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Fluffy thread.

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Lessismore Wed 24-Jul-19 12:26:53

Dame Judy certainly knows how to dress. See todays DM.

Maggiemaybe Wed 24-Jul-19 12:40:38

Fluffy? I’m not falling for it.

Twenty minutes in and we’ll all be at each other’s throats about her hairstyle and which papers we read. grin

annsixty Wed 24-Jul-19 12:42:56

She looks just lovely.
One to emulate I think.
Just how old is she, dont bother I will google for myself.

annsixty Wed 24-Jul-19 12:43:59

84 , wow.

Alima Wed 24-Jul-19 12:45:37

Dench or Clench?

Callistemon Wed 24-Jul-19 12:58:07

Maggiemaybe grin

However, I will take a look.

EllanVannin Wed 24-Jul-19 13:00:21

I loved her in " As Time goes by ", such a natural. She's great.

Stansgran Wed 24-Jul-19 13:06:19

She was in the Times today too in rather crumpled linen. Is there any other sort of linen I ask myself?

MissAdventure Wed 24-Jul-19 13:07:48

She obviously avoids ironing too. smile

Callistemon Wed 24-Jul-19 13:08:44

just glancing down at my trousers and the answer seems to be 'no', Stansgran grin

I'm not sure about the white ensemble in the DM, sorry.
It makes her look like the White Witch in Narnia.

Lessismore Wed 24-Jul-19 13:39:57

Well Calli, I most humbly politely and totally unpolitically feel I must disagree.

She looks brilliant , I think.

MissAdventure Wed 24-Jul-19 14:24:09

Just found the picture, and she looks lovely, I think.
Really relaxed, but mostly it's just that she has such a pretty, kind face.

Pantglas1 Wed 24-Jul-19 14:33:46

Love judi dench and so glad she didn’t go down the Joan Collins route or for that matter Brigitte Bardot. There is a happy medium! Not a fan of linen, looks like crumpled bedding after 10 minutes!

Alexa Wed 24-Jul-19 15:32:55

I have tried to emulate her hairstyle with limited success. Does anybody know if her hairstyle needs that wax stuff that you mould into shape?Or hairspray?

I did like her dignified understated outfits in the Marigold Hotel

Lessismore Wed 24-Jul-19 15:34:04

Callistemon Wed 24-Jul-19 15:53:45

Oh dear, Lessismore, I do most humbly apologise for my comment.. I just think that white is rather harsh after a certain age and perhaps a little colour would have enhanced the outfit.

She does look lovely, though - I went and tried to mess my hair like hers but, alas, my efforts did not have quite the same effect.

Lessismore Wed 24-Jul-19 16:03:55

Ah, Calli, I am experiencing glasnost and perestroika all at the same time.

A little warm colouring may have indeed, enhanced the look.

petra Wed 24-Jul-19 16:10:46

Too much white. Either piece should have been cream to add contrast. This way neither piece is showed to its best.

Calendargirl Wed 24-Jul-19 16:35:31

Bit too much white and silver, IMHO, but hey, what do I know as I sit here in old top, shorts and pinny cooking the tea.🍽

Callistemon Wed 24-Jul-19 16:55:21


I am sitting here in my fetching navy blue cropped trousers (BHS circa 2014) and my even more ancient top from M&S (old but cool), bare-footed, hair a la Boris, daring to criticise the elegant Ms Dench.

phoenix Wed 24-Jul-19 17:36:18

Alexa my current haircut is very similar to Dame Judys, when I CBA to actually "style" it, I use a squirt of VO5 gel spray and poke it about a bit with my fingers.

MissAdventure Wed 24-Jul-19 17:37:49

I can see you're the high maintenance type, phoenix.

GabriellaG54 Wed 24-Jul-19 17:46:09

You know you're either old overweight or both when you start wearing loose edge-to-edge full- length 'coats' over whatever shapeless garments you have on underneath or (an especial favourite of Dame Dench, Miriam Margolyes and the late Clare Rayner among others) half a kilim runner thrown over one shoulder...why? I've no idea. Not a scarf, not a jacket, not a pashmina. A huge dangling thing that serves no purpose.

Callistemon Wed 24-Jul-19 17:49:07

If I slung one over my shoulder it would slip off and I'd trip over it.

phoenix Wed 24-Jul-19 17:51:00

Oh definitely MissA I've been known to occasionally spend up to 2 minutes on my hair grin