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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 07-Jul-19 06:21:17

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey sky start here in Brackley but dry at the present moment.
Did my usual yesterday , but was home when the showers started.
Today, small shop, and stage 2 of tour de France on Eurosport,, from 1 onwards , I tend to watch the ITV 4 highlights in the evening to compare.
but keenness I also have the race webpage as well , where I look at the classifications in more detail and try to make my own comparisons over the race as well as listening to the TV punters .

Beechnut Sun 07-Jul-19 06:48:25

Good Morning Mick and all who follow.
Bright and warm.
The washing machine is on then I’m off to a family gathering later.

Have a good Sunday everyone 🌸🍗

Marydoll Sun 07-Jul-19 07:10:02

Good morning Mick, Beechnut and all who follow. The sun was shining five minutes ago in Glasgow, but quite dull. My washing is out already.

I had to get up at the crack of dawn to move my car from the drive , as we are having a new tumble dryer delivered between 7am and 9am this morning. This to replace the one, which started belching smoke the other day. I didn't realise how much we relied on, (Glasgow rain) it until it was gone. grin
I have paid for it to be unpacked and fitted, something I never do, but I as I'm unable to help moving it, it seem a good idea.
The local Council charge £25 for taking the old one away, but it cost the same amount from the company for the whole thing, unpacking, fitting, removal of old machine and packing! A bargain, I think. grin

At least that frees up the rest of the day, once we put the utility room back in order. I'm hoping to get to church if I can, lots of admin to catch up on.

Wishing everyone a pleasant and peaceful Sunday.

Johno Sun 07-Jul-19 07:14:49

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Willow500 Sun 07-Jul-19 07:18:21

Morning all - it's quite dull here on the East Coast today. I've been up for ages but trying to keep quiet in order not to disturb OH and the cats. We were hoping to do some more garden renovation but it's looking more and more like rain. Google assures me it won't rain here till Tues but then I don't always believe everything she says grin

Have a good day everyone.

Sweetcheek Sun 07-Jul-19 07:28:51

Good morning, this is my very first morning as a new member, I’m looking forward to all the news and helpful information on Gransnet.

Sprout Sun 07-Jul-19 07:36:54

Morning Mick and all. Yes raining here in Kent but of course we need it. Out with a friend today for lunch down by the sea. Don't think we will be sitting on the beach though. Never mind the company is great. Have a lovely day all whatever you are doing.

Sprout Sun 07-Jul-19 07:38:01

Morning Sweetcheek welcome

Bellasnana Sun 07-Jul-19 07:39:34

Good morning from Malta where we are having a heatwave.
I’ve no plans for today apart from doing as little as possible.

Welcome to Gransnet, Sweetcheek. I hope you will enjoy it.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday sunshine

Sprout Sun 07-Jul-19 07:43:36

Not sure I like your comments Johno

kittylester Sun 07-Jul-19 07:44:29

It's a slightly cloudy start in North Leicestershire.

We are hoping to do the gardening that the rain prevented yesterday and it's the village street fair today.

First, though, I should ring my sister in law.

Welcome sweetcheek.sunshine

Ginny42 Sun 07-Jul-19 07:46:54

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's bright with very high clouds in Cheshire. Leaving GS to sleep whist I restore some order and get breakfast on the go. Planning to go to the American car show at Tatton today, so hoping it doesn't rain. My DD is home today after a girls' reunion weekend. We've had some fun GS and I, but I'll be glad when Mum's home.

Tried to interest GS in the Tour Mick, but finished up watching it alone. I've been to many of the places on the route so it always interests me. When the car labours going up gradients like Superbagnere I marvel how the cyclists' legs carry them up there!

Welcome Sweetcheek and have a good Sunday everyone.

Grammaretto Sun 07-Jul-19 07:51:23

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Bluddy freezing here. I can hardly believe we were on the beach yesterday and some madpeople were swimming.

I think it must be the time difference Johno .
We in the West don't make jokes at 7 o'clock on a Sunday morning.
A great party/ceilidh last night. Even I joined in the singing.

Hope you all have a thoroughly nice Sunday.

NanKate Sun 07-Jul-19 07:52:19

Morning Mick and All.

Rather overcast in South Bucks today.

Your love for cycling Mick is similar to mine of tennis. Enjoy your highlights.

Morning Sweetcheek I hope you will enjoy this thread which is kicked off each morning by Mick. It’s good to get a feel for the weather all over the U.K. and beyond. Also we all (well mostly) seem to enjoy going out and meeting friends and generally making the best of our retirement dependent on our health. Occasionally we get a troublemaker but they don’t last for long. So welcome.

Last couple of days of relaxing before we are off again to look after our two grandsons, who will no doubt twist us round their little fingers.

Grammaretto Sun 07-Jul-19 07:54:24

welcome sweetcheek smile I look forward to reading your posts too.

Pantglas1 Sun 07-Jul-19 08:12:28

Morning all and welcome sweet cheek. Sun shinning here in north Wales and lots of errands to run this morning. Tour de France for us as well later although much preferred it with Phil Liggett! Good day all!

Ginny42 Sun 07-Jul-19 08:19:44

nankate I was well and truly twisted round my GS's little finger in the supermarket yesterday, but I see him so rarely I do indulge him when he's here. 'Grandma I really love this cereal, we can't buy this at home, this is my absolute favourite..., it's ages till I can have it again,' and the biggest twister of all - 'pleeeeease grandma,'. I'm a sucker. smile

Brunette10 Sun 07-Jul-19 08:27:00

Good Morning from a dullish Fife but I believe it's to righten up later. Sweetcheek - welcome - have fun! DH has decking to stain today so I will as usual busy myself in the house. Depending on time limits may go out for coffee later on. Quite a boring day really but can't be helped. Hope everyone has a good day. - Enjoy!

harrigran Sun 07-Jul-19 08:38:22

Good morning from an overcast NE.
I was awake from 2.45 with stomach pains so took myself to the kitchen with my book then climbed on the sofa and fell asleep eventually. It is going to be a rest day today.

annsixty Sun 07-Jul-19 08:39:45

Good morning all from Stockport
Dull again this morning but after a dull start yesterdsy it became fine and warm and
I enjoyed my meal out with family in the garden.

Nothing planned today, I may do some reading this afternoon or I may have my usual nap!
I hope everyone has as good a day as they can.

Greyduster Sun 07-Jul-19 08:41:07

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Welcome Sweetcheek! The sun is out again in South Yorkshire! The rain we had early yesterday has freshened up the garden and almost filled the water butt again. I was awake in the night with pain in my hip, caused, I suspect by having three stiles to cope with on a walk yesterday in quick succession. I struggle to get my leg over them now! Good job there wasn’t a queue behind me!! Not sure what we have planned today, but there will be a roast chicken in it somewhere! Have a good day folks.

Anniebach Sun 07-Jul-19 08:56:02

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

EllanVannin Sun 07-Jul-19 09:07:56

Good morning All x
A mixed looking forecast with sunshine and cloud, neither one thing or the other----but this is the NW.
Nevertheless I had my cuppa outside this morning and picked some mint to chop for my roast lamb today.

If Johno's in Korea I'm in Timbuktu ! smile

Cycling seems to be a popular event as it's the Liverpool to Chester bike ride today so the Queensway tunnel----under the Mersey will be closed. It's from 5 to 100 miles and not competitive. My friend's husband could well be taking part being a keen cyclist.

May risk a bit of washing just to get it out of the way. Other than that I won't be doing much else.

Enjoy a peaceful Sunday everyone.

Keeper1 Sun 07-Jul-19 09:11:12

Morning all

Bright and sunny in South Lincolnshire. I have been off work following an op for the last eight weeks so not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow. sad

BlueSapphire Sun 07-Jul-19 09:13:48

My goodness, I am late this morning! Must be because after two nights of fitful sleeping since I got back from the cruise, I decided to take a sleeping tablet last night. The doctor prescribed them for me after DH died February last year, and I have hardly used them - out of a pack of 14 there are still about 5 left. But they are there to fall back on, my safety net for a rare good night's sleep. Will have to make an appointment for another prescription.

Anyway good morning everyone from a sunnyish Northampton. Hoping it stays fine as DD is playing with her concert band in the park bandstand this afternoon, and we are planning a picnic.

Cats arrived home from the Cattery yesterday and seemed pleased to see me! Woke up this morning and one was cuddled up next to me on the bed; she then gave me a gentle lovebite!
Hope everyone's day goes well.

Welcome Sweetcheek.