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Please wish me luck

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BlueBelle Thu 25-Jul-19 09:14:20

Yesterday I had a horrendous journey to the airport to take my granddaughter back home after 10 days with me It’s normally long winded on three trains with stops and waits for connections but yesterday was evil, about 15 minutes after starting out we came to a stop a message from the driver said something about a red light Thinking it was a signalling problem we sat and sat fifteens minutes later with no update and in boiling carriages people started getting out to see what was wrong A bridge was stuck and I was told quite matter of factly that the workman would be out in an hour to see what they could do and NO alternative transport was going to be offered I said surely you have to put a bus or something on for us I ve got a plane to catch Driver pulled out an email he had just had saying no alternative transport offered
I asked if anyone wanted to share a taxi two ladies came forward and the four of us walked across the track to the way out No phone coverage to ring for the taxi, eventually after walking for ages up dusty lanes one lady got coverage and rang for a taxi 40 mins wait, so we tried a second firm 30 minutes this time so we booked that he eventually arrived and bless him sped like the wind to the next station about 45 minutes away We had of course missed connections but got there with two minutes to spare for the next connection, sat down breathe a sigh of relief Ten minutes later we were still there, then we advised it was running late and to change platforms Anyway from there it was ok we got the flight
Problem is I m returning today and just seen a train update that there are numerous disruptions and cancellations today and advising people not to travel
Sorry for the long sad story I just want to get home
By the way it’s cold grey and pouring with rain here in the Emerald Isle and I’m in shorts 😂got to laugh or you’d cry

annsixty Thu 25-Jul-19 09:21:27

So sorry for you Bluebell what a catalogue of disasters and now you have to face it all again today.
As you asked I wish you all the luck in the world.
Your home is going to feel wonderful when you eventually get there.

Mapleleaf Thu 25-Jul-19 09:29:04

Oh dear, Bluebelle, that sounded horrendous!
I’ve fingers crossed that the disruption forecast for today won’t be as bad as predicted. You’ll certainly be relieved when you walk through your own front door!

Gonegirl Thu 25-Jul-19 09:37:01

I would have been terrified to get out of a train and walk across the tracks! shock I would have stayed put.

Sorry you had such a bad time, although the "dusty lanes" sound quite nice.

Today they are worried about tracks buckling in the heat.

EllanVannin Thu 25-Jul-19 10:01:09

We're just never prepared in this country are we ? I think it's disgraceful that the transport system let you down BlueBelle.
I'd have been hopping mad with the blood-pressure suffering as it once did through sheer incompetency.

BlueBelle Thu 25-Jul-19 10:03:30

gonegirl that wasn’t an option I had a plane to catch we were in a village in the middle of nowhere a trip across the tracks was the absolute least of my worries

Luckygirl Thu 25-Jul-19 10:06:23

That sounds grim - poor you!

We were once stuck in the Severn tunnel for hours and hours - a poor lady by me had claustrophobia! No info came over the tannoy so I just sat there hoping another train would not bump into us! The train was full of drunken Welsh rugby fans!!!

Anniebach Thu 25-Jul-19 10:06:59

A nightmare, so very sorry , fingers crossed for you today x

FarNorth Thu 25-Jul-19 10:12:45

Hoping it goes well for you today, Bluebelle.
At least you don't have a deadline on this journey.

ninathenana Thu 25-Jul-19 10:15:18

Sending good vibes your way Bluebelle.
What a nightmare. I don't think I could have got down from the train with no platform and certainly couldn't have walked up the lane. I'd have been "stuffed" poor you.

Laurely Thu 25-Jul-19 10:21:22

BlueBelle: What a nightmare! Just a thought - are you due compensation from the railway company? We always book train tickets and seats, because of the journeys we make (overcrowded main line), and I have on occasion had achieved some success. shamrock

Cherrytree59 Thu 25-Jul-19 10:22:15

BlueBell I hope and pray you have a good return journey.

I have to say I was about open mouthed shockwhen I read you had walked across the tracks with your grandaughter.

My daughter would have killed me if I had even contemplated such a thing.

With all those train journey involved for two people would it have been just as cost effective to go by an airport taxi?

With you using trans for return journey.

Good luckshamrock

glammanana Thu 25-Jul-19 10:35:30

BlueBelle Here's hoping you have a stress free trip home,I can't believe the problems we have in this Country caused by the weather being too hot or too cold.

crazyH Thu 25-Jul-19 11:33:56

Sorry about the awful stress - compounded with the fact your GD is leaving after spending time with you . Hope both you and GD are ok

BlueBelle Thu 25-Jul-19 12:56:05

Cherrytree I didn’t walk across the tracks in defiance that was the only way out it’s a tiny village with a tiny line you’re daughter wouldn’t have killed you because there is no alternative We were directed to do so by the train crew I wasn’t taking my granddaughter across major cities lines 😂 you make it sound like I was making dangerous decision I am a very law abiding careful person and would never put anyone’s life in danger much less my own flesh and blood

Unfortunately I have read the train updates for today and it says Do not travel unless absolutely necessary as there will be major cancellations and slow running trains because of the heat So not looking good at all for me

BlueBelle Thu 25-Jul-19 13:03:22

And no Cherry it wouldn’t be cost effective by taxi about £50 train for me and a child using my rail card
£150 to £200 taxi one way 😂

BlueBelle Thu 25-Jul-19 13:03:50

The train is a return fare I quoted

nanaK54 Thu 25-Jul-19 13:48:00

What an horrendous experience - wishing you good luck for today

BlueBelle Thu 25-Jul-19 14:04:11

Unfortunately I don’t think there are going to be any trains on my line today I won’t know until I get over there but the forecast looks as if many if not all are cancelled I ll have to see what alternatives they have For goodness sake the trains run perfectly in hot countries Unbelievable

annodomini Thu 25-Jul-19 15:21:06

Don't they run buses in Ireland if the lines are out of use? Whatever happens, BlueBelle, I hope we see you safely back here very soon.

Bellanonna Thu 25-Jul-19 15:46:04

I felt stressed just reading your OP BlueBelle. How awful yesterday sounded.
I take it you’re still in Eire and the problem will be over here when you get back? Would it be very difficult to delay your flight ? I’m not even sure if airlines allow that. I really feel for you as it’s hard enough coping with the current 37° when you’re doing nothing. Let us know how it goes. And lots of luck.

midgey Thu 25-Jul-19 17:31:31

Oh Bluebelle what a nightmare. Hope you are at least somewhere safe, not marooned cooking on a slow train!

BlueBelle Thu 25-Jul-19 22:02:29

I m home just got in half an hour ago it’s been a totally go slow, trains are either cancelled due to overhead wires out, or going at half speed because of the feared buckling rails and in many places both, but we staggered and dribbled along I had to go a different route to a place I d never been too before at one point but at least we weren’t left in no mans land the trains were like saunas luckily I m fairly ok in the heat but even I was wilting a bit
I m hot I m tired and I m in bed just in time as I hear thunder and lightening
You ve read it wrong annodommini there’s no problem in Ireland it’s raining, cool and grey over there, all my adventures have been in uk
Anyway thanks for listening and bearing with me I m sooooo glad to be home x

Bellanonna Fri 26-Jul-19 00:03:36

Relieved for you BlueBelle. A very stressful couple of days.
Hope you can relax for a bit now!

Grandma2213 Fri 26-Jul-19 01:51:00

BlueBelle so glad you're home safe and sound. At least you were able to 'vent' on here. It beats me why the transport system in this country falls apart when it is hot, cold, wet, windy or for no reason at all. I can't believe this is the 21st Century sometimes.