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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 10-Jul-19 06:19:36

Good Morning Everyone,
A little bit of cloud, but its dry and sunny here in Brackley.
Apart from watching the Tour De France, things are starting to buzz locally with the British F1 GP at Silverstone ,and with Mercedes based just down the road from where I live activity has started.
In addition , yesterday returning home on the bus from Buckingham, which picks up kids from the towns grammar school to girls who sat behind me were talking, as one of them is diabetic that's 12-15 year olds . Anyway the one who had diabetes was explaining to her friend how she hoping to get her parents to give her a different diet , plus maybe also convince them as well as to eating habits.

ninathenana Wed 10-Jul-19 06:40:12

Morning Mick and everyone.

Grey start in Kent with showers forecast for the afternoon.
Haven't slept all night, came down about 1 a.m. and been watching rubbish TV. Think my "friend" must have been on my mind.

Bellasnana Wed 10-Jul-19 06:40:51

Good morning Mick and everyone. It is already stifling here in Malta. Apparently we were the hottest place in Europe yesterday, together with Cyprus.

The heat is not easy for many people, the elderly and folk with breathing problems, but I can cope so far, thank goodness.

Need to go out this morning for a bit of shopping, then this afternoon the vet is coming to give my dog his annual vaccination. It saves a lot of bother and upset having a home visit, especially in this hot weather.

Hope everyone will have a good day, whatever you are doing.sunshine

kittylester Wed 10-Jul-19 06:43:07

Morning Mick, morning all.

After a really sticky night North Leicestershire is cloudy but looks as though it will eventually be sunny.

Hoping to get a gp appointment today so dh is off to queue.

Did you get the impression that the girl you overheard had Type 1 diabetes, Mick? My great nephew has it and his mum is worried about him managing it well when he goes off to university.

NanKate Wed 10-Jul-19 06:51:28

Morning Mick and All.

A pleasant day ahead in West Sussex.

Going to eldest DGSs Sports Day today. There will be a lot of cheering and waving.

Hope your DH gets his appointment Kitty. I think we look like a third world country at times with the queues outside the Docs’ Surgery. Will things get better/worse/different I wonder in the coming years ?

Grammaretto Wed 10-Jul-19 06:58:50

Good morning Mick and all from the Scottish Borders. I was woken by the torrential rain a couple of hours ago but it's subsided now.
Our American cousin has arrived. I think there'll be a change of plan. No beach picnics but more sitting knitting by the fire!
I hope you all have a pleasant day.

harrigran Wed 10-Jul-19 07:06:29

Good morning, overcast and damp underfoot here in the NE.
DH has an appointment for an injection at noon and I have one for blood test at 2pm, parking is a nightmare because the surgery is next to the hospital.
Nothing exciting planned for later.

Sprout Wed 10-Jul-19 07:13:09

Morning Mick and all. Well that's a big step in the right direction from young children Mick. Bit dull here in Kent rained during the night. Completed the kitchen and Conservatory ( spring clean ) today is is the lounge /dining room. Not that it's dirty but having doors open everywhere gets dusty and having 2 dogs well you know how it is. Looking forward to the weekend going to friends BBQ weather permitting down the coast. Have a good day everyone and if you are under the weather get better very soon.

gillybob Wed 10-Jul-19 07:16:28

Good morning from the NE coast where it is warm but very wet. Rain forecast all day.

I took DGD2 and DGS to see Toy Story 4 last night which I believe is the last one ever to be made. The children enjoyed it but agreed that it wasn’t the best one in the series.

The breakfast cafe is opening it’s doors in a minute (only have 2 children for school runs today so we have an extra 10 minutes of service) but DGD2 is spending tomorrow and Friday at her new secondary school so will have to do the 2 schools anyway. SATS results came out yesterday and she achieved higher than expected in all subjects so came out with a big smiling face. Lovely final report too. DGS not happy (going into year 5) without a permanent teacher as his year 4 teacher is due to take year 5 but has been off since before Christmas. The letter says that they are not sure whether she will be back by September but “not to worry as cover will be put in place”. Which is not good. Also the “new head” (been there 4 months) is leaving and another new head is taking her place in September, just when we thought the school was improving. Oh dear.

Anyway bit of a hectic day today as I have to take my car in for it’s MOT straight from the school run and then a bus to “that place” then a bus back to pick my car up which I hope will be ready for 3pm for more school runs or else I’m in trouble as it would be very difficult to get to school from “that place” . I’m exhausted thinking about it.

Have a good Wednesday everyone (it is Wednesday isn’t it???) x

Brunette10 Wed 10-Jul-19 07:22:11

Good Morning from a very wet and dull Fife. It has rained all night. Just a dreadful day to have two young DGS's - goodness knows what we shall do but I shall think of something. Gillybob you do have a hectic day. Hope your DH gets his appointment Kitty. Hope it's a good day for all whatever the weather.

Hal49 Wed 10-Jul-19 07:34:07

Morning to everyone from an overcast mid Wales.

Looking forward to having my young GD for the day and then my GS after school. I’m sure it’s going to be a busy and enjoyable day.

Just hope the rain will hold off to have lots of outdoor fun

Wishing everyone a great day 😊

NannyJan53 Wed 10-Jul-19 07:47:26

Good Morning from a dull but still warm Black Country.

Had a good day with Mum yesterday, lunch out, then a browse around charity shop and found a couple of bargains.

Also, had a Dentist appointment today (with a new practice) and received a text to say they had to cancel. Not a good start hmm

Today I am off to Birmingham on the train to meet up with friends for lunch. So will leave earlier to have a mooch round the shops and see if there are any Sales on.

Have a good day everyone.

Pantglas1 Wed 10-Jul-19 07:50:24

Morning all. Welcome Hal49 - we seem to have Wales covered now with some in south, you and Anniebach in mid and there’s me and a couple of others flying the Draig Goch in north Wales!
Off to a market this morning to replenish the book shelf - I hate not having a choice when I finish one and our Girasol stall has 5 for a euro or 50c each for more recent ones so reading has never been as cheap as this!

Harris27 Wed 10-Jul-19 07:51:53

Good morning all after a late night and scheduled day off I've woke early! 🙄Saw rod Stewart at the arena he was fab gillybob! Wish I had his energy at 59 never mind 74! Wish I had his miney too ha ha😂 Had lovely evening but took ages to get of car park. Never mind another tick off the bucket list! Happy Wednesday all!

EllanVannin Wed 10-Jul-19 07:52:10

Good morning All x
Quite muggy and very still/calm but no sun just lingering cloud. A good storm would clear the air at this stage I think.

I should pluck up courage and ring the GP for a couple of appointments to have one or two BCC's removed as one is catching on my clothing now and bleeding. I'm the worlds worst when it comes to visiting the GP. I'd intended to leave it for the month of June because of my D's visit but must get organised now.
Don't particularly look forward to anything like this either.

A bit of tidying up to do and clothes to put away, change the flower water in the vase as it looks a bit murky and that's about it.

Hope everyone's day goes well.

BlueSapphire Wed 10-Jul-19 07:59:12

Good morning all from Northampton where the sun is trying its best.

Just reading about gilly's breakfast cafe has reminded me that I shall have to open mine tomorrow morning as DGDs are staying overnight. I will be doing bacon butties!

Good lunch out yesterday with friend. Patios are all cleaned, but am going to have some stuff brushed between the slabs to deter weeds.

A morning at home to get a bit of washing done, then out to cinema this afternoon to see 'Yesterday', a film based around the Beatles music.

Hope we all get some nice weather today.

Resurgam123 Wed 10-Jul-19 08:01:39

Good Morning All
There is some sunshine about today not quite so many layers of grey. I actually woke up at about 7pm which was an improvement for me . I feel almost human.

Urmstongran Wed 10-Jul-19 08:06:07

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it’s not too bad. Some blue sky anyway after the torrential rain late last night. I can’t believe it’s mid July!

Our flights are booked to go back to Malaga - 2 weeks this Saturday. We will be guaranteed hot sunny weather till we return mid September - maybe too hot! To be honest we only choose to go for August because the family get a holiday let nearby for 3 weeks (our youngest daughter is a teacher).

Hope you get your GP appointment kitty what a faff - we are going backwards, it reminds me of how it was in the 1970’s when I worked for a GP practice.

I can’t imagine what it must cost Mick to set F1 up all around the world - cars, computers, technicians, drivers etc. My husband loves to watch it too.

You are such a busy lady gilly I hope your car passes its MOT and is ready by 3pm for you!

Hope Wednesday is good to us all whether we have plans or (like me) none. x

Pittcity Wed 10-Jul-19 08:10:31

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester with rain forecast.
Usual Wednesday coffee meetup in town this morning.

Lins1066 Wed 10-Jul-19 08:16:27

Good Morning Mick and everyone. The sun is trying to come out here on S Welsh coast. Could see over to North Devon yesterday and the sea was calm.
Having a cup of tea and doing my foot exercises.

DS and DiL flying back from Calgary and will land at Heathrow about lunchtime. I like to track them.

Good luck with your very busy day Gilly and to your GD2, Well Done.
Have a pleasant day.

Mythbirtthedragon Wed 10-Jul-19 08:18:48

Good morning from east from east London, cloudy and bright at the moment. Knees very creaky at the moment which I was blaming on tennis but obviously my numerous trips up and down the basement stairs have also had an effect. Still, basement is clear but dining room looks like a junk shop. Builders start today so it’s all downhill/uphill from now. Playing tennis this morning (I know, but they need a fourth player), school pick up later and GD’s gymnastics and hopefully she’ll be happy with a quiet evening after. Have a good day.

aggie Wed 10-Jul-19 08:25:59

Good Morning all , dull and warm here this morning , I was up at 6.45 to give DD a "sample" to pop through the surgery letter box , just finished 7 day antibiotic , but no joy sad . Everything here will be closed from thurs evening till tuesday so no hope of an appointment

vena11 Wed 10-Jul-19 08:26:18

Good morning all , another lovely morning here in Bristol. GS sports day today so need to put the sun cream on. Enjoy everyone where ever you are.

cornergran Wed 10-Jul-19 08:29:22

Morning Mick, morning All. Cloudy but bright in our corner of Somerset, feels cooler. Slow start today, should move as there is a need to scrape some dust off and then shop for food as friends here tomorrow. Apparently they need to eat, how unreasonable is that? Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

Grannycool52 Wed 10-Jul-19 08:32:36

Good morning everyone. It's warm & sunny here in Dublin and I am looking forward to getting out for a good walk.