pick up after their dog if seen, report to " there was a phone number.
Our parish council had had several discussions about the problem and decided to make the use of local by laws to make it a fineable offence and ordered suitable signage. The first person that was caught was the parish council chairman - who claimed it didn't count as the signs were not in place !!!

sodapop Wed 03-Jul-19 11:27:45

Some people have the cheek of the devil Bluebelle unfortunately these are the people who don't feel shame if confronted. I would talk to the house owner and tell them what you saw. Does make you cross though and gives other dog owners a bad name.

25Avalon Wed 03-Jul-19 11:34:08

Years ago a woman regularly let her dog poo on our front lawn. One morning my husband called out to her from our bedroom window and she just replied "It's open plan".
He told her if her dog came in our garden again he would shoot it! He wouldn't of course but it never happened again.
Possibly the "lady" you saw thought it was open plan too but most of us dog owners responsibly would not do this and if it happened by accident would pick up the doggy do dos. I had a spare bag on me in town and saw a man let his dog poo on the pavement and was walking on regardless so I presented him with a bag and the 'excuse me' routine. He was most apologetic and picked up.

As dog poo can cause lots of nasty diseases particularly in children it is important to stop this unsociable behaviour by this irresponsible person. Most places have a dog warden - check with your local council - and you can ring up and report this. Fines are up to £1,000.

BusterTank Wed 03-Jul-19 11:37:01

I would photograph her next time and send it to the local council . I'm sure she wouldn't do it again when she's fined .

wendek Wed 03-Jul-19 13:27:51

Whilst out walking with our dog, we went past the local primary school, there was a large dog poo on the pavement, parents were going to collect their children from school, and stepping over it , my hubby got a bag and picked it up to dispose of in the poo bin about 5 ft away, one of the mums said to him you’re dog didn’t do that, I know he said, but a child on their way out of school will probably step in it.
Oh she said and carried on talking.

BlueBelle Wed 03-Jul-19 13:41:11

I might well take your advice ladies ( and gents if there are any ) and take a photograph
It is only open in as much as it hasn’t got an end wall or fence it is walled both sides of the garden so very obviously private property
I don’t know the home owner and it may well be flats as they are big old 4 storey houses I was so shocked that someone would do that this morning that I didn’t really have my wits about me We ll see what takes place tomorrow or Friday

eazybee Wed 03-Jul-19 13:59:39

One has to say how much better roads and pavements and public places are nowadays; most dog owners are extremely responsible; I just wish they wouldn't swing the (full) poo bags between their fingers when they talk to you!

Grannyknot Wed 03-Jul-19 14:20:52

Yuk eazy - my gag reflex would kick in there and then.

25Avalon Wed 03-Jul-19 16:35:38

At least they are carrying the bags. All too often you take a footpath through the woods to find doggie poo bags hanging everywhere where owners wouldn't carry them.

Also I use doggie poo bags to pick blackberries in so if you were chatting to me it wasn't something disgusting I was swinging in that bag!!

Beckett Wed 03-Jul-19 16:49:43

I am not a dog person but have found the people I meet walking dogs in my local park are usually very responsible and pick up after their pets. However, one day I did see a "lady" allow her dog to poo in front of the gate leading to the childrens' play area and then start walking away. I spoke to her and asked why she didn't pick it up as a child could tread in it - she said she never picked up because it made her feel sick!!!

Grammaretto Wed 03-Jul-19 17:33:38

People in the block of flats next door to us have no gardens at all but lots have dogs. Don't ask me why but that's how it is. If we leave our gate open chances are dogs will be in our garden. Once it was 2 unruly, barking, staffies. Once I'd identified the young man whose dogs these were, I hammered on his door and told him the dogs should be on leads.
I refrained from shrieking at him, you'll be pleased to hear.
We haven't had a problem recently or at least I've not been aware of dog poo on the lawn.
Don't you just feel like Victor Meldrew at times like this!

Sara65 Wed 03-Jul-19 17:49:55


I think it’s one of those subjects that does make you behave like Victor Meldrew!

I don’t want a dog, but if I ever thought I might, I’d be totally put off because the thought of clearing up dog mess makes me retch. Therefore, I am not a suitable person to become a dog owner. If you can’t clear up, don’t have to dog!

Grammaretto Wed 03-Jul-19 17:56:19

Ha ha! Sara65
A young woman I know thought briefly about becoming a dog walker. She needed a job. She could drive and knows plenty of good places to walk dogs. She's strong and likes walking. Oh but .....She doesn't like dogs!

Septimia Wed 03-Jul-19 18:09:51

I heard of a lad who, I suppose fed up with the dog mess, collected it in a paper bag, placed said bag on the doorstep of the offending owner, set fire to it and rang the doorbell. When the owner opened the door, the lad had gone and all he saw was a fire on his doorstep. So he stamped it out....

Lessismore Wed 03-Jul-19 18:15:36

It really is quite beyond belief........." dirt" from dogs and cats everywhere. Vile.