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The daftest thing I’ve ever done

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Celeste21 Sun 21-Jul-19 13:55:57

Now I’m no stranger to senior moments, but today takes the biscuit. I changed the bed linen and the bed looked really neat and inviting. So I collected up the dirty pillowcases and couldn’t find the dirty sheet. Not in the airing cupboard, not on the landing, not on the chest of drawers in the other bedrooms. Only one place left but surely even I couldn’t be so daft as to have put the clean sheet on top of the dirty one. But I did! So had to unmake my pristine bed and start again. Never again will I be able to deny it when my daughter calls me a muppet 😟

midgey Sun 21-Jul-19 14:13:40

I remember catching myself once, when I knew the following morning was going to a rush, thinking if I make the beds tonight......confused

BlueBelle Sun 21-Jul-19 14:21:43

Do you ever find lost but clean knickers or socks weeks later in a duvet cover

KatyK Sun 21-Jul-19 14:31:18

No but I have lifted the toilet seat instead of the linen basket lid, and thrown my pants down the loo!

cavewoman Sun 21-Jul-19 14:32:20

Whilst preparing meals I'm always tasting for seasoning.

I can assure you Pedigree chum with chicken is not all it's cracked up to be. shock

janeainsworth Sun 21-Jul-19 14:41:01

For months I’ve been looking for a favourite black top. I realised I hadn’t seen it for ages. It wasn’t in any of the places it could possibly be.
Today I decided to have one last look in the cupboard in the spare bedroom.
I went through the rack of rarely worn clothes, old work suits & wedding outfits & it wasn’t there.
I bent down & rummaged in a box in the floor of the cupboard - there was my crumpled top, fallen from its hanger shockblush

Grammaretto Sun 21-Jul-19 14:51:35

Just today, I was up at the community walled garden watering the polytunnel, picking lettuces and fruit. I was alone so had to open the padlock and with great force let myself in to the garden. When done, I tidied up, turned off the water, let myself out, again with great difficulty because the new padlock is exceeding stiff. Then realised I'd left the veg on the inside.
Glasses are nearly always on my head when I'm searching for them

phoenix Sun 21-Jul-19 14:54:04

The day before we were moving house, I suggested to Mr P that we went to the newsagents to collect the papers as it would save time the following day blush

Maybelle Sun 21-Jul-19 15:05:26

I once mixed up spray starch and spray deodorant.

Spray my under arms with starch, just as I was going out. Back to the shower !

shysal Sun 21-Jul-19 18:19:50

I dead-headed some strawberry plants! They were pink ones in a flower border, but bore no fruit of course.

SalsaQueen Sun 21-Jul-19 18:34:30

I once searched all over for my mobile 'phone....but I was actually talking on it and had it up to my ear. Muppet indeed grin

Glammy57 Sun 21-Jul-19 19:05:10

About to read in bed - leapt out to get my glasses and put them on, over the ones I was already wearing!

Triumph900 Sun 21-Jul-19 19:05:23

I needed to get some petrol and thought as it was such a nice day, I'd walk to the petrol station!

farview Sun 21-Jul-19 19:09:21

smileooh Im so glad that I read these... needed cheering up...and am now smiling (after laughing).. thanks..

Charleygirl5 Sun 21-Jul-19 19:10:27

Triumph I hope you took an appropriate container with you!

Triumph900 Sun 21-Jul-19 19:33:50

Charleygirl5, ha ha , no I didn't get as far as going thankfully!

LullyDully Sun 21-Jul-19 20:08:21

The other day I took the washing out of the washing machine. Afternoon all the sheets I took out my beautifully clean Kindle.........dead but clean never the less.

Older and doppier by the day.

Glammy57 Sun 21-Jul-19 20:16:12

Thanks for the laughs, ladies! 😀💐

BradfordLass72 Mon 22-Jul-19 06:24:25

What a tonic. This sort of laugh is just what I needed smile

My contribution comes into the realm of Mega-stupidity.

My CD stopped working, so as it was under guarantee, I took it back to the shop.

To make sure the batteries were out (I don't use them but they had to check) the girl opened the back to reveal an ant's nest and thousands of the little beggars.
She thrust the CD player back at me and it was then I did the most lunatic thing (it still make me go hot to think about it) ever.
I blew, hard, into the nest. Ants were propelled everywhere. All over the poor, screaming lassie, all over the Customer Service desk, all over me.....

I was mortified and with ants crawling and biting up my arms I left the shop, clutching the player.
I wasn't even able to take it home and clean it out as the wretched things would have gone all over my friend's car.

Nortsat46 Mon 22-Jul-19 07:39:55

My OH offered to help me change the bed linen ... he ripped open the duvet cover with a flourish, thinking it was one with poppers. He realised his mistake, as all the buttons flew off one by one and landed on the floor.
We were both laughing so much, then we realised we couldn't find the dirty duvet cover ... that was because he had put the clean cover on over the top of the dirty one!
By this time, we were both in hysterics... I am laughing now remembering it.

TillyWhiz Mon 22-Jul-19 09:36:17

Dropped my reading glasses off the end of the bed, picked them up, started reading again, my left eye seemed blurry, gave my eye a good wipe, didn't seem any better so decided to wipe the glasses instead. My finger went through the left frame - the lens had fallen out and was still sitting on the carpet!

langelei Mon 22-Jul-19 09:38:17

Just the tonic I needed - husband in hospital recovering from pneumonia. Thank you ALL sunshine

BladeAnnie Mon 22-Jul-19 09:54:05

Used dry shampoo under my arms instead of deodorant!!

Diggingdoris Mon 22-Jul-19 09:56:46

Visited a friend on Wednesday and as I walked from the car to her door I couldn't remember locking it. As the friend opened her front door I'm searching through all four sections of my handbag for the car keys. What are you looking for she asked. My car keys I replied. They're in your other hand she told me! Senior moment?

annodomini Mon 22-Jul-19 09:57:34

I decided to make cous cous for my lunch. I duly put some in a bowl and left it to soak in boiled water. When I came back nothing seemed to have happened. When I tasted it, I realise I had made it with oatmeal. Porridge salad, anyone?